“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

T'was the week before Halloween...

Guess what?
This is our last Haunted Humpday!

It's gone by so quickly hasn't it? 
Have you done anything eerie/creepy/spooky to celebrate?
I've been trying to get as much of it in my life as possible because,
We have less than a week until

We made Halloween brownies!
We baked them as usual, then after they cooled off,
the cookies cutters came out.
Aren't they cute?
This is before they were frosted and decorated, 
 once they are frosted they lose a bit of their shape..
(probably because I use massive amounts of frosting!)

I also made spooky nachos.
You just need corn tortillas and cookie cutters (again)
lay the tortilla on a flat surface, then press the cookie cutter firmly into it.
It's easier than you think, just make sure you use metal cookie cutters because
the plastic ones don't cut through as quickly.
Deep fry the tortilla until it's as crispy as you want it,
 press into paper towels to drain,
salt them, then dress them up however you like.
I add cooked ground beef
melted cheese
cheese sprinkles
sour cream
refried beans
and guacamole.

We put a movie on and carved a pumpkin too.

Peeves decided he did not like the competition...


This week we watched Audrey Rose...


All of these are old favorites of mine that I have watched before.
Except for 'The curse of the werewolf' that was the first time.

If you're interested  here's a video showing a list of

As the big day gets closer
we try to create lots of Halloween crafts..
This is what we have made this week.

Helena painted this..
(she's feeling much better now, thank you for the well wishes)

and this..

This one's mine..

We both made this,
it's the Witch Castle!
She made her side with an empty box of rice,
my side is an empty oatmeal container..
We hot glued them together to make a grand manor, fit for a witch.

Have you noticed how Hocus Pocus  is making a comeback? 
I think it's cute.
throughout the years I've made decorations that were
influenced by this movie..
there were a few lucky rat tails strewn about and I actually made the Sanderson sisters out of clay pots.
but I stupidly gave them away.
I think it's time I started rebuilding that collection again.
We went out and gathered small stones and made some
Dead men's toes!
What do you think? Do they look fresh?

I made this too,
it's 16x20 
They are made out of felt.
You can't really see the designs on winnie's dress,
but they are gold glitter.
I really have fun using felt to "paint' with.
I'm positive I will be making more soon.

It's a Vampire Party!
I used Lisa Kettell products to create this little art card..

This Haunted Trick or Treat House was made using an adorable Lulu doll from Lisa's Etsy shop

Here's a couple new additions to our decor..
This doorbell is loud and say "scary things"
Peeves likes to press it and watch the green glowing eyeball blink!

A great friend sent me this,

Isn't is adorable?

So now that we have had our fill of brownies and nachos
let's sit by the fire one last time.

I mentioned last week that I have seen and heard many strange things lately.
The veil is thinning and it is both exciting and frighting.
A loud thump coming from a kitchen cabinet.
Plastic bags rustling behind a closed closet door.
Voices and what sounds like laughter in an empty room.
You can try to explain it rationally if it makes you feel better.
But sometimes the weird and scary can't be explained away...

My aunt's home was a large ranch house in the middle of many acres of farm land.
There were apple orchards and pecan groves
corn fields, a pumpkin patch..I have talked about it often.
When I was a child, it was way off at the edge of town..everything surrounding it was wild and rural.
I spent a lot of time there.
My cousin and I played on huge stacks of hay (my mom did not know I did this btw)
we dipped our bare feet into the culverts of cold water when the fields were getting watered,
Hide and seek was played in the apple orchard where we ate sour green apples till we felt ill, 
it was awesome!
But when night fell, it was a different story.
We rarely stayed past sunset, thankfully.
Part of the reason I was petrified to be there after dark was because
I had overheard my uncle telling my mom and aunt that 
a few of the farmhands had quit because they claimed to have seen a monster.
It was late in the season..they were working well into the evening.
One of the men heard a loud noise that sounded like massive wings flapping.
He moved towards the sound, which was coming from a large hedge.
Getting closer, he started thinking that maybe one of the turkeys had escaped from it's enclosure.
suddenly, a large hairless creature with leathery looking wings
 flew up from the hedge and into the nearby trees. 
He said it was about 4 or 5 feet tall.
It was not a turkey. It wasn't anything he had ever seen before.
 He quit and so did both his brothers.

I asked my mom about it on our way home,
and after I got scolded for eavesdropping she told me not to worry about it.
It was just a silly rumor started by a silly man. 
That didn't stop me from scanning the tree line though.
The next time we visited I asked my cousin about it.
She said her older brother knew all about the monster.
He told us that not only did it have wings, it had horns too. 
That wasn't the first time it had been spotted before either.
according to Anthony, years ago the creature had attacked a car
with two of my uncle's friends in it.
They had been visiting and it had grown late.
They said goodbye and drove off.
 As they passed the last pecan grove,
something jumped on the car and began 
pounding on the roof.
The men slammed on the brakes and made a run for it.
When they returned with the police, 
the roof and the hood of the car were completely torn up.
It was determined that the damage was not caused by the men,
but rather an external source.
Did I believe my cousin?
partly...he was known to try and scare the crap out of us on more than one occasion,
but this story sounded different from his usual garbage.
eventually I grew up and they ended up moving ...
their home, with all it's fantastical areas to play in and all it's creepy creaks and bumps,
 became a memory.
That is until 2005...
I was helping my dad clear out his closet.
We were going through all the stuff in a little metal box..
He picked up an old newspaper clipping and handed it to me.
It was something that had happened on my aunt and uncle's property.
Two men had been attacked in their car by an unknown creature.
It had caused quite a bit of damage.
Neither man knew what it was.
But they both claimed to have heard massive wings flapping. 

Thank you so much for coming to visit!
We have had a great Haunted Humpday this year.
I will be back on Halloween to share our
Great Pumpkin magic with you.
Big spooky hugs to each and every one of you!!


  1. I'm going to miss your Haunted Humpday. Time has flown faster than a witch on a broom.

    Gotta love the brownies in the form of Halloween inspired characters, and I laughed at the ghoulish nachos. You came up with some really clever ways to count down to Halloween.

    I admit I've never heard of any of those movies, but maybe it's the genre. I'm not much for horror.

    So glad Helena is feeling better, and she was able to help create the Witch's castle. What a great way to recycle items that would normally head to the recycle bin. And all your craftiness showed this week, too, from the card to the assemblages you created.

    LOVE the carved pumpkin. Had to laugh at your cat. Typical snoopy cat, if you ask me.

    And finally, your cousin may not have scared you, but that story is quite chilling. You certainly know how to spin a fancy (and fanciful) tale, true or not! I hear wings flapping right now! Happy Halloween, my friend.

  2. oooo, spooky movies! I've developed a real appreciation for them during the last few years, encouraged by my older son. The Changeling is definitely spooky!

    I followed the link from Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog and love this Halloween post :)

  3. Busy post! I lovespecially The House That Dripped Blood and Curse of the Werewolf. Moody, good fun stuff. And I have one of those eyeball doorbells, too. Very cool, kids love it.

  4. What a freaky story. What in the world could it have been? I love all your cute art and crafts......the witch castle is adorable!

    Wow, Audrey Rose has a fantastic cast. I want to see it! And what did you mean about Hocus Pocus? Are they remaking it? My girls love that movie, and so do I!

  5. Your Halloween goodies look yummy. And your cards are so fun. My favorite is the vampire taking a snooze with his comfy blankie. Awesome cat o'lantern. You cat looks cute making a new friend. I really enjoyed your ghost story too. Have a good week.

  6. The jar full of toes gave me a good laugh. May have to look for some rocks today. Your story sounds erie,you should walk my farm at night.

  7. As for my celebrating "Haunted Humpday" I've been watching some interesting and frightening movies.

    You're very creative, Marfi, I think more people should be creative as well, for they'd probably have a lot less stress.

    I really liked reading your story about that winged monster, how I wonder if it could have been a HUGE GARGOYLE.

    In the dark early morning hours, thanks to your post, I watched the movie Audrey Rose, a movie I never seen before, and really liked it, it was an interesting movie on reincarnation, not only that, but I believe reincarnation exists.

  8. Once again, you and Helena have made so many wonderful craft projects. I love the kitty peeking out of the window and Peeves caught with his paw in the jack o'lantern. Kitties!
    Of course the Jar of Toes is just hilarious, I laughed out loud when I saw it.
    Thanks so much for creating and hosting this wonderful event. It was great fun.

  9. Aww... so sad it's the last HH for this year, but I'm looking forward to your Halloween post.

    Thanks for the idea of cookie cutter brownies. I'll be having them after Halloween dinner!

    "The Changeling" is one of my favorite spooky movies, along with "The Haunting", "The Others" and "The Shining"... all very creepy, atmospheric films. No slasher, gory stuff for me! But good scary movies are hard to find these days.

    Loved your story, as usual. Thanks for sharing all your fun stuff with us!

  10. It's all over too soon for me, Today I went to some of the Shops and their Halloween merchandise was just about gone... and rushing on to Christmas. I'm still savoring every spooky Moment and will keep all my Decor up until at least the day after Thanksgiving. Of coarse, The Man likes to tell people who come into our Home for the first time and wonder if we're opening it as a Haunted Attraction for Halloween, No... it looks like this all the time... *Smiles* Happy Halloween from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  11. I want deliciously creepy brownies!

  12. Hello My Friend! I can't believe this is the last Haunted Humday for this year! I am so happy Helena is doing better!
    The treats you made are so much fun! I love the pumpkin, especially when Peeves started to play with it! LOL! I love the creations you and Helena did! I want to come play at your house! LOL! I haven't seen the Changeling in ages!!!
    That is sure some spooky story!! I wouldn't be going out at night!
    Happy Halloween Beautiful Soul!!! Thank you for all the great posts! Big Hugs!

  13. Love your at card and other creations you & Helena made! I enjoy crafting the most this time of year! Love the mysterious happenings at Halloween time! My mom aunt and I, well the whole family love horror movies, always have. Thanks to my sons Netflix, I've got to enjoy Salem, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norell and Penny Dreadful this month! Love all 3!
    This has been a good month for me. Still got to get the candy though, we have a lot of trick or treaters here at this new house! Another great Haunted Humpday Post Marfi. Oh and love your story! See you on Halloween! Tee


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