“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Haunted Humpday is here!!!!

Welcome to the
second annual

It seemed to take it's time getting here!!
My least favorite season is summer..
There's too many bugs 
 too many days of 100+ weather. 
Well, now we are having shorter days
and the shadows are lengthening ever so slightly!
The sunset the other day was pretty spectacular..
it reminded of candy floss and how much I like the scent..
& the scent of candy floss
reminds me of Halloween!
(see it's all connected haha)

To set the mood, I started decorating our mantle,
Love those little canvases ...they light up with flickering bulbs. 
I'm not even close to being done though, I'm going to add
giant candy corn to the wall:)

this is with the lights off..

My niece bought all of us some silly skelly glasses. 
Which we wore while

carving one of our little pumpkins from the garden..
well, Helena drew it and I carved it.

This is one of my favorite poems, 
it's a bit silly, but isn't everyone afraid 
of him?

The Bogeyman
by Jack Prelutsky

In the desolate depths of a perilous place
the bogeyman lurks, with a snarl on his face.
Never dare, never dare to approach his dark lair
for he's waiting . . . just waiting . . . to get you.

He skulks in the shadows, relentless and wild
in his search for a tender, delectable child.
With his steely sharp claws and his slavering jaws
oh he's waiting . . . just waiting . . . to get you.

Many have entered his dreary domain
but not even one has been heard from again.
They no doubt made a feast for the butchering beast
and he's waiting . . . just waiting . . . to get you.

In that sulfurous, sunless and sinister place
he'll crumple your bones in his bogey embrace.
Never never go near if you hold your life dear,
for oh! . . . what he'll do . . . when he gets you!

speaking of the boogeyman..
Stephen King has written a terrifying story about him
in this amazing book.
His version of him is something greenish black and slimey
that travels by sewer and enters by closet..
It's an old story, but if you have not read it, 
give it a go, just make sure the lights are on
and the closet door is firmly latched.

What is it about the abandoned old
 house on the corner?
I've read posts on facebook 
asking people if they would spend the night
in this house or that house..
I'm not sure what I'd do, to be honest
Sometimes it's hard enough to just pass by!
Anything could be lurking behind the windows
  under the stairs.
(and in the closet, eek!)

 I know I've talked about the house on the corner
where a certain lady was eaten up by her very hungry
cats...do you remember that story?
Whenever it's windy at night and I happen to hear
yowling cats, I think of her.

In honor of Spooky houses and Haunted Humpday,
We made some super simple
haunted house crafts..you can create some
with your littles if you have 10 minutes or so:)
Just paint a thick piece of paper with your choice of
paints..cut out a silhouette of a house on dark scrapbook paper,
make sure you cut out windows!
add bright paper to the windows or just leave as is.
glue to the painted paper and you're done! 

Along with Halloween comes my other favorite..
Dia De Los Muertos!
Love the bright happy feel to this colorful holiday.
I created a few little canvases for my very neglected etsy shop.
Here's one:)

Okay, I've mentioned that I was diagnosed type 2 diabetes right?
My downfall has always been chocolate...
I have reversed it with diet and weight loss..
I don't waver ever..have not had real sweets since January.
Yesterday I was in Walgreen's and I spotted this
amongst the Halloween candy!
Boy was I excited!!!
The best thing to do with
 chocolate and marshmallow is 
make s'mores of course!
Just get a graham cracker, break it in half
set your 'candy' on top of it and microwave 
it for ten seconds.

if you haven't had real sugar in eight months
let me tell you
this is incredible!
There's regular chocolate covered marshmallow pumpkins
that behave just beautifully in the microwave too.
(for all you non-diabetic ghoulies)

we've created something and we've eaten 
wasn't that fun?
but it's getting dark now....
& is it me or is it getting chillier?
Let's get over to the fire and huddle close...
I hear things just beyond the circle of light,
creepy, stealthy sounds...

This happened many years ago...
A friend of my mother had a daughter that was...
disrespectful, sneaky, and just plain horrible!
She was in the habit of going out and coming home
at all hours.
She just did not care.
One evening she got into a terrible argument with her mom,
She wanted to use her mother's car to go out
because hers didn't want to start. 
Then in the midst of all the yelling and accusations
they heard a loud flapping sound coming from the porch..
then a thump...
then at their front window,
 they saw something..
The mother (Linda) said it was very tall,
but bent over with a large hump on it's back.
It looked as though it had on a dark coat.
It had longish scraggly hair
a pale, pale face,
eyes that looked feverishly bright
and it was foaming at the mouth.
Her daughter (Sara) whispered
"what is that?!"  
Linda whispered back
"Es el Diablo"
(it's the devil)
He passed slowly in front the window
watching Sara intently,
then he was gone.
Just as quickly as he appeared..
Sara eventually got married 
moved to Colorado
and had two children
but whenever she stopped by to visit she would recount
the story of the night she was paid a visit
by old scratch..or as she called it,
'her own personal boogeyman'
She usually ended her story with  
"Don't argue with your mom!"

Here's the fun part!
leave me a comment
on this post.
I'll randomly choose a winner next week..
If you are chosen you get this:
  A weird photo of a scary looking man
some stencils
a wooden frame
and your very own Frankenstein monster!

Monday, August 25, 2014


This is for the

It's titled Gabbo and the moon

“Yours is the light by which my spirit's born: - you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.”
E.E. Cummings

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

something spooky!

Don't you just love when department stores
start putting Halloween decor out??
It's something I look forward to all year!

Michael's is usually the first around here to start
setting up.
Usually right after the 4th of July.
Some of their stuff is really cute....
After I got my fill of window shopping there
 I stopped by Tuesday Morning
and found some adorable goodies..

Cat and owl ornaments..they're so glittery!

 A fancy little skeleton ornament.
This tiny tote bag...there's also a poison bag.

Kirklands also had some really fun things..
These light up..

and my gosh, look at this!I love that Dia de los muertos canvas!

Now, nothing makes me happier and more inspired than
Halloween decor and rain!
It just so happened to be be super cloudy-thundery-rainy
that day!

I decided to make a sweet spooky
wall hanging.

This was very easy to make..
Lulu was painted up witchy:)
I added a skirt with velvet ribbon
a pumpkin button and a paper hat.
The frame was 80% off at Michaels
 the background is scrapbook paper glued to the frame.
 Lulu is so lightweight she wont pull the paper through:)
 Next week I'm having a little
Lisa Kettell giveaway so you can create your own 
work of art! lol

I hope you're looking forward to
remember it starts at the end of this month!!!
August 27th!!
If you want to tell one of your stories or share a recipe
e-mail me and I'll feature it on here:)
Now, it's time to start dinner
I hope you have a great day.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Halloween Fun

 Well it's finally August again...it seems to have gone pretty quick..
But Fall and Halloween can't get here fast enough for me.

 I created this little Halloween card
using some  Lisa Kettell Design products.

 You need:
2 pieces of pretty scrapbook paper
1 piece of cardstock
chip board letters and shapes
orange tinsel trim
glass glitter
vintage image
Hot glue gun 
glue stick
white glue
glitter star stickers
black paint
 hole punch
pumpkin wand (toothpick w/pumpkin sticker)

cut out a small house shape using the scrapbook paper
glue them together
add vintage image to center
paint hat black on the candy party girl face
attach her to the vintage image
hot glue tinsel to house shape
glue house onto cardstock 


Add chip board letters to roof of house
coat chipboard moon shape with white glue
then cover in glass glitter
when dry attach to house with hot glue
 add star stickers and pumpkin wand
punch a hole through the top and thread twine in.

Hope you gt a chance to create one of these Halloween cards.
Can't start decorating too early right?

Don't forget that Haunted Humpday is coming up soon!
If you'd like to share a story please email me and I'll feature it! 

you can find doll parts and inspiration at Lisa's art fire shop