“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Haunted Humpday #10

Welcome to our last 

I have had so much fun.
Each and every one of you has
inspired me tremendously!

I'd like to share some goodies I received this week
She made this beautiful magnet!

 She also sent me some white sage.
Thank you so much!!

I have a few things to
announce now, and by things, I mean 
winners, lol

last week's winner is
I didn't have a chance to upload
the photo of last week's prize..
so here it is:

Okay, now the winners of the 
Broomsticks on the Bayou giveaways:
#13 Frosted Petunias won the mask. 
#5 Autumn Wind a mini voodoo doll
#26 Glitter Tart Designs a mini voodoo doll
I need your details please:)

I don't know if you know
but Lisa Kettel is having a blog hop event!
It's going on until the 2nd..
Be sure and visit,
there's lots of prizes!
I created a Dia De Los Muertos dolly
out of one of her Lulu Dolls:) 
I love how she turned out!!
she reminds me of a cookie.

speaking of cookies...aren't these cute!
They're from the grocery store..

We're going to do some baking tonight though...
Lot's of gingerbread skeletons are getting prepped 
at the moment....

we're also going to be using this to make some candy critters.

We also made Salted Caramel apples...!!!
These are SO good!
you make them just like regular caramel apples
but you add sea salt to them afterwards.

You want to know why there's so many goodies?

Well, tomorrow is Great Pumpkin night!!

 (google image)

Ever since my daughter was 3 years old, we've been 
celebrating Great Pumpkin Night 
on the 30th of  October.
It's kind of like Christmas for us.
It started out with a a treat bag full of
candy, a toy and a letter from GP himself.
We have a 'party' starting at around 7pm on the 30th
with food, sweets, scary music and games.
at around eleven pm 
we put out the lights out, save for a few candles
in jack-o-lanterns,
and then the stories begin...

At midnight
Great Pumpkin will leave the treats by the front door.
it's usually a cauldron full of candy & magic...
...think of
grandma Aggie's bag in Halloweentown.
Yeah, like that:)

We all dress up too!

Even Magnus has been trying on costumes..
We can't wait!

 I have a couple book suggestions for these long chilly nights!
This one is good for children and adults..
The Young One
The Desrick on Yandro
and Henry Martindale, Great Dane 
are my favorites.

This one has been in my bookshelf for decades I'm sure.
It belonged to older siblings at one point
but I ended up keeping it.
Maybe it's a little silly, but I enjoyed it.
It's all the apocalyptic drama that I like.

 Are you ready?
let's gather one last time.

 I've mentioned that we have an old tool shed in the back yard.
A lot of 'odd' things have happened in and around it.
Sometimes it was unlocked
even after my dad would lock it up.
(maybe he forgot to lock it..maybe not)
I hated when my mom would say
Let's go lock up Pappa's casita
There was a chain leading from inside the shed
that would lead back out and a padlock was put on it.

there used to be another door and the hole where the
chain came through was bigger.
big enough to stick your hand through and pull the chain out.
I had to do that a couple of times...
and I was very sure some cold clammy claw was
going to grab my hand and pull me into the shed through that 
little opening! 
Anyhow..one night we went out
to put the darn lock on the door.
When we got out there, the smell of sulphur
was overpowering. 
My mom uttered some prayer or another, locked the door
and yanked me into the house.
When I asked her what was wrong
she told me that the smell of sulfur meant the
devil was about, and bad things were going to happen.
It was all in Spanish, which somehow sounds way creepier. lol
The next day we had to go to my cousin's baby shower.
I was just a little kid
so everything was super boring for me there.
That is until my cousin brought out a Ouija board
she'd had in her attic (really!) for years.
They asked it silly things, I remember laughter..and my mom's
disapproving look, she refused to touch it and was upset that my
aunt , her sister, was actually playing.
All of a sudden, someone picked up the board 
and threw it across the room.
I guess the board was telling them
horrible things about my aunt..
calling her a widow and asking how
it felt to lose her husband.
We left soon afterwards and I forgot all about it.
I spent that night at my aunt's house..
it was summer vacation
and I usually stayed with her because she was
a teacher and had the same time off as I did.
The ringing phone woke me up at six am.
I remember she ran in and got me to get my shoes on.
We then we went outside to
 wait for my mom to come pick us up.
My uncle had had a heart attack on the way to work.
she got to speak to him, but he passed away late that night .

I never forgot the smell of sulfur in the shed & 
that the board had called her a widow the day before.


Our kitchen counter is notorious for dropping bread.
you set a loaf of bread up there and you'll hear a noise
and the bread's on the floor!
Or worse, you don't hear it fall
and then see a certain dog walk passed with 
a bag of bread, thinking it's his lucky day!
It's not just bread either..
we used to keep the fruit bowl there
but oranges and apples would be found under the table
all the time.
There's no real way of explaining it.
My dad, said there must be a damn rat
throwing sheet (that's how he said it) around.
Well we don't have rats, or mice...
what else could it be?
The foundation is even too.
behind our kitchen is a spare room..
the closet lines up with the kitchen counter.
So the back of the closet wall is also the same wall as the kitchen counter.
(I hope I'm making sense)
that closet has always giving me the heebie jeebies.
(My grandfather passed away in that room but that's never bothered me)
One night in 2005, I put a tape recorder by the closet,
turned it on and left for 4hours.
No one else was in our house that night.
The next day I listened to the recording and
I heard a sound...it was after about an hour of
not much..
It was a low moan...deep and full of pain..
I have the recording still, but I couldn't figure out
how to transfer it on here.
I'm also never going to do that again haha!

Maybe our home really is haunted...;)
who knows...the graveyard,
the weird creatures, the noises..
maybe there's no other way to explain it.

The 'Spirits" seem to have moved the giveaway gift
so I can't take a photo of it...
it's a pair of earrings with skeleton girls on them
I know I set them down right here by my laptop!!.

Thank you all for visiting, commenting and being
so enthusiastic about Haunted Humpday.
I'm going to miss it...but rest assured...
I'll be digging it back up next year.
I'll have more stories and goodies for you.

Hope you will join me on the second to celebrate
Dia De Los Muertos.

And all of November 
I'm going to host 
a book and a blanket event!
Come back soon to get more details

Big Halloween hugs to everyone!




  1. Marfi, thank you SO MUCH for hosting this!! It's been so much fun and I really appreciate all your work in putting this together. Another great post, LOVE your little Kettell Doll girl! I'll watch for your other events this year. Thanks again! xo http://www.tabithalenox.blogspot.com/2013/10/happy-haunted-humpdaybear-magician.html

  2. Your stories are the best I've ever read! Thanks for sharing your spooky experience... I hope yous till can live properly in your house. I never celebrated The day of the Dead, but the tradition seems so interesting! Happy Halloween, Marfi!

  3. Such an awesome post. Magnus is such a cutie!!! I love your work, and I really really want that Cast a Spell piece!!!! Talented girl!!!

  4. Happy Halloween Marfi!

    Thank you so much for hosting this fun event all through autumn. It has let me experience and celebrate more of Halloween than I otherwise would have.

    Congratulations to all the winners! Your caramel apples look delicious, and I love the idea of Great Pumpkin night!

    Myself and Cinnamon man are hosting a proper Halloween and pumpkin carving party for my family and 3 nieces on Saturday, but tomorrow is all about my little Halloween event in the town where I have my store :)


  5. I posted a couple of things for this last Haunted Humpday so please visit me and scroll through a couple of posts.

    I have to dash out the door right now so I will come back to read the tale, and leave a real comment.
    I look forward to a book and blanket event. Two of my favorite things!

    Thank you SO MUCH for hosting. This has been truly fun and amazing.

  6. Your stories as usual have been wonderful. I especially like the shed story. Thanks so much for this wonderful event, I've had so much fun. Here's my post for the last of our fun for 2013...... http://lindaomasoldebaggsnstuftshirts.blogspot.com/2013/10/beggars-night-and-our-last-haunted.html

  7. thank you miss Marfi it's been fun.... happy halloween to you

    My last haunted hump day post http://blissangels.blogspot.com/2013/10/happy-halloween.html
    • `*.¸.*´ ¸.•´¸.•*¨`*. ¸.•*¨*.¸¸.•*¨`*•
    (¸¸¸.•*¨`*•.•´*.¸.•´* .•´*¸¸.•*¨`*• ♥♥ hugs wendy

  8. Do you ever wonder how you survived your childhood? Nothing should scare you any more!

  9. You've sure made Halloween special this year! Enjoy these last 2 days! HAVE FUN!!!

  10. Oh Marfi....your stories always give me the willies!! I think you need to make a zine or book or something filled with your art and stories! I would love to flip through the pages of such a creepy creation on a candlelit night!!

    A friend of mine went home to Mexico not long ago and brought me back an authentic Mexican sugar skull! I have it proudly displayed with my witchy jars :)

    Wait til you see Maggie's picture tomorrow....I know you'll really get a kick out of it :)

    Biggest, warmest hugs,

  11. Thank You for Haunted Humpday! Love your stories! Here s my post:

  12. I had to laugh about the dog walking with the bag of bread and thinking it must be his lucky day!

    It's not quite dark, but it's grey and raining! Time to set out the pumpkin o' lantern! I'm looking forward to next year's Halloween Humpday.

    My last Halloween Humpday post may be found at The Gratitude Journal of Ms. Lilypads.

  13. You rocked the season Marfi! Thanks for being our Queen!
    Happy Halloween!!!!!!

  14. A bit late but here is mine

    Marfi, I haven't received anything yet but postmen were on a strike here.I am going to send yours too now that things are back to normal again.

  15. Lovely post! I wish had been able to join in more. I suppose one is better than none. Click here to visit all of my Halloween decorations.

  16. wowness...the last HHday?! already! Time flies!! I had a blast! I have so enjoyed all of your magical posts and sharings..and thanks for hosting for us all..yay! Wonderful post...love the tradition you and your daughter have..so magical! and the doggy skeleton suit is awesome! I am craving candy apples now...so beautiful!
    Much thanks..many warm hugs and massive sparkles dear kindred for everything!

  17. Happy Halloween from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  18. Thank you for making my Halloween season so special; I didn't find you until this year, but I'm not letting your site out of my sight ever! I'm a bit older and don't have a blog and all this computer stuff can be pretty confusing, So....I hope you don't mind a non-blogger taking part in your festivities. Thank you!! It's been GREAT!!! Love your GP celebration idea, too!

  19. Thank you! I didn't know I won last week! If you send me an email, I will give you my addy. I have really enjoyed Haunted Humpday... I will miss your stories :( .

  20. A huge congratulations to all of your very lucky winners! I love your artwork so much, and this newest little witch for Beverly is as enchanting as ever, and your Dia De Los Muertos dolly is too adorable!

    Marfi, I have had such a wonderful time and do wish I hadn't gotten so sick and missed out on so many of the fun Haunted Humpdays. I cannot wait to hear about the book and a blanket fun. Warmest hugs always, Mina


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