“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Haunted Humpday II

Hello again my creepies!!!
Hope you had a wonderful week.

It's time for our second 

If you're not exactly clear on how this works you can
click here

Just look at what I found at the store today!!!

Never mind the dirty dog photo bombing, lol
(He wont leave it alone!)
an actual giant pumpkin!!
ok ok...not really that giant..it weighs about 16 lbs

 these cheetos are so cute!
you can build your own skeleton.

And of course...the season doesn't really begin for me
until the Halloween Oreos are out.

Speaking of sweets..this is the best time to cook
sugary, colorful goodies...can I eat them?
No, but it's so much fun to make them!

This week I made pumpkin hearts...
they're so simple
You need:
3 tablespoons of butter
 4 cups of mini marshmallows.

6 cups of corn flakes

red & yellow food color
black licorice
1 or 2 Oreos

1. In large saucepan melt butter over low heat. 
Add marshmallows and stir until completely melted. 
Remove from heat.

2. Add corn flakes cereal. Stir until well coated.
3. Using buttered spatula or wax paper evenly press mixture into little heart shaped pans coated with cooking spray.
Or shape into little hearts and place onto wax paper.
 Now trim some licorice into triangles, use for eyes and nose
the excess can be used for the stem.
cut an oreo in half and use for the mouth.
easy peasy.
See this plate? 99 cents store.

Are you reading anything at the moment?
I'd like to talk about how incredible this book is..
the artwork is great and the poems are downright eerie..
it's perfect to read to yourself or your children
on a windy autumn night, when the fallen leaves scrape across
the ground and the bare tree branches scratch at the window.

Here's one of the poems..

The Poltergeist

Something strange is flitting through your hair,
But when you try to find it, nothing’s there.
You know, though, when it gives your cheek a bite:
A poltergeist is in your house tonight.

Your rocking chair is rocking by itself,
And all your books have tumbled from the shelf,
And something keeps on flicking out the light.
A poltergeist is in your house tonight.

The chandelier has shattered on the floor,
And things unseen are rapping on the door.
But when you look, no creature meets your sight.
A poltergeist is in your house tonight.

Within the kitchen, cups and saucers shake,
And there before your eyes the windows brake.
And when at last, you scream with all your might.
A poltergeist is in your house tonight.

It's a book for kids,nothing too serious..
If you want serious may I suggest

These two books are great..
not too scary,but just scary enough.

Okay...so last week as I was writing down the creepy story
about the diablo
I kept hearing noises out in the house...like thumps in the kitchen
and movement in the hallway.
I chose to write in Helena's bedroom because
A. it's quiet
B. it's small 
C. I can sit with
my back to the wall and not worry 
about some funny guy sneaking up
behind me and hollering BOO!
I get really into the stories and by the time I'm 
finished writing, I'm SO jumpy and nervous!!

Well last week after my post was complete
I went into the kitchen for a bottle of cold water, Helena made us a bowl of popcorn
and we headed back into her bedroom to watch netflix for a while.
As we were walking through the living room
 we both heard a noise behind us.
The sink was on..
full blast!
It really scared me because I'd been hearing all
those bumps and thumps..
We were the only ones awake at the time too.
nothing creepy has ever really happened to me
other than the scary sound on the recording I heard.
Why would the sink turn on?
 How could it possibly do it on it's own?
weird huh?

Oh!I bought some paper decorations at Target
the other day and I thought they were beautiful..
as far as Halloween decorations go..I've never 
seen any this haunting ;)

That's not all of them,
but I had to show you just how 
different they are.
I love the ghost and the death's head moth the most.

So this summer I met some magical
ladies (Joan & Lisa) and I was given
 a very special spooky gift from Joan,
she creates amazing jewelry..

 Isn't it gorgeous??
And it describes me just perfectly!
To see more of her lovely work 
click here.

are we all accounted for?
It's story time.....

My brother is the only male and the first born..
my parents were married ten years before they 
had him, so as you can imagine
he was totally spoiled.

He pretty much got everything he asked for.
remote control airplanes
bowling balls
then as he grew older
he was given a car.

Going to my aunts house out in the pecan grove
was something our family did often.
To get there
you had to drive to the edge of town, or the city limits
then you actually had to drive down through the
It was pretty steep and the incline was around 20 feet or so
on either side.
now that things aren't so rural, there's a bridge there.
But we used to drive down down down into the arroyo
then back up to connect to the dirt road that lead to
my aunt's ranch.
My brother's car 
ran great,had a/c , power steering.
& it was brand new.
He drove us out there one weekend
then took out our cousins and a couple of his 
friends for a ride.
Now it was pretty much wilderness
out there at the time
lots of trees and shrubs and green
None of these housing developments
were around.
 My brother has always seen strange things.
from the time he turned twelve
he would have night terrors and visions.
Well, he claimed that one day while
at my aunts he saw a odd hairy creature
out in the woods..
None of his friends believed him
so that day he took them all to the place he had
witnessed this. 
There was a huge tree that had fallen down one
summer with the rains that year..
When it fell the roots pulled up and created a giant opening in the 
wall of the wash.
Like a cave.
 They got out of the car and sat around 
laughing and poking fun at my brother.
His friends threw stones at the opening, hitting the tree
and causing hunks of dirt and rock to fall.
The afternoon passed quickly to dusk
so they decided it was time to get back in the car and head home.
As the sun started to set..they all heard 
 the sound of branches breaking.
Looking toward the fallen tree they saw 
something crouching at the mouth of the cave.
The animal was very large
at least eight feet tall with long arms
and eyes that looked bleached white.
As they scrambled to get out of there
the creature began walking towards them
growling and sniffing the air.
They were so scared my brother couldn't start the car,
his hair was standing on end....
one of his friends actually lost control of his bladder.
He got the car started and he floored it home
they could see the reflection of animal eyes in the rear view mirror for a while,
 then it just stopped following them.

When they arrived my brother tried to explain why
Louis had peed all over himself 
and why Harvey wouldn't stop crying.

I don't think my dad ever believed them.
But my brother swears to this day
they all saw something evil that night.

I have a winner for last week's HH
it's Hannah Richardson -crimson lantern-
I need your details:)

Never fear!
there's another give away this week too!!
It's a 
Ghost Hunter's international T-shirt 
and some surprise Halloween decor!

leave a comment
and you are automatically eligible.

I hope you enjoyed this week's post
Thank you for visiting!!!

Have a spooky week...and stay away from the wash:)


  1. I love your scary stories, Marfi! And those pumpkin hearts are adorable. You are getting me in the mood for some serious autumn baking :)

    This weekend was the first time I really felt Halloween approaching and I started pulling out some of the stuff you sent me earlier this year (again, thank you so much!).

    Your package is in the mail, I hope you get it soon :)

    Here's my post: http://msmisantropia.blogspot.se/2014/09/haunted-humpday-ii-and-upcycled-scoodies.html

  2. Those paper decorations from Target are amazing! I'm definitely going today to look for them. I saw the Spirit Halloween store I had in my HH post just opened too. So exciting! I love the children's book of poems and the bracelet is gorgeous. The pumpkin hearts look fun (love the sugar skull tray) and yay for the first pumpkin of the season! Maybe you'll have to get Magnus his very own :) Happy HH!

  3. Wow Marfi! What a post! Thanks again for all the inspiration!

  4. Ooopsies. I was so excited about your post, I forgot to add my HH link!


  5. I see a trip to the 99 cent store and Target in my near future. That bracelet is very charming and inspirational( I'm want to try my hand at jewerly making) Thanks for the spin tingling tale. Have an awesome Haunted Humpday.

  6. I so enjoy the way that you write. Your blogs are so entertaining. I'm heading to Target this weekend to pickup some of those great decorations!

  7. I'm sufficiently creeped out. Mission accomplished. lol I really love your posts. They are so inspirational and original. The stories are my favorite. Anything haunted also peaks my interest. I've had spooky stuff happen to me but never a faucet turning on by itself. That would be too scary

  8. Is it too late to join the fun?? I'd love to play along. I've taken the button to add to my sidebar and I'll make sure my first post is ready for Wednesday September 10.

    You can find me at

  9. I LOVE Halloween and having your blog to start my celebrating early. Thank you for all the fun and ideas; I think you are AWESOME!! And I also think you are wonderful for being involved with pit bull rescue.

  10. Love your spooky posts! I think I had a night visitor, too. I didn't see or hear anything, but my dog did. I will have to look for the "Nightmares" book for my granddaughter... she's eleven and already a full-fledged Halloweenie!

  11. Oh my gosh -- I think it was a mistake to visit your blog right before going to bed. I will surely dream about your brother's evil thing in the woods...

    I love the pumpkin heart cookies you made -- and that plate for only 99 cents! The papers are all great. If I had to pick a favorite, I would choose the witch.

    By the way, thanks for your kind comment and for inviting me to your wonderful Halloween posts. I will be sure to join the fun soon. It's a bit harder to find Halloween stuff around here, but I will do my best.

    I am already excited about the next post -- thanks so much for organizing this! :)

    Happy Haunting,


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