“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Friday, June 14, 2019

crafts and magical gifts

The heat has arrived!! Well, a little bit..
It will get much hotter before we get out of the month.
Good news is...Monsoon season starts on Saturday!
I look forward to hearing thunder and smelling the rain come in.
It peaks in July😀 but sometimes we get lucky and it drops sooner.

It's getting closer to Halloween!
We only have 
139 Days left!!!

 I have a few things I've been making lately..

This is a book trinket box

A couple of cookie cutter witches
made of clay..

These paper mache dolls are a work in progress,
(Can you tell one of them is Frida?)

So is this junk journal..I absolutely love
Where The Wild Things Are!! 
It's the first book I remember reading.
I'll show you the pages 
once I'm done with it.

I found this quote a while ago, and I feel it's
fitting in perfectly with how I want to live my life.
I think if you look for magic everyday, you WILL find it.
Lately it seems as though magic and gifts keep 
drifting into my world.
Here's a little list of amazing things that have happened:
I recently had a visit to my doctor and he told me I 
was done with my post-operative bi-annual appointments, 
I don't need to go back!
That is Magic to me!!
 oooh, I was given this candle the other night!
It smells like the green tea perfume
from Elizabeth Arden:)

This next candle smells just like a coffee shop, SO GOOD!!
It's so saturated, the whole house was filled with this 
incredible scent...


The view out of my kitchen window,
New magazines with my favorite birds
and projects!

I love all things Haunted Mansion so
this giant box with the hitchhiking ghosts was
such a great surprise.
This was gifted to me yesterday.

One of the lovely little hummingbirds
posing for me...

These are bookends!!!
Incredible, stunning, glittery bookends💫

I love all these amazing treasures!!
I think my favorite one is this one:
Peeves just getting ready for a nap.


Well, I have to get going for now..
I hope everyone is doing well.
I'll be by later to visit.



  1. I didn't realize Phoenix has a monsoon season! Congratulations on your good news from the doctor. I'm quite impressed with your hummingbird shot. Ours rest in a tree over the patio, so they're further away from the camera than yours was. Delightful! I think that's magical :)

  2. Beautiful Marfi, just beautiful. I love how you see the magic in everything and that's my wish for others as well. See the positive in things. Like when my car window wouldn't roll up two weeks ago. I was like great. How can I see a positive in this? I know, it's not raining!! I got it fixed about 5 days later. The next day, it rained!! hahaha talk about magic right there. I love the cat laying there. Take Care. Christine

  3. There are indeed wonders everywhere - for those with open hearts, eyes and mind.
    I envy anyone who is getting rain, and loved the snippets of wonder and beauty you shared. Have a great week.

  4. Our Spring is off to a slow start and Summer looks to be following suit as temps. are still on the cool side. We've had enough rain so petrichor isn't anything special. Your makings are cute and the Hitchhiking ghosts are adorable. How cool the hummingbird posed for you. Nite, nite, Peeves.

  5. What a fun colorful post. The heat is on, so to speak. I can't believe you are already counting down to Halloween. I'm not even counting down to summer, which is in just a few days (grin). I love your clay witches. You are certainly getting ready.

    I would LOVE to have one of the those coffee candles, and I'd also like to see a hummingbird, too. Lucky you, dear Marfi.

    BTW, Peeves is a real beauty, but don't tell Bleubeard I said that. He is occasionally jealous.

  6. Hello sweet friend, it is fun visiting your world again! I love your charming spirit and creative soul...those witches are enchanting and your dolls are awesome!
    Wishing you a beautiful end to Spring and upcoming Summer Solstice
    victoria xo

  7. Good morning Marfi, I just noticed your new images on your blog. The ferris wheel. I love it.

  8. We haven't gone beyond 90s, in NYC (I hope this continue to be true as the summer bites in). Love the cover of your junk journal and that stunning picture of the view from your window.

    Happy (belated) Summer Solstice.


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