“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fairy Wishes Crown

I love crowns!The more outrageous the better:) I know it's still April but I thought this crown would be perfect for May day!
Ive created one using some of Lisa Kettell's amazing products.....

unfinished Baby Bailey doll by Lisa Kettell Designs
Charlotte doll head by Lisa Kettell Designs
cardboard crown template
assorted artificial flowers in your choice of colors
different sized butterfly picks
glitter butterfly ornament
glitter glue in gold, silver, pink, green
Acrylic paint in peach, brown and pink 
wish ticket
hot glue

Paint baby Bailey doll peach. Add details to face with brown paint, then paint in hair.Color in
cheeks with pink paint. Use pink and green glitter glue to make a skirt.Set aside to dry.

Begin hot gluing flowers to crown template, filling in empty spots with artificial leaves.Glue
ribbon to ends of crown (no more than 12'' on either side)

Once it's covered, hot glue butterflies to crown. Attach baby Bailey and Charlotte doll head
to butterflies.

Add wish ticket.Brush glitter glue onto ticket,  flowers, and dolls. Attach rhinestones.

you can paint the crown template or cover it in decorative scrapbook paper
crown templates can be found online or at Jo-ann Fabrics and crafts store.
These are a great party activity for children, just use white glue and felt flower cutouts 

Click here to shop for the adorable doll parts used in this project.For more Design Team projects stop by Lisa's Blog and her website!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Paper Dolls

When I was 8 I had a friend that had a huge collection of paper dolls, fortunately she was generous and didn't mind sharing. We'd play for hours, changing accessories and outfits.One of the best things was being able to keep all the outfits that were damaged...I'd bring them home and "repair" them, adding glitter, construction paper, photos from magazines and fake flowers.
This week's project for Lisa Kettel Designs helped me remember how much fun that was.
I used an image from a collage clip art CD which you can find in Lisa's shop.

Marie Antoinette
Vintage Image
pink ruffled ribbon
cage and bird stickers
red glitter heart sticker
resin rose stickers
glitter in dark pink, iridescent pink
paper flowers
small artificial rose
white pompom trim
decorative scrapbook paper
card stock
white craft glue
hot glue
glue stick

print image onto card stock
glue decorative paper onto card stock using a glue stick, press out air bubbles,
cut into skirt shape
attach image to top of skirt
hot glue ruffles to lower half of skirt, starting at the bottom.
add pompom trim using white glue
add paper flowers to dress
brush white glue to flowers and sprinkle with iridescent glitter
arrange rhinestones onto doll
attach artificial rose to skirt using hot glue
place cage on her head and bird sticker to her hand
add glitter heart sticker to hip
hot glue ribbon to back of doll to hang if you wish

Flower Fairy
Vintage image
glitter paper
fabric roses
silver glitter tinsel
artificial leaf
crepe paper flower
pink pipe cleaner
coarse glitter in pink and gold
plastic wings
card stock

print image onto card stock, cut out
draw arms onto remaining card stock, cut out and glue to torso
glue leaf to bodice
add fabric roses to top of arms to form sleeves
glue tinsel ribbon to 'waist'
hot glue torso and head to tissue paper flower
drizzle white glue to flower and cover with pink glitter
form legs out of pink pipe cleaner and glue to inside of skirt
add more fabric flowers for shoes
cut out crown shape out of gold glitter paper attach to top of head
glue wings to back of doll.
add ribbon to back of doll to hang

use butterfly wings or stickers instead of plastic wings
tissue paper flowers can be found in the greeting card/birthday section of Target
use crepe paper instead of fabric ribbon

Visit Lisa Kettell Designs, her artfire shop or her beautiful blog for more inspiration !!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

October Dreams

Guess what?
It's Halloween in April!!!.....
That doesn't seem to have the same ring as 'Christmas in July' does it?
Oh well, either way I'm ready to show you my latest project for Lisa Kettell Designs

Supplies12x12 canvas
12x12 decorative scrapbook papers in peach, black and parchment
sticky back border trim
Unfinished china doll head by Lisa Kettell Designs
Small star ornament
birdcage charm
assorted adhesive rhinestones
glitter:yellow, hot pink, black, blue, purple and star shaped
1/2 yard each of orange and black tulle
ribbon:orange and purple
Halloween tiles
hot glue
white glue
glue stick
acrylic paint in white, pink, black, maroon, brown

Paint china doll head white
add in facial details
paint hair black, sprinkle with pink and blue glitter
brush forehead with white glue, add star shaped glitter

Hatcreate a small cone with black paper, hot glue to keep shape
cut circle out to form brim, hot glue to paper cone, add black glitter
attach to doll head

Canvascover surface of canvas with glue stick, attach peach colored scrapbook paper, press down firmly to remove wrinkles & creases.
add border trim to top and bottom of canvas
hot glue Halloween tiles to sides
Draw a form onto parchment colored paper,cut out and glue to canvas with white glue
make a dress bodice using the black paper, cut out and glue to form on canvas
Hot glue doll head to top of form
hot glue pieces of tulle and orange ribbon to bottom of bodice, alternating the colors to form skirt.
make a belt using a piece of purple ribbon, hot glue at waist
drizzle white glue on belt, sprinkle with purple glitter
crumple small bits of black tulle and glue to tops of arms
add rhinestones to skirt and neck
attach birdcage charm
Hot glue star ornament to canvas
embellish with yellow and star shaped glitter

Halloween stickers can be used in place of tiles
star ornament and birdcage charm can be found in craft stores
you can use wooden star cutouts instead of an ornament
tissue paper can be substituted for tulle

You can find more of the design team's creations on Lisa's blog:)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Keeper of the Sweets

It's time to share my next project for Lisa Kettell Designs!

This is what you need:
Lisa Kettell Designs cotton candy pink Charlotte doll head
Model Magic
acrylic paint in pink and peach
iridescent tinsel
candy stickers
assorted ribbon
cupcake ornaments
decorative button
admission ticket
glitter paint in green
micro glitter in gold and white/clear
small cage
white glue
hot glue

paint cage pink and let dry
glue green ribbon around base
attach candy stickers
paint green glitter onto different areas
glue large cupcake ornament to inside

mold a simple torso and arms out of model magic and attach to top of cage with hot glue, let dry over night then paint peach.

glue tinsel to Charlotte doll head, top with cupcake ornament
attach to torso with hot glue
add decorative button and ribbon to front of doll to create necklace
edge ticket with white glue and dip in gold glitter
hot glue to doll's hand
paint white glue onto arms and hair, sprinkle white/clear glitter

Cupcake stickers can be used in place of ornaments
shredded packing material can be used instead of tinsel which can be found at craft and hobby stores
cages can also be found at craft stores, thrift stores and yard sales
detailed instructions on how to make cupcakes out of model magic can be found in Lisa Kettell's amazing book, Altered Art Circus.
Doll parts and other goodies can be purchased from Lisa's Artfire shop

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Party Girl cuff & Charlotte ring

I wanted to share my first Lisa Kettell Designs project with you!!!I had a lot of fun with these!

Lisa Kettell Designs party girl doll head
small doily
flat back rhinestones
sequin ribbon
plain fabric cuff
twinklets diamond dust glitter
white craft glue
hot glue
jewelry glue

attatch sequin ribbon to edges of cuff with hot glue
glue doily to center of cuff
cover party girl doll's hat with white glue and dip in glitter, then affix to the doily with a bit of hot glue.
randomly place flatback rhinestones on cuff with jewelry glue
TIP:instead of rhinestones you can use resin flowers which can be found at most craft and hobby shops .

Lisa Kettell designs Charlotte head doll
small doily
tinsel pipe cleaner
micro glitter
plain ring base
white craft glue
hot glue

Cover Charlotte doll hair with white craft glue, sprinkle micro glitter over it
then hot glue doily to the back
shape tinsel into flower shape
glue to the back of doily
add a small amount of hot glue to center of ring base and place on the back of doily

TIP:use felt stars or flowers in place of doily

Don't forget you can find the adorable Party Girl and Charlotte doll heads in Lisa's Art Fire shop.