“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Haunted Humpday lll

Welcome back!
It's the third Haunted Humpday already...
Time is really going quickly.

so what are you ghoulies doing to get ready for the holiday?
Something that really puts me in the Halloween mood
is creating something using Fall colors and elements.

This little witch has her very own sugar skull.

Don't worry, this spider isn't real!

I love getting greeting cards and framing them
if they're super cute..
Sometimes I'll use them in my artwork.
Found these two at the dollar store, 

This one reminded me of the Haunted Humpday button.

 This Candle seems to have the pattern too!

I love the scent also..Candy Corn:)

This metal spider was at Ross before I brought him home.

Look!a flashing eyed glitter skull!

 I adore this tiny ornament...She's the first thing I set out.

When I was in junior high 
I read 
The Amityville Horror.

I was truly terrified when I read it...
It's a book that graces my bookshelf
to this day and I occasionally re-read it,
But I always make sure Paul is in town
so I'm not alone when I stop reading for the night.

This book was in the library at my
Elementary school..
my sisters had checked it out
years before and I remember looking at the pictures
when they would bring it home
 I didn't know how to read yet, so the images became 
engraved in my mind.
Once I began school
I would check it out as often as I could

 Almost every story is scary..
but there's two or three that are
really good.
There's one in particular
called The Patchwork Monkey
that is very disturbing, for a children's book.

It begins with the creepy old lady down the block 
and her patchwork monkey doll..
She ends up giving the doll to 
a neighborhood boy.
The boy's older sister is jealous and tells
the little boy that all the patches on the doll
belong to the all the children the monkey has
killed over the years.
That night the parents leave the house
as a storm hits
When the lights go out
The doll terrorizes the little boy
and the older sister
Turns out the sister was right..
The story ends with the little boy
turning into the monkey.

You know..
I never ever had a monkey doll when I was little,
hard to believe huh? haha!

It's always fun to see the Halloween
baking goods...
It never fails to cheer me up, no matter what.
We had sooo much rain here yesterday that
the only thing we could think of to do was 
bake some cookies.

 While we were mixing and baking we put on this classic,
Love having on a spooky movie
and smelling something good in the oven..
you add torrential rain and I'm in heaven! 

This movie is pretty good,  
violent but not too inappropriate.

haunted TB ward...

What do you think about this?
The picture has not been altered at all.

It seems that as we get further into the season
I hear more and more things!
Things that go bump in the night, I guess..

If you joined us last year you read about how my house
is built on what used to be a graveyard.
My own grandfather worked for the city of Tucson
and he helped clear up the land here and relocate the deceased.
The main problem was that
a long time ago there wasn't a map to where 
everyone was..
He was sure that a lot of them were forgotten
while all this was going on...coffins would break and spill
their contents occasionally, it was a major disruption.

As soon as the land was clear
homes started to get built
ours included.
When my parents were going to buy this house
my grandfather told them about the cemetery..
but they didn't really care.

It was after they kept seeing a 
woman in a long white gown
pass though the back gate and cross the yard
that they began to mind.

It was usually in the winter time
after a rain..
she would approach the back yard
go right through the fence
and walk over to the large mulberry tree in the corner.
Sometimes she appeared to hold a candelabra
 other times long strips of fabric.

My mother spoke to some of the neighbors
about this phenomenon,
an older lady ended up telling my mother the 
whole story.

This young lady was happily married 
but her beloved took ill and passed away not long after the wedding.
he was buried here, in the old graveyard..
she was so distraught, that she 
 hanged herself from the tree in the center of the cemetery. 

I never saw this apparition myself, 
 And I hope I never do.
 But sometimes
when I'm outside at night bringing in laundry
I think of the woman in the white dress.
And it takes everything I have not to run inside screaming, lol 

The winner for last week's prize is Spookiness 
congrats, you won some creepy decor!!

The new give away is this little table decoration..

and bottle decals!

I hope you enjoyed tonight's Haunted Humpday..
remember leave a comment and you will
be eligible to win!!

Have a magical week!


  1. I do admire how you are incredibly creative ! Your creative spirit is such fun and inspiration! Thank you for all your passionate Art! xoDebi

  2. Oh man I have a fear of spiders and the one in your post seem pretty real. I would not be able to live on an old cemetery, that's mighty brave of you. I got a chill seeing the ghost child in the basement. Happy Haunted Humpday!

  3. You are SO inspirational! Makes me want to stir the creativity cauldron.

  4. Wow, Marfi! You've outhumped yourself :)

    Those greeting cards are super cute, as were the Halloween papers in your last post. I'm also jealous of all the great autumn scents in candles you have over there. I went to the largest store nearby and can you believe it, not a single pumpkin scented candle?

    But what really blew me away; Your husband used to be a ghost hunter?! Fo' reelz? :) That's just so cool, whether I believe or not.

    This is me this week: http://msmisantropia.blogspot.se/2014/09/humpday-iii-and-halloween-plans.html

  5. ooooo so many spooky things!! I will try to join in next week...I am so behind this year!! Happy Humpday to u :)

  6. Hi and Happy Humpday!
    I'm thrilled to have found your blog and just love your recipes and craft ideas.
    Halloween is my favorite holiday and I always carve pumpkins and pass out candy but I've been too busy the past couple years to decorate inside. After reading your posts I realized how much I have missed "doing up" the inside and just enjoying the season.
    Thanks for the wonderful inspiration and the creepy tales. I still have goosebumps from the story about the woman in the white dress, yikes!
    Cheers, Sarah

    These are some photos from '11 or '12 with a couple new ones, too.
    Here's my url: http://calamitousbotanicus.blogspot.com/2014/09/black-cats-couple-of-grey-ones-for.html

  7. Hello my friend!I am thrilled! And of course you can count on me!

  8. The more I see these posts, the happier I get. This season always puts a smile on my face. I really liked the part about ghost hunting. I would love to do it with professional equipment. That pic is an amazing find!

  9. You always have the best HH posts. I love your collection, especially the card with the tiny sugar skull. The ghost hunting photo is very cool. I think my son will appreciate that one and I always love your spooky tales. Thank you again for keeping the spirit alive. Happy Haunted Humpday, Marfi!

    Here's my little post:

  10. SWEET SWEET FRIEND! I missed this post! This has been a very wild week of school, but I ADORE this time of year and the shadows that come. Lovely surprises here! Now back to email...Anita

  11. Marfi, I'm enjoying these posts, and you've encouraged me to ease into the season although our backyard and patio are still not finished. I'm losing my mind, I tell ya! You've inspired me to make at least one autumn-ish craft the next week or so. I'll post it when I'm done.

    The ghost story truly gave me the heebie jeebies. I wouldn't want to encounter a ghost of any kind....YIKES! I'm happy you haven't seen her...I swear I have goosebumps right now while I'm typing this comment!!!


  12. Marfi, this is my first contribution:


    love all the stories.


thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it:)