“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Sunday, March 20, 2016

mish-mash & birthdays

 Hooikoorts |
 I hope you're doing great lately..
I've not been around because
My allergies have never been this severe before!
I thought it was a really bad cold at first but, no..
the gorgeous trees outside started dropping piles of fuzzy green blankets everywhere.lol!
I began taking claritin which induced a wonderful bout of narcolepsy.
I was falling asleep watching t.v...
or in the car... 
nodding off while going over vocabulary words with Helena..
It sucked!!
I finally found a medication that works 
so now I'm all caught up on everything I skipped while conking out randomly..haha.
So the whole time I was feeling out of it
I was definitely not creating any art..
Starting a painting or a project, then stopping it, because sleep would prevail became normal.
I'm happy to say that I was able to get a painting completed..or very close to it anyway:)

This one is called,
'Morticia's Garden'
She's acrylic, color pencil and a little bit of marker.

So, this Tuesday is my girl's 9th birthday!!
The time flew by.
 We went from this: 

 To this: 

In no time:)
We've had a very intense time lately...
but this girl, the love of my life, has made it bearable.
She's my little shadow and my biggest cheerleader. 
& after my health scare last May
I'm so grateful to be able to celebrate a new year with her.

Pink Frosting Cupcake – Kawaii Cupcakes | HD Background Wallpaper

I'll be back in a couple of days...probably sick of frosting (but probably not, hehe)
 and ready to create more art.
I hope you all have a beautiful week.
See you soon!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day crafts

Here's a couple of projects I created for 
Valentine's day using Canvas Corp brands products.

the first one is a card.


 Valentine keepsake box

supplies for the card:
vintage image
red scrapbook paper 
ruffled canvas trim
heart confetti
7gypsies lace trim
red flosss
floral washi tape
pink glitter glue
pink marker
Canvas Corp scrapbook paper "sending love words on ivory"
Tattered Angels glimmer mist in festival Pink
glue stick
hot glue
two flocked hearts
I made the card extra large...
fold a 12x12 sheet of scrapbook paper in half
spray with glimmer mist
once it's dry 
glue vintage image and love sayings to center of card
 add washi tape to edge of card
glue confetti to other edge using glue stick
stitch yarn through top pf lace scrap to gather into a skirt shape
hot glue it to the image 
add color accents with the pink marker
outline image with pink glitter glue
hot glue ruffled canvas trim to top and bottom of card
 add flocked hearts

Supplies for the keepsake box:
cigar box
pipe cleaners
angel wings
decorative tissue paper wooden curlicues
 Tattered Angels glimmer mist in festival Pink
Canvas Corp brand canvas flower
Canvas Corp brand scrapbook paper "sending love words on ivory"
glitter heart
glue gun
glue stick
pink acrylic paint
pink glitter glue

spray entire box with Tattered Angels glimmer mist
Glue tissue paper to box lid
 spray glimmer mist on tissue
hot glue pipe cleaners to edges of the lid
paint curlicues pink and cover in pink glitter glue
attach them to the box with hot glue
glue the flocked heart to the canvas flower
glue the flower to the box, add wings and love saying.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Moulin Rouge

how do the days fly by so quickly!!?
I promise to be better at this from now on..
December was a very 
enlightening month.
January has been a bit of the same actually:)
either way,  I'm back.

As some of you may know
I'm part of the Canvas Corp design team.
Our first task was to create a 4x4 canvas showcasing our style.

This is my finished canvas.

It is inspired by Moulin Rouge.
I love the bold colors,  patterns and glitter that infuses the film. 
Since I cannot have the gorgeous elephant house Satine lives in..I thought I'd recreate it..
on a much smaller scale of course.

Supplies for this include:
4x4 canvas
decorative wooden  frame
wooden curlicue accents
loose rhinestones and rhinestone strips
small canvas flowers
metallic gold pipe cleaner
small paper mache elephant
 Tattered Angels glimmer mist in festival pink
Canvas Corp scrapbook paper "sending love words on ivory"
*small star ornament
assorted paint brushes
 acrylic paints in 
white, hot pink, dark blue, turquoise, purple, gold, light blue
hot glue gun and glue sticks
(these supplies can be found at a craft store, you can also find tattered angels and canvas corp goodies here)

Cut out words from the scrapbook paper, set aside.
start by painting the canvas a mixture of 
dark blue and turquoise, once it dries sprinkle with white paint.
add rhinestone strips to edges of canvas
spray small canvas flowers with pink glimmer mist & let them dry.
Paint the frame hot pink, add a dry brush of purple.
paint the curlicues gold.
glue curlicues, loose rhinestones and flowers to the frame
add 'love words' with a glue stick
 then glue the frame to the back of the canvas.

paint the elephant light blue
add it's 'accessories' with hot pink, gold and dark blue paint.
the cage is made from a gold pipe cleaner twisted into a pretzel shape,
then glued on top.
hot glue elephant to the center of the canvas.

* the star ornament is optional..it can also be created out of cardboard
painted gold and covered in coarse glitter

This has been one of my favorite creations to date...it's easy to make and inexpensive.

I'll be posting more projects and everyday happenings
regularly from now on...:)
Hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Once upon a December

Guess what?
it's birthday eve for me....!
I get so ridiculously excited for the day..
and this means it's probably 
YOUR un-birthday!
which also means you should get a present.
I'm going to have a giveaway and you can win
some silly stuff to celebrate your (not-birthday) day too.
just leave a comment.

I have many plans..
I'm going to wake up and let the day unfold..
I'll have Stephen King DVDs playing
hot coffee brewing
and childish excitement coursing through me.
(and frosting...lot's of frosting)

 This year has been one of the most challenging I have been through in a long time.
But It has also been the most magical... 
There is beauty and love in everything..everywhere..
we just have to look.
It's not always easy to find...
but it's there.

Let's recap..
my dad passed away near the eve of 2014..
In July
My daughter (and niece)
moved away to attend college in another city. 
In November
one of my closest friends betrayed me and left my little girl and me alone, to fend for ourselves.
In June of this year
I had a medical emergency that required surgery and an extended hospital stay.
We've lost pets...our home..other family members
and while all of this sounds terrible..
I have to come to truly appreciate this wild, wonderful, surprising life of mine.
I have friends that I never imagined having.
amazing, inspiring, beautiful friends.
 There is magic, it does exist.
I hear it when I'm watching Helena sleep and she starts giggling from a silly dream.
I see it when the moon rises and it's beauty takes my breath away.
I feel it when I read words that make my heart skip a beat.
Look for it and you will find it!

Tomorrow is a celebration for me..for my girls..
but every day should be one..even if it's itty bitty.
The more you celebrate the more you're given to celebrate.

So go, be happy, find magic, inspire others!
and love, love, love!

see you soon!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Let Us Fly...

 “Fly without wings;
Dream with open eyes;
See in darkness.”

Three Muses Challenge this week is 
                                                                     This is my creation.

Giving Thanks

 How was your Thanksgiving?
We had the best time!
I didn't have to cook this year..
and it's been many years since that has happened.
I was more than grateful for that.
We spent the day watching movies and eating things we rarely have anymore...
Like cookies and chocolate:) 
We also spent a lot of time baking ...that's always fun.
Helena loved it!

She baked her first cake.

I made a few cookies:)
Krampus and Cthulhu.

As you can see we really got into the decorating.
Can you see Nosferatu? 
He was a snowman cookie that got a makeover...:)

It was silly and fun
 turning regular shapes into creepy creeps.

Remember this little demon girl?

Well,  I had the opportunity to purchase another incredible creation from the
extremely talented, 
                                                                       Johnny Oxen.
 This one is called "A Fragmented Loop"
I love it's drippy feet!

 Not only did he send the painting..He send a few other goodies as well.
& look at the box he sent it in!
It's covered in his amazing artwork too!

 My wall is looking better and better..
It really inspires me!!
You know how it is when you just look at a painting and it 
makes you happy?
That's how this affects me.

I couldn't throw out the box with his drawings on it, 
so I cut them up and displayed them.

 My collection is growing..and this is only the beginning. 
I hope you get a chance to visit his Instagram.
His work is awesome.

This is very exciting...
At the end of October I applied to be on the 
Canvas Corp creative crew
and I got chosen!
I'm elated over this!
There are so many talented artists to work with...It's such an honor.
This coming year will be filled with many new art projects.

This post may seem to be all over the place
what with the cookies and the artwork...
But I really think that
finding magic and beauty in everything has made magic and beauty appear everywhere.
The more I look, the more I find.
I have much to be grateful for.

I found a quote I really like that sums this all up. 

 “If we do not feel grateful for what we already have,
 what makes us think we’d be happy with more?” —

Have a great week...I'll see you very soon!

Monday, November 16, 2015

post Halloween post:)

Wow, is it really the middle of November??

That just flew by!

I meant to post our Halloween photos much sooner..
so much has been happening lately.
Well, I'll show'em to you anyway:) there isn't that many.

you probably know we celebrate Great Pumpkin night on the 30th...
I've done this for almost twenty years..
We have good food, lot's of treats, scary movies and music..
then at midnight on the 31st the Great Pumpkin leaves toys and candy by the front door.
This night is like Christmas Eve for us.
 Helena carved her first pumpkin by herself!

This year I made our dinner using some recipes I found on line,
I made feet loaf..which looked absolutely disgusting,
giant fingers...just bread sticks with almond nails
 pulverized ghosts..(mashed potatoes)
& goblin guts...which were carrots and peas...
(I didn't know what else to call them, haha)
Did I take pictures??
 NO of course not! I completely forgot:-/
I do have some dessert photos,, which were pretty simple..
We didn't want too many since a huge load of candy was on it's way..

Last year The Great Pumpkin brought me goodies.
This year was no exception.
 I received the best jewelry I could ever get in my life...ever!
I love Hellboy so this ring is perfect for me.

I also got this awesome tote bag I admired at Barnes & Noble a couple of weeks ago...

And this!...this was JUST recommended to me by an amazing person... 

and somehow the Great Pumpkin knew!
It was absolutely the best!
We had an incredibly fun night.
After the gifts and candy,
 we went for a drive...
no exorcism sounds this time though...haha

was bright and cloudless...not my favorite, but it was cool out there.
Helena was transformed into Jordy Verrill.
Here she is on her way to watch the Goosebumps movie.

She insisted that we go as Stephen King characters...
So I was a random vampire...(Salem's Lot?)
This is a picture she took of us at the end of the day.
minus her mold, uni-brow and my blood stained mouth.
We had a great time...

I am sorry it took so long to post this.
The days have really just slipped away here.
I have a winner for the Bride of Frankenstein canvas though.
Holly, from Gypsy Spirit Rising!!


Now we can get to the rest of the holidays. 
Which I am looking forward to..
We're practically out of November and you know what December brings right??
Yes..my birthday!!!
Speaking of birthdays though..today is a very special day..
It is the birthday of a wonderful person!
If you get a chance head over to her blog or Instagram and say hello.
Okay, I will be back here really soon.

Have a great day!
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