“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Butterfly challenge
at the three muses this week.

Like a Butterfly, I have been Reborn
with Bold Colors and Strong Wings.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Spooky finds and creepy creatures...

It's rolled around again!

How has your week been?
We are doing pretty good..
I have a whole bunch of cool things to show you.

Here's a little witch hat I made to go with the witch's dress.

my daughter bought me this coffee mug at world market,

And this garland too!

This cute banner was from Target

As were these throw pillows

These treat bags were fifty cents each!

We stopped at our local Spirit Halloween store and 
found this adorable bird feeder (on clearance) and these Ouija board coasters.

This is a 50x60 throw blanket,
we have it on the sofa.

Rigby, checking out the new cup and straw.

I have a few more goodies to show you, including the gigantic pumpkins we found at the grocery store. 
But I'll save them for next week.

Are you ready for another short story?
Grab a blanket and get comfy then....

remember my cousin's odd ordeals?
Well they didn't stop with the werewolf and creeping ghosties.
Early one Saturday morning when she was about 8 years old she was
watching cartoons while her mom did laundry.
My aunt told us this tale..she recalls my cousin being terrified at the time.
 My cousin said she was lying on the sofa when she saw her mother 
walk into the bathroom by the living room.
as soon as she closed the door, The backdoor opened and her mother walked in with
a load of laundry in her arms.
She said she felt frozen to the couch..she couldn't take her eyes off of the bathroom door.
She began to cry and begged my aunt to please check the bathroom.
Of course there was no one there....

What do you think these type of creatures are? doppelgänger?
 Or a child's over-active imagination?
 Have you ever seen anything like that?

I spoke to her recently and she told me she vividly remembers lying in bed at night and pretending to be 
asleep because there was a huge dark shadow with a long snout
 sniffing around her room at night.
She would pretend to be asleep so it wouldn't notice her.....


alright, I'm off ..it's the witching hour!!
May you have a magical week.
Happy Haunted Humpday!

(don't forget.....

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Halloween Headgear

is the word of the week at 
take a word challenge.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

of stars and ravens

 This week's take a word is
'Feathered Friends'
I just can't resist making it a little spooky:)

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The King and I

Welcome back!
It's the second Haunted Humpday of the year!

This week's post is very, very special.
(It also contains spoilers for a couple of his stories so please read at your own risk)

Today is Stephen King's Birthday.

We go waaaay back..

I was around 6 when I read Carrie.
 I had older siblings that left books in the main bookshelf, so.....
To say I completely understood it would be a lie.
But I did know I was frightened by what I did understand and I loved the feeling.

Throughout the years, His stories have remained with me...
I've talked about it before...
whether I'm celebrating or mourning, he is there.
I can reach for his books
for entertainment or comfort.
They welcome me like old friends, no matter what.

So, today
We celebrate him and his incredible tales.

We started the day off with a couple of movies while we finished up a few crafts.

We weren't sure where to set up the goodies,

But finally settled on a spot...
then we set out the
 Pet Sematary cake

Rainy Season (cake pop) toads
A young husband and wife on summer vacation rent a house in a small town called Willow,Maine, only to be warned repeatedly (if vaguely) to leave by the local inhabitants. They do not comply and, having purchased groceries, return to the house. They never learn the price for prosperity the citizens of Willow must pay: every seven years a husband and wife will go there from outside and will stay, despite protests, to become sacrifices during the rainy season. When the "rain" starts, the couple learns the nature of the precipitation: an army of grotesque black toads the size of footballs, armed with needle-sharp teeth and able to chew through doors and walls.
( as you can see the toads aren't black nor football sized, but they were fun to make)

And some Popsy cookies

(Sheridan, a gambling addict, has taken to abducting children for a man known as Mr. Wizard in order to pay off his enormous debts to a mobster who has threatened Sheridan with grievous bodily harm; Wizard has told Sheridan only that the children go "on a boat ride" (implicitly for human trafficking overseas), and Sheridan wants no further information. While lurking in a mall parking lot in his modified van, Sheridan spots his newest probable target of opportunity - a child standing near the entrance, obviously separated from his parents and distressed. Sheridan approaches him, convincing him that he has seen the child's Popsy (as the boy calls him).
After luring him into the van, Sheridan handcuffs him and drives off to make his delivery. On his way to the drop-off point, the boy shows unusual strength, biting the main character hard enough to leave two deep marks on his hand, as well as nearly ripping out the steel bar he is handcuffed to. In addition to these demonstrations of strength, the boy makes odd comments about his Popsy, such as his ability to find him and his ability to fly. By the time they are nearing their destination, night has fallen, and Sheridan sees an odd shape swoop by. The boy claims this is his Popsy, and although Sheridan doesn't immediately believe it, he becomes nervous. Moments later, a wing covers the windshield and the door is ripped off, revealing a horrific, bat-like creature which slits Sheridan's throat and feeds the blood to the child.)

Helena invited/created some grotesque creatures from the Mist...

and Joe Cambers old pup.

Monsters were practically knocking down our door for an invite.

even the Mr Barlows were there.

We made a couple of Dr. Harper's closets,
you know, the ones where The Boogeyman lives...

but what's inside?
Well, it's him of course..
after he's ripped his mask off.

We all know that person..average looking on the outside..
completely slimy and repulsive on the inside.

The closet can be a frightening place, definitely an area where monsters may lurk..
but what about wells? or attics? even under the bed?
And what does the boogeyman look like?
I'm thinking it's different for everyone..
something crouching? something creeping? something just out of your line of sight?
  I have a story about the house down the road where 
a little girl's version of the boogeyman still haunts me.

The nights are cooling down and getting longer,
so let's sit close together in front of the fire..& don't mind the slight rustling behind you,
it's probably...nothing...

This was around fifteen years ago.

Our neighbors were awful.
Loud, incessant 'music' at all hours,
fights that usually ended up with the police handcuffing a few of them.
drug use and from the looks of it they sold it too.
Sadly, this family had two young daughters..under the age of nine.

I was tending to my garden late one  afternoon, when the girls wandered by.
They asked if they could come in and sit on the grass for a while since their mother was not home.
I let them in and they settled down and got comfortable.
The younger one immediately fell asleep.
I asked her sister if she was ill
she said no
I asked if they were alright
she said sort of..
 she told me they were having problems sleeping at night.
She said that for about a month they had been hearing
bumps and scratching under their beds.
When they told their mother, she dismissed the sounds, claiming it was probably cats or mice 
that had gotten in the crawlspace.
I asked her what she thought it was..
She told me that a couple of weeks ago 
she had seen slight movement under the bedclothes that hang over the side of the bed..
when she looked there was nothing.
But a few nights ago 
she heard whispering..
Then, she swore on her life that when she glanced toward the murky darkness under the bed,
she saw two infants, just sitting there.
When she looked closer she noticed they had very sharp looking teeth 
and eyes that had a dim reddish glow.
When she went to turn on the light the bulb burned out.
she said every time they went to bed the infants appeared ..
And light bulbs malfunctioned constantly.  
The things didn't do anything, just crawled around under the bed all night.
The girls refused to sleep in there, so their mom made them stay in the 
living room, but they were too afraid to close their eyes while it was dark.
Instead opting to nap during the day when they were sure the creatures would not appear.
 They eventually got evicted and moved away..
I never found out anything else about them.

I still wonder what was going on..
and I still try not to think about what might be 
lurking in the dark corners of the bedroom..
when a pile of papers falls over or a bulb burns out suddenly,
& that noise could of been one of our cats, right??

Thank you so much for stopping by and helping us celebrate such a wonderful day.
Happy Birthday to Stephen King
and Happy Haunted Humpday to you!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

candy apple woods (take a word challenge)

 Even though they are deep in the forest.
these kittens seem to be having fun playing jump rope.
Perhaps it's because they are in candy apple woods.
I probably wouldn't mind it much either:)

The challenge word this week is

Almost Autumn

Three Muses Challenge this week is 
Autumn Colors..
Here's my take on it.

“Listen! The wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves,
We have had our summer evenings, now for October eves!”
―Humbert Wolfe

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Haunted Humpday 2016

Welcome to the third annual

                                              can't believe it's going on three years already!

I talked about creating a witch's dress the other day and here it is:

Helena was going to post her paper dress tonight too, but she didn't finish it in time.
we'll do that next week.
by the time we're done, there should be a witch wardrobe all set and ready.

I haven't been very active on my blog but I have been busy creating art.

                                                     these will be listed in my shop soon.

There is a lot of Halloween displayed in stores, finally!
We bought the DVD again because ours was so old already.
the other stuff is just extra fun I like having around..
I don't even care for oreos anymore.

These are pretty creepy, they aren't real but I thought the idea was very cool.
I for sure wouldn't eat these, yuck.
I probably wouldn't even be able to handle them being in the house!! haha!

gather round....
I have two very short stories for you tonight..
When my cousin was about 3 she lived with her parents on a few acres of land in a rural part of town.
The neighborhood was desolate..maybe five occupied houses on that whole block.
It was quiet and lonely.
The lack of street lights made it so that when the sun went down it was completely scary.
There always seemed to be something odd about being there.
unexplained noises and a feeling of unease made visiting the house uncomfortable.
One night after everyone was asleep my aunt sat on the sofa to fold laundry and
watch a bit of TV before bed, out of the corner of her eye she saw my cousin
trying to sneak passed the sofa,
it was very late, so she asked
"where do you think you're going"?
When she turned to look directly at her, she was gone..
my aunt got up and went around the sofa to lead her back to bed, thinking she had
tried to hide by crouching down, but there was no one in the room with her.
after checking the bed room she found the child deep asleep in her bed.

This next event happened about a year later.
My uncle worked at an office furniture warehouse and sometimes
(much to my aunt's dismay) he would bring home old furniture and try to use it in their home.
He brought home a huge filing cabinet and put it in the bedroom to use as a dresser.
It was very difficult to open because it was at least five & a half feet tall and very wide..
being metal, it was extremely heavy.
One day, he was ready to leave for work but could not find his keys.
My aunt helped him search for about fifteen minutes, but they had absolutely no luck.
He couldn't understand where they could be, as he had placed them on the key hook by the door
like he always did.
My cousin, who was four at this time was just waking up and they asked her if she had any idea
where the keys could be.
She said she did,
then led them into their bedroom and pointed to the very top drawer in the humongous cabinet.
My aunt opened the drawer but did not see them, after moving several piles of neatly folded
shirts out of the way, they found the keys.
The drawer was too high and too heavy for my cousin to open, plus, like some filing cabinets
you had  to shift over a little lever to get the thing to slide open.
They were very confused and asked her how she knew they were in there.
She told them it was a werewolf. She saw him hide them in there last night before she fell asleep.

What do you think?

Well, that's all for now.
I hope you have a spooky week.
Next Haunted Humpday is VERY special.
It's Stephen King's Birthday and I hope you stop by to help us celebrate!!