“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Monday, September 30, 2013

giveaway winner

Hi again everyone!
It's time to choose the winner of the
Halloween crown!

I've said before that I have a love hate relationship
with giveaways.
Love giving goodies away
but hate that not everyone gets something.

Anyhow, I used random number generator
and the winner is
comment #10.
Tilda from Tea with the Squirrels

Don't forget to visit Haunted Humpday
 there's a giveaway every week.
and sometimes, 
everybody wins!

I quickly also wanted to
announce that
I've been published in 

The wondrous, magical, sparkly
publication from the 
It's available for purchase
at Lulu.com

I'm off to my gypsy wagon to stir up some glitter & spookiness!
I'll see you soon:)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Silly fun stuff..

I hope your weekend has been happy.
It's been amazing here lately...

warm days, nights in the high 50's
it's getting there!!

my daughter and my niece
 bought me some gifts the other night.
totally unexpected! very welcome
& perfect for bundling up under the covers with.
that little pumpkin is a flashlight too, 
just in case the lights were to go out!!!

We celebrated the first cool night
with cocoa, warm doughnuts
and ghost stories,
of course.

We gather in the living room...
light some yummy scented candles
set out the carved pumpkin 
get our 
warmest throw blankets
 and turn out the light...

 I started with a short story..
do you want to hear it?

Many years ago, at least 60, 
everything was pretty much rural
around here.
My mom was a little girl
living in an area where you could
 go outside and see every star
on a pure dark night.
On some nights
bright lights could be seen far off in the distance
where no one lived.
There was never any evidence of fire.

A group of four men decided to investigate this strangeness..
they saddled up their horses one stormy evening
and as soon as they spotted the lights
they headed out.
Now, the legend behind the lights
is, of course, buried gold...
They were prepared though
bringing shovels and cloth sacks
to carry home their treasure.

Sure enough, they found a glowing light emanating 
from a crevice in the ground.
It took many hours for their shovels
to hit something hollow.
Imagine their delight
when they pulled a very heavy trunk
out of the ground
 and it made the unmistakable
sound of coins
clinking against each other?!

after breaking the lock
they threw the lid open.
gold coins, more gold coins than they
ever imagined.

But also....a head
a devil head,
whose jaw jiggled and teeth chattered.
whose extra long tongue whipped around.
whose lips curled back in a wicked sneer.

three of the men dropped dead instantly.
the fourth man mounted his horse
and rode back home frantically .
He lived long enough to tell the tale
then he too, passed away
an expression of horror on his face.

when some of the townsfolk went out
to the area where the unfortunate men met their fate..
they found loose dirt that had been thrown back
over a hole in the ground.
but no one ever attempted
to dig it out again.
mwah ha ha ha!!!

needless to say..
I scared the heck out of my girls, lol
it really helps when the lights are off!

oh, I also wanted to show you this
mixed media painting in my little shop:)
It's called
Witching Time.

time to get dinner started
I got carried away here!
See you soon.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Haunted Humpday #5

You know it's time for our
FIFTH Haunted Humpday?
This is the last one of 

How fast has the time flown?
& oh my gosh! it's Autumn!
which means....it's going to cool down eventually
AND Halloween is getting closer!

I hope you will come have fun at the

It's going to be spooky and so creepy!
Don't forget...
There will be 

So who wants a sweet?
I do I do!!
How about caramel apples?

you need this:

plus this

plus this

and any assorted toppings you might like.
I like coconut on mine. 
Apple wraps are an easy way to make
caramel apples.
You use the microwave or the oven so 
you don't have super
scary molten sugar on the stove.
there's simple instructions
on the package.
don't get me wrong, I love the
 traditional way of making them,
but this way is fun for children...
without having to say
"oh my gosh...don't get so close to the flame!
 Don't burn off your tongue!
 Don't stick your fingers in there!"
well, maybe that's just what I say, lol


I have a story that's considerably milder than
the last few...

 For years
my mom used to tell me the 
story of the man
that would come to the front door.
He was nicely dressed
in a dark jacket and trousers.
He would walk up the driveway
 step quickly
onto the porch
and walk up to our front door 
as if to knock.
since my mom kept light, gauzy curtains
 on our large front windows
all this could be seen pretty clearly.
He'd never knock on the door though
as soon as you got up to go to the front door,
he'd disappear.
she saw him
my dad saw him
aunts, uncles and friends too.
my parents figured he was most likely
buried under the porch somewhere...
(remember the graveyard)
my aunts and uncles
thought there might be
money or treasure
under there and he was trying to let us know.
there were many discussions
about why and how...
They all agreed on one thing though....
he was headless!

See, super mild!
I have a winner for last week's Dia De Los Muertos magnet...
comment  #14
Congratulation's Diane
I need your details!!

alright, I just want to clarify
that in order to win 
one of my Haunted Humpday giveaways
you need to comment on a
Haunted Humpday post.
I'll post it Wednesday
you have until Saturday to leave a comment :)
I think I may have been
causing some confusion.

Today was a pretty nice day..
wasn't too hot
there was a nice little breeze...
I went outside
to soak up the fresher weather
and I heard giggles
coming from the corner..
tiny giggles
and the clinking of china
I walked very softly over
and saw this!

The cutest little witches ever!
they offered me some sweet pumpkin tea
and told me they were looking for
a place to stay
and celebrate
the coming holidays!
 They are waiting patiently in my new
Etsy shop!

They were so incredibly kind, they even offered
a giveaway of some yummy tea
in an awesome little tea box.

Leave me a comment
for a chance to win this
adorable tea house!
And please take a look at these
I don't know if I can keep them entertained for very long!

Have a wonderful magical week!!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

There's magic in the air!

The nights are getting longer,
& the skies are getting darker....
when that happens
I begin to yearn for something different...
a change... 

I took a walk.
The path was a bit familiar..
I got to a sign
that had arrows pointing in 
all directions...
one pointed South, 
it said:
Le Mysterieux Carnival
I took a few steps in that direction, 
the smell of candy floss and caramel apples 
 floated in the air.

I came back to the sign
and took another look.
Another arrow pointed East,
it was covered over with drying lavender
so I brushed it away gently...
Practical Magic...
I could smell fresh damp soil, pancakes and the sea.
I made my decision!
Practical Magic!
It had been years since I'd jumped off a roof!

Just as I started out 
another arrow
caught my attention...
it was partially hidden behind Spanish moss 
just then,  I heard music!
High in the air..
Beautiful silvery notes with a touch of mournful soul...
 bringing with it the scent of spices
hot coffee and ....sweet delicacies.
What could this be, where could this be?!
Moving the moss aside,
I read..
Broomsticks on the Bayou.

with the  glittery promise of 
magic, good food and the chance to 
explore a gorgeous mystery
I set off in the direction of the arrow...
As luck would have it
I met up with a witchy friend along the way.

over marshy ground
and under hanging vines.
we  arrived.

Won't you join us?

You can share your 
As long as it's
New Orleans style!
I'll set up a list of participants
here on my blog
or you can stop by 
Frosted Petunias
and sign up there
it's up to you.

and you know me...
there's going to be prizes!

you can use the button on my sidebar!

hope to see you there!!



Haunted Humpday

Guess what day it is???

Welcome back!

I almost forgot!
The winner of the crystal from last week's giveaway
is Kim!
I need your snail mail my dear...
but wait.....
I have little crystals for the
20 other people that commented!
I need everyone's address please...
also include your email and your blog name please:)

Okay, so last  week I made 
microwave cake..
But have you tried microwave s'mores?
let's make some!
I bought some amazing marshmallows to use!

and some candy chips, they're orange colored and regular chocolate!

Just put your s'mores together 
on a microwave safe plate...like a little sandwich,

#1.graham cracker
 #2.yummy delicious pumpkin shaped marshmallow (or a regular one hehe)
#3.Hershey's chocolate bar square
#4. graham cracker

put it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds
(keep an eye on it, they get ginormous!)
Now, if you want to, you can (carefully)
use a lighter to toast the sides of the marshmallow.
I like the microwave method cause it
doesn't  need an open flame
and it's fun for the kiddies:)
just be careful, it's messy!

you can melt the candy chips when you 'cook' it
and dip your s'more in it....:)

so while you're bouncing off the walls after this little snack,
you might want to check out
 Wendy's Dia De Los Muertos
She was inspired by
Kim's  post last week.

Dia De Los Muertos
It's absolutely one of my favorite holidays!
It's so colorful and fun...
There's a parade held here every year.
My daughter loves to go,
this is from two years ago....

There's lot's of goodies to find now that it's close...
I found this skull at Spirit Halloween store..

He changes color..

And this Magnet
(which you can win if you leave a comment)

alright...enough of the bright, pretty skellys....
are you ready for a poem?

The Cry Of The Banshee

As the moon at midnight moves through the starry sky
Out there in the bog land the Banshee's shrill cry
The one seldom heard and that human eyes cannot see
Some say the ghost of one who died in agony.

'Tis said the cry of the banshee is a brief loud shrill screech
That into the depths of the soul seem to reach
And those who have heard it will never forget
That loud ear piercing scream 'til the day of their death.

To those who have heard it fear of the night it does bring
The cry of the banshee is a terrifying thing
The most terrifying scream that they ever did hear
A cry that instil in those who hear it fear.

The cry of the banshee is a blood curdling cry
It pierces the silence of the midnight sky
And those who have heard it never leave us in doubt
That at midnight from their homes they never more venture out.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Blog Hop Giveaway!!

I'm having a Giveaway!
A Halloween giveaway!
I'm joining the Crafty Paper's Blog Hop

Leave a comment on this post from now until September 29th
and you have a chance to win
A crown....
But not just any crown
A super creepy spooky crown!


You don't have to be a follower:)
unless you really want to!!!

& You don't have to stalk me on Facebook, lol

Just leave a comment &

A winner will be chosen on the 30th.

Good Luck!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Haunted Humpday

It's already

There's a new event
I'd like to share
with you all!
A Haunted Halloween doll challenge
It sounds like a lot of fun!

Have you ever made cake in the microwave?
It's super easy.
 at all!

all you need is:
1 box angel food cake mix
1 box of any flavor regular cake mix
(I like chocolate)
Mix the two cake mixes
 together in a gallon zip-lock bag.

 To make Hot Cocoa microwave cakes
you need a large coffee mug or jar
3 tablespoons of the above cake mixture
& two tablespoons of of water
mix together
and microwave for
60 seconds.

Let this cool down for about
ten minutes
then top with
whipped cream
and marshmallows.

you can try all sorts of different flavors and toppings!

It's nice when you need a piece of cake
in an emergency, lol

It's been very nice here lately,
 raining and thundering!
perfectly spooky weather!
love when the lights flicker and I have to
set out candles, just in case...

I've been working on creepy
crafts lately,
& I'll have a few to share with you very soon, 
for now I'd like to show you some Halloween finds.

A mysterious witch mask

 an itty bitty spell book!

and a strange boot wearing cat on a shelf!!

So are you ready for another tale?
 lets settle in and get comfortable
 This one is about the house next door...

We were always warned about the power
of vices...whether they be alcohol, gambling or eating..
if you enjoyed something too much
it was probably a bad thing.
Along with this warning inevitably came
the story 
about the
and how she would exact punishment
if you didn't take heed of these warnings.

Well the couple next door had a few vices.
every night after dinner
they would quickly clean
the kitchen and set up
the table to play cards.
a few friends would drop by to
gamble, drink and tell a few
there weren't many rules
other than
you had to use cash
and the story had to be
This went on for many months
and according to 'legend' they even missed
church services several times.
One night
when the hour grew especially late
they heard something...
far away 
there was a long low wail
it grew louder and closer
and louder
until it rattled the windows.
It grew louder still and seemed to cross
over the roof of the house.
As it passed it grew fainter and fainter...
then it was gone.

They couldn't explain the sound
but they were all convinced
it was La Llorona,
warning them to stop their
wicked ways.
they never gathered
with such abandon
It also seemed to invite
an unpleasant aura to their home, a certain
creepiness that cannot be described or explained away.
many people have lived in that house throughout the
years and they have all sworn
they've been
witness to something

I'll have another story next week
about the house next door....but for now,
I have another little giveaway.
It's a clear quartz.
you can use it in your
magic spells
or wrap wire around it and use a necklace.
just leave a comment my spookies:)
See you very soon!!!