“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Saturday, August 29, 2015

paint paint paint

How is it Saturday already?
The week really flew by for me!
We're only just getting monsoon-ish activity here...
unlike Tucson, where it seems to rain constantly.

Since it's been a while away from here for me,
I want to show you what I've made these passed few months...

All of these are acrylic on canvas
with the exception of the last one..
she's paper mache, pipe cleaners, clay and plastic tubing.

I know I have other pieces but either I've not photographed them 
before they sold
I'm too tired to remember them at the moment!

currently, I am suffering with a bit of an 'artists block' I guess.
Cannot concentrate and I'm VERY distracted...
it's not too bad of a feeling in a way:-)
Hopefully I'll get back to painting soon.

the weekend is here and that means no homeschool and we get to
make our Halloween plans!
I'm hoping to start Haunted Humpday very soon..
are you as excited as I am!?

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Friday, August 21, 2015

I'm back!

I know it's been a while
but I'm really excited to get back to visiting here regularly.
Hope you've been healthy and happy.

I'm getting everything prepared for the upcoming season...
stories, crafts, giveaways,
& recipes...

I wanted to share this lovely piece of artwork
that will soon be gracing my wall!

It's titled
 "Hello Motherf*cker"
It's oil, paint marker and ink 
on a spray painted zinc plate.
 I can't wait to get her!!!!!

The creator of this amazing piece is a very talented artist that
I had the good fortune of finding on Instagram..
This guy is Awesome!!!
His name is 

His work is both fun and creepy..my favorite type of everything.
He will use anything as a canvas ..
as he puts it:
 "...Everything is potentially artwork.It's like energy at rest."

Below is a small sample of his work...
from toe tags to pumpkins.

(The bull-rabbits of the apocalypse)

(Tending the electrolotus)


(stick to the devil you know)

(I'd rather be alone anyway)



If you get a chance, go take a look at his work..it's very inspiring.
If you happen to inquire about one of his pieces, you'll find that
he's very sweet and personable.

That's it for tonight...
I hope you have a magical weekend!
see you soon!!

Friday, January 9, 2015

New Year

How is everyone?
I'm doing great, to be honest.
This new year started off on a happy note.
lot's of things have been happening..
I'll give you a condensed version of the highlights.
And....my word of the year has been chosen!

Christmas was different,
I have spent every year of my life
at my house on that day
but this year I didn't 
and I really liked it.
I got some incredible, heartfelt gifts.
One that particularly touched my heart and made me cry
was this:

It's a runestone from the Hobbit movie..
I find it hard to explain why I love it so much...
just know it was the best gift I've ever received.

On New Year's eve 
My daughter got an email letting her know she's on the A.S.U. dean's list!!
We were so excited we called everyone we know.
I'm so very proud of her!

An old friend that I never ever thought I'd hear from again
found me on Facebook and it's like we never stopped talking!
The last time we spoke was on myspace, lol... probably eight years ago.
I truly believed he was dead!
So it was a very nice surprise.
I've also made some new friends recently
really honest, supportive and totally unexpected friends...

Oh! it snowed here on New Year's Eve!!
Big fat floppy snowflakes, actual snowflakes falling from the sky!!
It was completely magical and gorgeous! 
Like a gift :-)

My word of the year is
  I'm afraid of affirmations sometimes..
because you get what you ask for
that's for sure..
My word last year was bloom or blossom
and yes I did that,
I bloomed, grew, transformed.
I chose Magic because
I want more of it in my life.
It may sound like a silly word
but I know
it's going to force me to become stronger
to take leaps of faith.
I'm ready.

I'm done for today..
just wanted to leave you with a song
I've been obsessed with lately.
It reminds me of .... starlight and fire moons.

May your year be everything you ask for..

Friday, December 12, 2014

My December

 How's your December been?
I've been away from here too long...
This post may make sense or not...nothing really seems to lately.

 My birthday was a couple days ago..
I had a nice time..
I even splurged and had chocolate mousse cake.

  I don't know about you, 
but I always mark the year by my birthday.
It is your very own New Year after all.

This year for me has been one of many losses.
Situations that I thought I would not survive if they came to pass,  started to happen.
 It began last December 29th, when my father passed away.
His illness began in 2011, so wrapping my mind around
his eventual demise was extremely difficult.
I was so focused on his dying that I neglected many of the living. 
 It was fast as far as this particular illness goes.
I'm grateful his suffering is over.

 We lost many beloved pets
this year too...
We went from having eight cats
 to two in a matter of days really.
Compared to my dad's passing you'd think it
wouldn't hurt so much
but it really did. 

As you know, my daughter moved away
for school... 
she left and and my niece went with her.
They aren't very far away
but their absence is palpable in this house.
 I'm proud of them.
There's no arguing,
 no piano,
 no arpeggios flying though the rooms.
Just a lot of quiet.

I also lost an old friend
we shared many experiences,
And all the emotions that go along with any relationship.
Happiness, sadness, joy, fear, relief, anger, love
All of that is gone. 
If this person even existed at all,
I'm half convinced it was an illusion.

 This house always felt so small
not enough room for everyone and everything.
And I liked it that way..
Did I want a space of my own to do with as I pleased...?
yes of course!
But the bustle and mess were priceless,
for all my complaints about having to clean up
I was pretty OK with it all.
I knew it wouldn't remain that way always.

I have my little one
and she is my northern star
my lighthouse.
As I am hers.
Our happy adventures are just starting.
This new year is going to be much better than last.

I say a year of loss, but it's more a year of change I guess.
Beginnings not endings.
There will be joy again...
for all that this year has been to me
I will continue to be who I am.

 I'd like to thank everyone
 that has been there for us and offered their
 love, support &  friendship
I'm so very grateful to you.

And if life is feeling off and
pushing you down,
hang on,
magic will find find it's way back to you soon.

 See you really soon :-)



Monday, November 3, 2014

Great Pumpkin weekend

Hi everyone!
How was your weekend?
Mine was awesome.
It started with dinner out on Wednesday,
then we stopped at a pumpkin patch afterwards
 and bought a few over priced pumpkins..
Helena got a chance to visit the mini petting zoo,
So it was worth it.

Then on Thursday
We drove up to Tempe to see my daughter and my niece
to celebrate
 Great Pumpkin Night
and guess what??

The Great Pumpkin
brought me gifts too!

an incredible Frankenstein bag filled with a bunch of goodies!
A stack of spell books cookie jar,
some warm fuzzy socks

 A crystal ball necklace....

 Ouija board planchette earrings...

A gorgeous fleece throw blanket from 
'The book of life' movie...

And this delicious smelling shower gel/lotion gift set,
cause the Great Pumpkin knows I love smelling yummy:)
There was also a bag
 of sugar free chocolate covered peanuts
 that rapidly disappeared  before it could be photographed.

We drove home Saturday and I created this canvas
as a tribute to my parents for Dia de los muertos...

Most of Sunday I spent lying in bed watching 
a marathon of the Gilmore Girls on netflix.
It's been great.
The weather is really cooling down and it puts me in a good mood.

I'll be back here in a few days...
I'm off to buy a cup of caramel coffee!

Have a great week.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Haunted Humpday X

Happy Haunted Humpday!!!

How did it get to this?
The last days of October?
Why is the time flying by so quickly?
All these questions...
the most important being...
do you have enough chocolate for the trick or treaters??
wow, did I used to eat loads of it every October...
just doesn't seem very festive without the candy.

 So what are your plans for Halloween?
I am going to visit my daughter and niece in Tempe
for Great Pumpkin Night!
Great Pumpkin night started 21years ago
when my little one was two.
I don't care for walking around the neighborhood. it's never been safe and most
people just don't participate..So I thought it would be
nice if the tricks and treats came to us.
So on October 31st at midnight
the Great Pumpkin drops off large bags of the best candy and fun toys
to good little girls and boys(that live in this house)
I really look forward to this tradition
there's good food, scary stories and spooky music.
Plus I make one very special Halloween gift for each child.
I'm very excited to spend time with my two favorite girls!

(here's a couple of very early photos of them..
they were two and three here)

(three and four here)

I'm really hoping to get back to normal soon...
I love November...
Dia De Los Muertos is in November and that's my second favorite holiday....
And December is my birthday month  so I have to be better by then right??

Thank you for coming by to visit and share.
I really appreciate it.

Have a great week

Happy Halloween!

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