“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Haunted Humpdays are here again!

Welcome to the 3rd annual

I've really been looking forward to this time of year.
Been on the lookout for the first pumpkins of the season to reach the grocery stores.
We always get one and carve it right away.
If you add powdered cinnamon and nutmeg to the inside lid,
 it smells incredible once the candle is lit!!! 

  Haven't found the pumpkins yet but I did find these,

Last week
I took Helena with me to the apartment office to get a parcel :-)
It was gorgeously overcast & sprinkling...
on our way she started picking up as many pine-cones
as she could hold...
one of the guys in the office was kind enough to offer us a
plastic bag for her to use...
well she ended up bringing around 40 pine-cones home!
She kept going back for them, because she felt bad for the ones left behind.
This is what became of some of them...

Next week I'll show you the 
pine-cone Bigfoot she's putting together.

If you know me, even just a little bit, you know
that it's always Halloween around here.
We use any and all  happy occasions 
to have a Halloween 'party'
I've always been this way.
even if it's just a few creepy stories
or a drive out to a local 'haunted' area.
If it's creepy, I like it and it puts me in a festive mood.
Especially with books.
I remember being around 8 or so and reading books
I wasn't supposed to be reading.
If it was in the bookshelf, I read it.
My mother tried buying me books
she deemed age appropriate.
one of them was this one..

It was pretty good...it wasn't the Amityville Horror, but I enjoyed it.
Twin girls buy an old trunk at an auction and find a Ouija board inside under
a bunch of scraps of fabric.
One girl gets hooked playing it
and she becomes possessed.
Yup, I was eight when I read it:)
I'm guessing my mom didn't read the back of the book.
It was for kids though.
Anyhow, good overcame evil...so it had a positive ending.

 It's funny how the Ouija design is so popular,
there's cakes

 (via pinterest)
Here's a link to the recipe 



Ive even seen furniture.

I have a story about a Ouija
from an old Haunted Humpday
if you're interested. 

 When I was fifteen I had an actual Ouija board...
A friend of mine would come over and we'd ask it all the usual sillyquestions.
There was one 'spirit' that seemed to hate my friend,
It would tell him it was going to kill him and it would curse at him endlessly.
My friend often accused me of manipulating the planchette, 
But I never did...
I ended up throwing it out one morning after a few weeks
of feeling the end of my bed move,
 sort of like when an animal jumps up on it.
Since I had stored the board under my mattress, it kind of 
freaked me out a little. 

Unfortunately, I didn't cover up the board when I threw it out..
when my mom went later to add some trash to the bin.. she saw it.
 After She lectured me on the evils of the board,
she told me a story about my uncle's best friend...and why I should never use
any kind of spirit board again.

Now come sit here next to me...
if we're close enough, we shouldn't get too scared.

according to my uncle
this happened when he was around twelve.
One night
His friend Joe, decided to 'borrow' his older sister's Ouija board.
They brought it out late one night...it was a small group of kids, 
including my uncle, Joe, 
Joe's younger brother and a couple of older cousins.
They started off asking if there was anyone there...it didn't repond..
they asked it if it wanted to speak to them...no answer...
after a while of this, they got bored and started taunting the 'spirits'
mocking them and laughing loudly at their own jokes.
Joe decided it might be fun to burn the board.
He got up and went to grab the board off the table
when they heard a tapping at the kitchen window.
They turned to look and of course didn't see anything.
another three taps rang out of the darkness 
this time on the ceiling above them.
all of a sudden
the board fell off the table and struck Joe's brother.
He got up and ran towards his parent's bedroom. 
Joe stopped him before he could wake them and get them all in trouble.
The board was put away and everyone got ready for bed..trying to 
pretend that nothing had happened.
The next day
my uncle went home and life resumed..
He didn't see his friend for at least a month..
by then he had heard that Joe's brother had been killed
by their own father.
It seems that they were all on their way to a family gathering and
the youngest was told to go open the gates to the driveway.
Their dad backed out but did not see his son and ran him over.  
When my uncle finally spoke to Joe he got 
 more detail on the days and nights leading up to 
the death.
Joe said that for a couple of weeks his brother
was having nightmares 
& he'd wake up screaming.
He kept saying the evil had marked him 
and was coming for him.
His dreams included playing with the board 
and seeing a strange creature hovering over constantly.
 The day before he died, he'd told told Joe that he 
felt like he was going to die soon.

I guess my mom told me this story
to scare me...I found it morbid and sad.
It must have worked because
I never played with a Ouija again.

That's it for this installment of Haunted Humpday...
you know the drill,
leave a comment
and you might win this woolen planchette I felted.
Silly, yes,
I doubt it.

 Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. VERY HAPPY I read this post this AM rather than this evening. I've never played with ouija boards.....they freak me out. And I'm a freak magnet as it is, so I wouldn't want some freak spirit coming after me! Great stories, BTW....

    Happy Haunted Hump Day!


  2. Hurrah for Haunted Humpdays.....I'll join you next week. xoxo Oma Linda

  3. I love the fun at Halloween Humpday! Now I have to think of some Halloween merriment at my blog sharonmas dot wordpress dot com

  4. That is a very interesting story. I have my own issues with the Ouija but wouldn't be afraid to use one. It has been a very long time since I have. I love the pine cone makings. So cute! Happy Haunted Hump Day!


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