“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Haunted Humpday...Omens?

Happy Haunted Humpday to you!

How's your week been so far?
Ours has been beautiful...
rain, thick gray clouds and thunder!!!

We had to bake a cake...this weather calls for it, don't you think?
This cutie was baked in a jack-o-lantern pan from the dollar store. 
It kind of looks like a pancake...:)

Here's our pumpkin...Helena usually draws the face on.
My niece carves it
because I'm allergic to the guts remember?
My fingers feel like they're on fire if I touch them.

Late last night, because it wasn't raining too hard, 
I took my little girl out for a drive into some of the more rural areas of town.
First we stopped and bought hot chocolate then we put on some spooky audio stories,
These were pretty good...they certainly gave us a good scare..the more you listen
the more the shadows crawl around outside.
 We made some clothespin witches tonight too.
You need old-fashioned style clothespins, magnets or fishing line.
scrapbook paper, glitter, regular yarn, eyelash yarn, paint and hot glue.

 paint features and clothes.
glue on yarn hair and eyelash skirts
cut out a hat from scrapbook paper.
cover in glitter.
add magnet or fishing line to display.

Helena's witch

my witch

Now that the wind is crisp and the bite of Autumn is in the air
we can warm ourselves by the fire while we listen closely to tonight's story.

Do you believe in omens? portents?
Wax, that, as it melts, winds around the candle
 is supposed to mean death, since the
wax resembles a winding sheet or shroud.
A crow or owl that pecks at a bedroom window means death for the occupant
since those birds are thought to have vision keen enough
to see the reaper days before he shows up.
As silly as that one sounds,
I remember something strange that happened once...
The last days or so of March many years ago
I overheard my mother talking to my dad,
She was asking him to please make sure to clean up the side yard
because there was an owl that was sitting there every night
in the tree outside the window..she could hear it hooting most of the night and
she said the owl's droppings were going to ruin the grass.
I asked her about it later
because I hadn't heard anything when I went outside in the evenings
but she insisted there was an owl.
She passed away less than two weeks later.

This story is about a very distant cousin of my father named Alex.
Alex was a good guy, hard working and kind hearted..
when his nephew called and asked if he could come help him
out with his growing business, he was more than happy to do it.
Alex's nephew, Robbie had started boarding horses
and it was proving to be a lucrative business for him.
Occasionally, Robbie would go out of town to
pick up or deliver the horses that
he boarded, When that happened, Alex would take over.
One day Robbie asked him if he could stay overnight,
 It was going to take longer than expected getting back
and since Alex was to be the first one back the next morning,
it made more sense that he stay over.
Alex told him he did not mind staying.
That night he closed up the stables and headed up to the main house, which was
on the same property.
As he unlocked the door
he heard a loud fluttering noise,
looking up, he saw a bird flying around the dining room...
He thought it was very odd and opened the window in the kitchen,
After the bird flew out, he locked up the house and headed up to bed for the night.
The family dog was acting very strange, whimpering and cowering,
Alex figured it was because the dog was not used to him sleeping there and
 dismissed any feelings of unease he had.
As he settled into the guest bedroom
he sensed someone watching him.
It was late and he was very tired, so, again, he dismissed it.
a few minutes after he had started to drift off to sleep
the dog began howling over and over.
He got out of bed and opened the bedroom door,
the dog ran in, seemingly terrified.
He tried soothing it but it kept pacing and whining.
As he was trying to decide whether or not to put the dog outside,
he heard the door to Robbie's bedroom slam shut.
He walked slowly into the hallway, convinced somone had broken in
while he was trying to fall asleep.
As he moved slowly towards the room, the door flew wide open...
no one was there...
just a cold, eerie silence
and a terrible feeling of dread.
He was sure something was in that bedroom
something menacing and evil.
He grabbed the dog, the keys to his truck and they spent the rest of the night outside..
watching the dark house for any sort of movement.

The next day he told Robbie what happened..
they tried to find answers for what had occured
but the only thing they could come up with is that Alex must have been exhausted
and imagined most of  it.
But he knew he had not imagined the bird flying around the house,
and that bothered him more than anything..
He grew up with a very superstitious grandmother..
& he recalls her saying that
 if a bird flies into your house, a death shortly follows.
Three days later, while he was getting the mail,
a man walked up to Robbie
and shot him in the head, killing him instantly.

Alright, Now I'm sufficiently creeped out for the night..
Let me know what you think.
 I have a surprise treat to give away this week,
 leave a comment and you might be the lucky winner!

Have a nice day!or night:)




  1. Good thing you have little helpers to carve pumpkins. I do believe in omens, and these stories were great examples. I'm going to attempt making a pumpkin shaped cake by using bunt pans. Aw finally the weather is simmering down, we had a short bought of sprinkles with an awesome purple lightshow the other night.

  2. I love a lot this hallowollage! :D
    Bravo from my frightened heart!

  3. Okay, both of those stories creep me out. They are so sad! I love the little witches you and your little one made. So cute!

  4. My family has a strong connection with owls... We had a large Barred Owl that landed behind our family group after my father's funeral. We were at my sister's after the service and it was just before dusk. She has lived in this house for 15 years and had never even heard an owl there, much less seen one. The owl stood there looking at us for 5 minutes or so, cocking its head this way and that, then flew up into the trees. She has seen and heard him several times since. We feel like he was a messenger, but in a good way... Loved your story and pix!

  5. Hello kindred, what a fabulous post...and fantastic stories. I absolutely love the picture of the purple sky and trees, very atmospheric, truly stunning! those tiny sweet witches are so cute!
    Shine on!
    Happy Autumn

  6. hallo, hallo,
    nice to meet you!
    Herzlich Pippa

  7. Wow, for us an owl nesting near the home is a sign of good fortune. It's incredible how lore changes from culture to culture, huh?

    Love your clothespin witches. And the cake, too. Yum!

  8. Poor Robbie. That's a sad ending.

    I love your witches!

  9. Marfi, I wanted to let you know that we've been reading your Haunted Humpday posts during Homeschool (Shelley loves them, too) but I haven't been leaving comments because we use the classroom computer, and I never blog on it. I'll stop by later and leave comments on the posts.

  10. PS We want to make witches! So cute!


thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it:)