“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Friday, September 1, 2017


Hello again!
It's been about nine months or so that I've been away and I have missed blogging and the amazing friends I've made very much.
I've had a whirlwind of a time..lot's of things have happened.
It's been a time of removal, it seems...
I have been able to rid myself of many negative people and situations that were effecting
my health and happiness.
Now I can focus on better things.

I want to continue the 
Haunted Humpday tradition only slightly abbreviated...
mainly just crafts and recipes this year.. 
I didn't have a chance to gather many new stories.

This month is a very important one for me
It has one of the most special days in it.
Stephen King's Birthday!
Helena and I plan on having our annual
birthday party for him.
I hope you will join us.

Hopefully everyone is doing great..
I'll be by to visit as soon as I can.
big big hugs!


  1. Hellow Beautiful Marfi. Is Haunted Humpday going to be a join in kinda thing or are you going solo? I'll vow to post and link with you if you don't mind and if ya do, I'll be okay as well. So glad to read you back here in the blogosphere. Love ya girl. xoxo Oma Linda

  2. Yay! Welcome back kindred..hugs, wishing you lots of new blessings and magical times ahead..keep shining ! So glad you are back..take care and sending lots of hugs!

  3. I've missed your wonderful blog and amazing stories! Glad to hear that your life is back on track with less negativity. I understand that ! I have also also stopped being friends with a couple of ladies that I felt were dragging me down...i felt a little bad, but also felt lighter. I want to be with people that make me laugh, inspire me and help me to be a better person!

  4. I never say no to a spooky party. Especially when it's being hosted by such lovely souls. So, of course, I shall be here. ;-)

  5. So great to see you my friend! I know we were e-mailng back and forth at the end of last year! Where did the time go?? "Removal", I understand!!! Everything is going great with me! It seems every month, there is more growth in my soul and it's a good thing, even though sometimes you feel like crying! Sending you Big Hugs and Much Love!

  6. Okay so I am so very happy you're blogging again!!! YAY!!! A Stephen King birthday party sounds like fun. I checked out his new book from the library but I didn't get around to reading it because I checked it out the week we were taking Shelley back to college and I had to return it or face big fines!

  7. I missed your beautiful art!! Welcome back.


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