“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Haunted Humpday..the end?

And here we are at the end..
How did it go by so fast?

We have not been to the howl-o-ween zoo event yet, that's opening this weekend
But Fear Farm was a good experience..I'm still alive, haha!
While I don't have photos from that night, I do have a couple from the 
Great Pumpkin Festival held at our beautiful botanical gardens.
 The morning started out cool but quickly heated it up.
Guess who wants a goat now??

Oh, we finally watched Light's Out.
it was spooky and I think
it's a good Halloween movie to own.
We made hot dogs, popcorn and set out movie theater candy, 
then we turned out
all the lights and huddled up on the floor with blankets.
It was especially scary when, at a dramatic part of the film
This not so adorable cross eyed lump pushed a pan off of the counter..

I instantly aged 10 years!!

I've creating art all summer.
It's been an especially helpful activity for both of us this year, 
especially me.
It calms me down.
 I made a couple of these Lydia Deetz dolls..

This vintage style cat...

And this little jester

Friday I took Helena to the public library and we ended up shopping at the store of discarded books.
We left with so many books for us both!
it was all under 4 dollars!!!

afterwards we stopped by a thrift store and found this guy!
He's a good size and was only $2
This was 2.99 at Walgreens..
how creepy is that werewolf behind it?

I have one last short story to share in front of the fire 
come close and listen......

What are your thoughts on ghosts?
My mom had so many stories about them..
I unfortunately cannot remember them all..
There was one that she thought about and retold
from time to time though..

When my mom and dad were newly married 
they moved into a neighborhood that was very close to their families...
Her brother lived across the street..his sister and her husband lived down the block,
I think you get the picture.
my mom had an elderly aunt that was ill and couldn't walk correctly,
every time she walked she would drag her foot.
It was a very distinct sound.
When she became so ill she was was bed ridden, she told my mom..
"when I die, I'm going to come back and say goodbye to you, just you wait"
She passed away not long after...
My mom, of course, felt terrible..
That night, when it grew dark
my mom said she was sitting at the kitchen table when she heard the sliding door open.
She said she did not turn to look at her visitor..
the dragging of someones  foot was loud enough to let her knew who it was.

I hope you enjoyed this years Haunted Humpday..
It really went by too quickly.
Thank you to everyone that participated and left comments,
You are awesome!!

I'll be back very soon.


  1. great story Marfi, are blogs suppose to sign up for Halloween Hump Day? just wonder how to see others, I have a fun post now for Halloween too,at Plumfield House Gardens, hope you can visit thanks

    1. Hi!
      you can jut leave a link or let me know in the comments that you participated. Next year I'll use a link tool.
      I stopped by your beautiful blog, but I cannot leave a comment:( nor can I follow you. it's such a wonderful blog.
      that story is so creepy and incredible..!!
      thank you for your contribution to Haunted Humpday!
      have a magical day.

  2. Well God bless your aunt! She made it back to say goodbye to your mom! I love your Lydia Deetz doll....how adorable! One of my favorite movies, BTW....

    I've enjoyed your Haunted Humpday posts so much, and I hate that this is the last one. :(

    Enjoy what's left of the season, and I would have loved one of the mustache pretzels. How much fun!


  3. I love all your little dollies this year, but I notice you have no items in your Etsy shop..?
    Is that your daughter? Hair hair is amazing!
    I have that field guide to Demons, it's great :)
    I very much enjoyed Lights Out actually.

    Thank you so much for hosting!
    My post is up and running now.

  4. Awww, what a sweet spooky story!
    I am sad for Haunted humpday to end, I really enjoyed it and I loved reading your stories and seeing all the amazing art you've created. Miss Helena isn't alone in wanting a goat, I know several people who want goats. :)

  5. Very good blog. To have a limp in the afterlife is a total ripoff.

  6. You tell sweet Helena that she has the most delicious-looking mustache I've ever seen. And how I love her smile.

    You've been sooo busy (with wonderful bits), my dear Marfi. I love that. And all your creations... especially the Lydia Deetz doll. She has such cute expression (planning loving mayhem, I suspect).

    Yay for books and yummy thrifty finds!

    About the ghost story, I always enjoy a foot dragging creepily. Awesome detail.

    I almost missed posting for the Haunted Humpday event, but I made it at the very last minute. Here is my post: http://magalyguerrero.com/on-el-dia-de-los-muertos-the-puppet-feels/.

  7. It's so sad that HHD is over! I loved seeing all your artwork and reading your creepy (in a good way) stories. These three dolls are fabulous and you certainly managed a great haul of books. Hi to Helena, tell her I think it's great that she wants a goat!
    Thanks for a hosting such a great event.

  8. I want a goat too! LOL! Is that your daughter? She is so cute!!! I really love your creations!! Sorry, I didn't e-mail you back, yet! I am so bad!!! But, I will, before January! LOL! Your books and your finds are amazing! I want to come shopping with you! I love your cat! So cute! Thanks for another great story! Happy Halloween! I can't believe how fast October has went! Big Hugs!

  9. Sorry i'm so very late in commenting, so much has been going on. It did go by so fast and i look forward to next year. Helena's hair is adorable. I wish you two have a wonderful Halloween.

  10. Ah, you were at the Pumpkin Festival here in the Valley too... we might have passed each other, who knows? Did you also get to see the Dia de los Muertos Celebrations there? As for Ghosts, my Mom also had many great 'for real' Ghost stories having come from a Country that has many very Old Homes and is rich in History and Celtic Lore. It was a very Lovely Halloween this year, can't beat an Arizona October when it comes to the weather, can we? *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian


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