“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Practical Magic give away

Hello beautiful witches!
Last night under cover of darkness, beneath the enchanted trees, My assistant and I said a magic spell over the cauldron....then we threw in everyone's name.....and danced around....

She even caught a crow in mid flight!
Then, once the steam and the sparks settled a bit...she put her hand in, and pulled out the name of the witch that would be the caretaker of the Ophelia chair!

We all watched anxiously,

The first name! the winner of the chair.....
then the second name..the winner of the ....grab bag....the third name....the winner of something spooky.....
All in my hand!
Then my wonderful helper/assistant backed up, tripped on the cat, started to cry because she fell and it was pretty late anyway and threw off her hat and ran inside....
(what can you do when your assistant is 3?)
Well the picture taking had to be put on hold..since she needed cuddles and a warm set of pj's...
so the winner of the chair is
Bear's mom.
The winner of the grab bag is Cameron
and next winner is jennifer
Thank you everyone that came out to fly to my party!
Please come and join me for a cup of tea on the 23rd, and we can visit Anna from
Frosted Petunias at her Halloween Tea Party!


  1. Hope your asst. is up and running again.
    cheers, dana
    tea on the 23rd - or whatever I may put in the cup!

  2. Hope your helper is now feeling better! Very cute kitty. Congratulations to your winners!

  3. Beautiful-magical post...love the photos..magical!! Yay..congrast to all the lucky winners!

  4. Thank You So Much!! And let your Assistant know that I appreciate all her help and hope she is much better now :) I will email you my address

  5. Your blog is oh so spooky, very enchanting:)
    Thank you for the lovely comments;)

  6. How exciting! Thank you so much. My "assistant" is 4 1/2, so I completely understand how Mom's best laid plans change in an instant! Hope she and the cat are no worse for wear :)


  7. Congrats to all the winners. I hope your assistant is now all well and the kitty wasn't too badly hurt. That's the curse of using an assistant, but it's sure more fun than that very impersonal Random Generator.

  8. Congratulations to the Winners!

    Gentle hugs...

  9. Wow...your lovely and talented assistant picked me??? the BEAR's mom Witch!!!!
    How exciting...hugs and kisses to her...

    HUGS Sweet Witch...victoria

  10. Congratulations to all the winners, that's wonderful! what a cutie assistant you have.

  11. I love this post. Can that little assistant be any cuter! I love how her hat practically swallowed her whole head, lol! I hope she and the kitty are better. Is that little Tuna? Congratulations to all your winners. BEAR's mom will love her Ophelia chair!


thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it:)