“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Friday, June 29, 2012

Cookies & Stuff

Is it hot or what?
It was 106 degrees today,(it's going to be hotter tomorrow)
so Helena and I decided to bake some dashboard cookies.

They're super easy to make..
you can use prepared cookie dough, unless you want to pretend you're martha stewart:)

get a cookie sheet, put the raw cookies on it, then set it on the dashboard of your car.
they're usually ready in a couple hours, depending on how hot it is out there.
it's pretty much the only thing you can do outside in this heat...

thank goodness there's an air conditioner in my gypsy wagon, I'm almost done adding the finishing touches.... finally!
Been filling it with trinkets and treasures from yard sales, thrift stores....

and lovely artwork I've collected from a lot of you.

I want to have a itty bitty teensy reveal type party thingie soon...with big prizes and fun stuff...nothing too busy, it's much to hot for that don't you think?
and speaking of prizes..later this week I'm going to announce the winner of the fairy love potion!!!
I guess I've rambled on enough for now, have a great week-end and keep cool..
Oh!we might get some rain this week!!!!cross your fingers.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fairy Shoe Challenge

It's time for the fairy shoe challenge at Frosted Petunias!
I hope you're ready!

What have the fairies planned for the midsummer festivities?
Let's take a peek...
We'll have to be extra quiet so as not to spook them..
We have to shimmy up a tree,
and slip behind those mushrooms..

It's all decorated!

Oh!I see dancing fairies and...

Flying fairies..

A bewitched creature twirling by a tree..

Some fairy food...

Is that a love potion?Be careful...

And underneath a flowering pomegranate tree.....

The fairy queen's shoes...

Time went by so fast!We have to go back now...the sun is coming up...

But when you get home leave me a comment and you'll have a chance at winning the fairy love potion and some other little treats:)

Thank you Anna for hosting this challenge...I can't wait till the Autumn one!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

midsummer fairy jar

Happy Midsummer!
I have a simple project for you today.

you need
a mason jar
lace ribbon
glue stick
hot glue
artificial flowers
The Fairy Swing image from Fairy Follies CD
star ornament

Trim image and add glue to the back.Put inside of jar. a spoon works well to press against the side.
Hot glue moss to bottom of the jar, use a wooden dowel to press moss down securely.
Put a small drop of hot glue on the tip of the star, drop into jar and press down with dowel.
sprinkle glitter inside the jar
hot glue flowers to top of jar lid
hot glue ribbon around jar lid

wrap wire around jar lid to hang up.
use a battery operated candle inside jar to light up image
instead of moss you can use shredded cellophane or gift wrap ribbon

you can find the fairy follies CD here
more design team projects can be found on Lisa Kettell's Blog

Hope everyone is ready for Anna's Fairy Shoe Challenge this Saturday!
Come visit me for chance to win some fairy magic!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Rosalina and Poe

Every time I look through Lisa Kettell's book Altered Art Circus, I'm so inspired!
For my latest design team project I decided on making my own version of "Miabelle and Gertie", one of the creations from this incredible book.

small crown
pink wool roving
small Styrofoam bird
small wooden disk about 2 inches in diameter
model magic in white
acrylic paint in peach, pink, dark pink, rust, dark brown, black
black spray paint
pink tulle
scrapbook paper
paper flowers
assorted charms
assorted ribbon
pipe cleaner
doll hands
black glitter
hot glue

Spray paint birdcage, set aside to dry.
form doll head and torso out of model magic, poke pipe cleaner through to form arms, let dry overnight.
once dry, paint peach and add features using acrylic paint.wrap ribbon around torso to make bodice of dress.wrap more ribbon around pipe cleaners for sleeves.attach doll hands with hot glue.
hot glue wool to head and carefully mold into desired shape.
add rhinestones and crown.
hot glue bird to disc, paint black, cover with glitter, let dry.attach small birdcage charm to head of bird then glue bird to inside of cage.
attach assorted charms to cage.
glue doll to top of cage.
add paper flowers to doll and cage.place strips of accordioned scrapbook paper on sides of cage.
secure ribbon to base of cage.
tie pieces of tulle to back of cage.
make a bow with ribbon glue onto waist of doll.

doll parts can be found in the baking section of craft stores
you can add butterfly wings to back of doll.
children's jewelry can be used in place of crown
Buy Lisa's book 'Altered Art Circus' in her art fire shop