“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Haunted Humpday and a few prizes

Welcome back!
How was your week??
I would like to thank everyone  for visiting my party..
And thank you for letting me in on your King memories/favorite books,
I was beyond excited to read everyone's comments.
I'll announce the winners at the end of this post:)

We went to watch the NUN..
I really enjoyed it..I love to go watch a scary movie
that actually makes me jump.
I was very creeped out...
so much so, that I was nervous AFTER the movie ended. 
When were walking out of the theater I thought I could hear rustling 
behind us, even though we were the last ones out.

So, whenever I go grocery shopping, I'm always on the lookout
for Halloween themed food..
Some of them are so cute..
I remember finding jack-o- lantern macaroni and cheese one year!
For now, all I could find were cookies and cereal...

We created some spooky crafts using a couple of Lisa Kettell's embellishments.
This is a Halloween Frankenstein , which I attached to a wooden heart
that's covered over in paper and fabric paint.

This is Helena's ATC
She used a sugar skull embellishment, ribbon and glow in the dark paint.

Ready for a story?
I do believe there is a slight chill in the air lately..in the wee hours anyway....
So gather close..

This is a story about a girl named Wendy.
When she was about ten years old, her parents divorced.
Her mother went from working part time, to full time.
That meant that she had to spend at least four nights a week at her grandmother's.
She loved her grandmother but hated her house,
it was old, drafty and creepy.
Every time she stayed the night, her grandmother would come in right before bed
and ask her if she had said her prayers.
afterwards, she'd tuck her in and say goodnight.
One night, she got in bed and fell asleep right away.
 Her grandmother went up to check on her,
but she was so deeply asleep, she just let her have her rest.
Wendy said she woke up just after one a.m.
she could hear a persistent clicking coming from the corner..
Since the window was open and the moon was lighting up the room, she turned over
and tried to find what the source of the noise was.
 High up on the wall, in the corner was a creature..
She said it was pale and bluish.
there were horns on its head..like a ram.
It had a longish tail and it was clinging to the wall about 5 feet up,
 watching her with bright reflective eyes.
the clicking sound were it's teeth..it looked like they were chattering.
She said she could hear a strange faint whispering, then realized that it
was talking to her..
 She closed her eyes and began to  pray
Gradually the noise stopped and when she looked up, it was gone.

She's older now, in her early fifties, and insists it was a demon..
& she doesn't know why it happened.
Her grandmother had the house blessed soon after and she never saw it again.

okay, this one was pretty weird..what do you think it was?

It's very late and I'm spooked..I think it's time to put out the fire and get to bed!
I hope you have an extra creepy Haunted Humpday!!!

Okay, now for the prizes!!
To those of you that had parties, in honor of the King (and posted about it)
Calamitus Botanicus..you won the
Pet Sematary novel and a large Stephen King art card..
Holly from Holly's Horror Land, you won the 'IT' wooden plaque and a large Stephen King art card.

Now, as a thank you, I am going to send everyone that commented on that post, their very own ATC.
I just need your mailing address and I'll get them out to you!
Thank you for celebrating his birthday with us!
I really appreciate your visit!
you can email your info to
or use the email button
(3rd button on the right side)
I promise I will take care of your privacy💖

Big hugs to you all!

Monday, September 24, 2018

Fairies in Candyland

Take a Word Challenge this week is PINK.
This is what I came up with:)

"But friendship
is the breathing rose,
with sweets in every fold"

Friday, September 21, 2018

Birthday Palooza for a King

Hello again!!
The day has arrived!
I woke up today, feeling like it's MY birthday! 😀
The first thing I do is put on a movie..
Guess which one!

Afterwards we watched
Cat's Eye
then Pet Sematary

If this is the first time you have visited one of my 
Stephen King Blog parties,
I'll give you a quick run down on why he means so much to me.
Three simple words..
He's Always There.
good times and bad times..
His words are in my head and in my heart.
I'm grateful for the times he takes my hand and leads me through the darkness,
and for the times I take his hand & find myself back in the light.

So, with that being said, let's get to the party.
oh oh! Looks like we will have to go through 
the closet door to get there... 
It might be dark at first, just stay close.

It's just the boogeyman..he's okay, he likes to talk:)

Everyone is here:
(Side note..Helena and I created all the art here, mainly with recycled items
These puppets were made out of old egg cartons and newspaper)

Zelda 2

Mr. Barlow says hello!
(chocolate milk bottle)

 The Annie Wilkes are here, one even brought her favorite book!
(These are empty tea bottles)

  The Manglers arrived just now...
(empty cardboard cake and brownie boxes)

And look! General and the troll returned this year..
they're taking a selfie:) 
(the troll is an old sock, Rigby is an old cat haha!
Group photo with Mr. Barlow..

he doesn't photograph very well:)

Careful..you don't want to get too close to the sewer do you?...

Everything is set up.. 

Aunt Sylvia is a guest, but wants to be considered a decoration.
(she's made entirely of newspaper.

(old poster board that was getting thrown out)


Pig's Blood punch


Langolier cookies

Langolier cookies at night:)

Did you see the presents??
My favorite book!
Church art card

Pennywise on woodboard

Firestarter Charlie ATC

The Shining twins ATC

No, they're not for the King, they are for you!!
If you leave a comment you have a chance to win one of the above goodies..
If you have a party and let me know about it, your chance to win doubles!!
Remember you have until Monday to post or comment.
The winners will be announced on Haunted Humpday.
Last year I wrote about how I kept having dreams
about dancing the Tango with Stephen King..
I don't know why!!
well, I created a little digital art to go along with that
and since I've had this dream a few more times This year,
I thought I'd share it again.

Thanks again for stopping by..I hope you had as much fun as we did!!