“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Saturday, September 5, 2015


It's September!
Summer is coming to a close, thank goodness.
The sky is finally getting some color back in it.
Arizona summer skies are bleached pale, pale blue.
Now that the season is changing the blue is deepening.

I love September for many reasons.
#1.Obviously because summer is almost over...
#2.Because it ushers in the start of Halloween merchandise in ALL the stores.
 #3.Most importantly... because it's my man's birthday!
That's right..the most influential man in my life, other than my dad. 
He's so amazing!
His birthday is on the 21st and we are going to celebrate it
with audio stories, movies and a creepy dinner in his honor!!
I'll be very sure to post about the evening.
Awesome stuff happening around here..
& speaking of amazing people..

Remember this guy??

Well, he sent the incredible artwork I talked about getting a couple of weeks ago.
He is...awesome.
The painting is so gorgeous and vibrant.
To have it in my possession fills me with such happiness!

 This photo doesn't do it justice.
  Isn't she adorable!!!!
He even framed it for me.
I set her up in my bedroom, though I said I wasn't going to,
I wanted her to be in the living room so everyone could see her and admire her,
 but I guess I'm feeling a little selfish:)
That's not all!
He also sent this sketch..
'Cause I love vultures,
And the bitty pink skull canvas.
Look at the details on these pieces...

If you haven't visited his Instagram yet, go as soon as you can!!
you are in for a treat.
It's all original artwork dreamed up by him.
 Please don't wait any longer.. 
He has a gallery show coming up next month and he's busy getting ready for it..
 but like I said he is a lovely person
You can ask about his artwork..he actually answers...!
And he'll be incredibly sweet with his responses.
Here's the link....
There's also a button on the sidebar. 

So, Now I think it's time...

The third annual Haunted Humpday postings
will begin Wednesday, September 9th!!!
 So fill your favorite mug with cocoa
and come sit by the fire with me, where it's warm and "safe"
Are you excited!?
I really am.
Come back next week
and see what's brewing!
Have a great holiday weekend.


  1. The stores here start putting out Halloween stuff in July! I'm usually so over it by now. I've stayed out of the stores for the most part so I'm actually enjoying seeing all the new Halloween stuff! I'm looking forward to Haunted Humpday!

  2. Hi Marfi!You can count on me, my friend! I'm looking forward to Haunted Humpday too!

  3. Good morning Marfi! Well, things are changing now, though we still have some humid weather. It will change soon enough and the darker mornings and afternoons will hover over us and give us creative thoughts for colder days. I LOVE IT, actually! WIshing you a fantastic Monday!

  4. Yay for Haunted Humpday Posts!!! :) I hope you had a great holiday weekend. I dread getting back to reality tomorrow. Boo!


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