“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy, Happy Halloween..The Great Pumpkin has landed!

Can you believe it's here already?
It's a bittersweet time for us.
ecstatic that it got here, sad that it's going away for so long.
We started the morning with

 (of course)

Then we started getting everything ready...
We had a great time at our 'Great Pumpkin Night' party.
We've been celebrating that for about twenty years or so..
There's food, sweets, movies, music and lot's of laughter..
Then at midnight, (after scary stories are told around a single candle) 
the Great Pumpkin himself drops off toys and plenty of candy.
The trick or treating comes to us! 

The movie we chose for tonnight was

 Which I really enjoyed.
afterwards there was a feast!
We had:
A spider cake:


These are brownie ghost pops,
they are fantastic!
all you need is regular brownie mix,
bake as usual.
when they cool off roll them up, like I did,, 
or use cookie cutters and insert a Popsicle stick.
melt white chocolate and cover the surface, add details with black icing.

We also had a variety of other foods with spooky names...
devil wings,
baby mummies,
witch pillows,
you get the picture..

Helena got an amazing purse filled, no, stuffed! with candy and goodies...
A scarf, bubbles, fangs, a tutu!

She even got a mood ring, which she has wanted for such a long time.

This is my treat bag ...
That's a silicone pencil bag!!

and this blanket!!!!

                                                                      It was the best!!

I want to thank everyone that stopped by, left a comment and played
on Haunted Humpday.
It has been such a wonderful Holiday.
I'm so grateful.
Stay safe but eat as much candy as you can!

PS ....
We had such a great time, I was wondering if you would want to come back next week and 
join us in celebrating a different holiday?
I'll let you know the details on Saturday!
see you soon!!


  1. lots of good looking treats. I have sent a few funny pics others have shared today on my facebook. I am having candy withdrawals after eating all month. The mood ring brings back lots of good memories and nostalgia.

  2. Happy Halloween Marfi and Helena!
    Your party looks fabulous. I want to try making all of those treats, especially the spider cake - love those licorice legs.
    It's a great idea to have the Trick or Treating come to you. It's going to be 36 degrees here tonight and there's probably going to be a lot of left over candy. (Not that it's a bad thing, ha!)
    I'm always sad to see the party end, so if you're up for more celebrating, I'm in! Thanks for bringing so much fun to blogging, see you Saturday. Cheers, Sarah

  3. Ooooo....you have me wondering about the pretty Fallen Stars! Happy Halloween! I always love your posts, especially Haunted Humpday! Your treats all look lovely. That pencil pouch is too cute, Marfi! We have so many Trick or Treaters in our neighborhood that I don't have time to make anything very special because the little ones come by early and the high schoolers late, but I am making mummy hotdogs and we're roasting marshmallows on our patio. We're also putting Hocus Pocus on outside, so the kids who stop by will probably like that.

    Happy Halloween!


  4. Happy Halloween!!

  5. Hi Marfi, What a wonderful Halloween post!
    Happy Halloween to you..
    ~ Diane MacNaughtan formerly Dianie Mac Designs

  6. Thank you Marfi, and a "Happy Halloween" to you my friend!

    Wow . . . I was going to watch that movie "ANNABELLE CREATION" a few nights ago seeing I've never seen it before, but just didn't get around to it but, now reading how much you enjoyed it, I most definitely am going to watch it soon! The first movie you posted by Stephen King, I have seen before many years ago, in which I liked.

    For some reason now, I'm really getting a craving for sweets . . . I wonder why.

  7. I haven't see the Stephen King movie, though I've read the book, and I haven't seen Annabelle. I'll look into them for next October :) We've got a coupla horror westerns and plenty of candy on tap for tonight. Happy Halloween!

  8. Happy Halloween! I don't know what to say, except, that I am smiling! I love this post so much! Thank you!!!! I love the goodies, I love the treat bags, I love the ring, I love the blanket, I love the pencil bag! I truly love everything!! I'm sorry I haven't e-mailed you back, but my e-mail has been screwing up on me! All today, I haven't been able to get on to it! I can't wait to see what this next holiday is! Big Spooky Hugs!

  9. OMGosh. I had a cat that looked EXACTLY like the cat in Pet Semetary. Before he got all evil and witchy, that is. Lots of people commented on it, too.

    Looks like both you and Helena got lots of goodies. I passed out pencils again this year. Did it two years ago and last year I gave the tricksters glow sticks. Seems too many kids have food allergies these days, so I am trying to treat kids in a way they can remember the day past a few pieces of candy. Yes, they were specialty pencils with goblins, witches, and pumpkins on them. I ended up giving out 96 and had to turn the porch light out at 10ish.

    You had quite a feast on your table. It looked like you pulled out all the stops, too. I'm so glad Helena got her mood ring and you got your pencil holder and blanket. Looks like you gave as good as you got. What a fabulous night you must have had. I wish I could have teleported myself there to enjoy the night with you. I couldn't even get a witch to take me for a ride on a broom, though!

    Happy end of Halloween. And yes, I'll be back Saturday, but I'll also be back tomorrow, too.

  10. How fun it looked like it was! Happy Halloween. Yes, I will join you next week.

  11. Great post! You know, to this very day, the Stephen King movie "Pet Sematary" is STILL the creepiest I have ever seen (and I swear have seen it a thousand times LOL)!

    Hope your holiday was the BEST!

    Blessings always, Kim

  12. Now, you probably think I'm late, but think of me as prolonging the celebration. Wow! You do things up royally! I want to come to your house to celebrate! the food looked fantastic and I loved all the foodie names. You are so creative. Have a great week!

  13. YAY. Boo-hoo. That's how I feel, too. Another holiday? Sounds intriguing! Of course, I'll check back!


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