“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Haunted Humpday #9

Hello again!
First off, I'd like to thank everyone that flew out to the bayou this weekend.
I had a huge amount of fun visiting with all of you.
Unfortunately, there were a few parties where I wasn't able to leave comments:(
I'm guessing it has something to do with google+..??
 But I'm not completely sure.
Just hope everyone knows that I did visit
and I enjoyed every spectacular post!

So this is our ninth

Can it be?
This is our second to last!
How quickly has this month gone for you?
It has just sped by for me...

Okay, fun stuff first.
I have a tiny collection of interesting mint tins I'd like to show you.
I have a bat shaped one that I can't seem to find..
This one I bought just for the coffin shaped tin

I love this one so much!
Can't say what the mints actually tasted like,
 they fell all over the floor as soon as I opened it. lol

These mints are good...I thought they would be shaped
like little planchettes.
They weren't.

As you know, I love Dia De Los Muertos.
I was so happy to find this..

The mints taste fruity..
and look how cute the little skellys are!

speaking of skeletons..
Tee from the Crafty Paper
sent me an awesome altered coffin!
 It's so beautiful and detailed..

This is the inside!

plus this ATC!

Thank you Tee, I love it all!

Look what I found at Cost Plus..
It was 2.99.
I think it's a napkin.

This was at Home Goods..She's a USB night light, 
her glitter moves around!
this was only 5.99!!!

Oh! look at this book I found at the thrift store!!!
it's so amazing

There's different sections describing 
what each plant can do..
dangerous plants,
 intoxicating plants
 and deadly ones.
There's also beautiful etchings in it.
It's so incredibly informative.
If you find this book anywhere
grab it!

 We made some Halloween Brownies tonight

Instead of leaving them square, we used cookie cutters
on them when they cooled off.
We had coffins and pumpkins and a ghost or two..
but they didn't last..
all we had left was the
potion bottle
skull & crossbones
 and a cauldron.

I originally intended to put sticks in them to make cake pops,
but like I said...they didn't make it.:)

Random number generator has spoken and
The winner of last week's prize is
Linda from

 I have two stories tonight.
The first one
is about a friend of one of my siblings.

This girl was about seventeen at the time this occurred.
 She was about to leave on a date one night
when her mother stopped her at the door
and told her to make sure to 
 come straight home after the movie...
She'd only just been ungrounded for
missing curfew.
Of course she promised 
then ran out to meet her date.  
They went to watch the movie,
 but left when the second feature started.
 They decided to go driving way out to the edge of town
near the old abandoned pig farms.
It was a place where people went 'parking' sometimes.
But was pretty desolate.
The road there was dirt,  full of potholes and rocks.
Anyhow...they were out there for a while
I guess they lost track of the time..
It was already nearing 3 am when they decided
it was probably time to go home and face the music.
Her boyfriend had been drinking and needed to find a bathroom..
so he just got out of the car and went over to one of the pig pens.
The night was very dark..the pens were just hulking shadows
against the inky sky.
She attempted to fix her lipstick, but gave up
when the interior lights would not turn on.
Still waiting for her boyfriend to return
she tried peering through the darkness
to try and catch a glimpse of him..
all of a sudden he was in the car
 trying to push her down on the seat
he was yelling the whole time for her keep her
head down & not look out the window,
while simultaneously trying to start the car 
He finally got the car going as fast as it would go..
She turned her head and looked out the window..
there was something running
 along side the car.
All she could see of it were it's legs
they were taller than the window and 
as fast as the car was going they till kept up without
any effort.
She tried looking up to see what it was, but it was too big.
It ran with them until they got to the end of the dirt road.
then it stopped.
She gladly accepted her new punishment
for staying out so late, in fact she
didn't attempt to go out for a few months after.

He never ever spoke to her about it..
wouldn't answer any of her questions either.
They stopped seeing each other eventually.
They never got in touch.
But one day many years later, 
she saw him at the grocery store.
after catching up on life tales,
she asked him about it...
She said he paled, then told her it was nice seeing her
and walked out.

I guess the moral of the story is...
listen to your mommy, lol

okay one more...
very short one this time.
This happened out at my aunt's farm.
It was Easter and everyone had gathered
to celebrate.
Well one of our distant cousins
was not behaving and her mother told her if she didn't do as she was
told, she wasn't going on the Easter egg hunt with the family.
(back then, the eggs were hidden in huge bale stacks of hay
about 12 feet high and 30 or 40 feet wide. 
It was also a bit of a hike to get there.)
Well she didn't behave and she had to stay
alone in the house, until the festivities were over.
She did not care...she was bored with all the little kid activity
and wanted to watch tv.She figured eleven was too old to 
look for eggs anyway.
after everyone left
she started watching television.
Hearing footsteps on the porch, she leaned over 
and looked out the window, thinking someone had been sent 
back to stay with her.
There was a man she didn't recognize standing there..
he was wearing a brown suit
and he was smiling.
His eyes were lit up like matches.
He stayed there on the porch just watching her for a few seconds,
then he put his hand to the screen on the window.
She said she was compelled to put her hand to the screen too.
He had long long fingernails.
He used one to poke her finger
sharply through the screen.
She pulled her hand back and saw a drop of blood forming.
the pain was intense.
like the sting of a wasp.
They both looked up when they heard approaching footsteps.
It was her sister, coming to get her so she could look for eggs.
The man was gone.
She kicked up such a fuss that the property was searched by her family
but no one ever saw the man
that stopped to visit.
to this day she still has a scar on her finger
from when he hurt her.

alrighty, that's all for tonight my friends.
My camera has died of battery failure so the picture of the prize
cannot be loaded right now...I'll update tomorrow:)
have a great Haunted Humpday!!



  1. OMG, that book is so COOL!! What a great find! Love all your tins, especially the little Absinthe tin. I also couldn't comment on the Google+ blog posts but I did visit every post. Thanks so much for hosting! Here is my post for this week..the month has gone by so fast! http://www.tabithalenox.blogspot.com/2013/10/happy-haunted-humpdaya-little-early.html

  2. I know - how time flies! One week left now.
    Great little tins, and wonderful stories :)

    here's my party link:

  3. Wow, Love all the eye candy especially those tins!
    And, that altered coffin that Tee made is amazing.
    Great,great spooky stories. LOVE THEM!

    take care,

  4. You tell the best stories Ms. Marfi. They give me the willys, that's for sure. Now where in the world did you find that fabulous Muertos tin???? Inquiring minds want to know. And how exciting is it that I won. Yipeeeeeee for me. I'm thrilled. I know I should be more subdued but nah, I'm so excited.
    And here is my today's post for Haunted Humpday....... http://lindaomasoldebaggsnstuftshirts.blogspot.com/2013/10/next-to-last-haunted-humpdayand-black.html

  5. I always love your stories....I think your camera died of FRIGHT! heeheehee! Enjoy your day my sweet friend!

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    Marfi, I love your stories too.

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you Marfi for a fantastic run this season! You've been an inspiration and it's been a blast! Big Halloween hugs to you!

  8. I can't believe its almost Halloween already! I love that witch night light. And using cookie cutters on brownies---great idea :)

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  9. You sure do know how to give me chills!
    Congratulations to Ms Linda!
    I just learned about those Ouija tins and everywhere I've looked they are sold out!
    Battery troubles is my name this month. Both the camera and my van! Not to mention wash machine trouble.
    I have been trying to get something posted but this week has been one malfunction after another. I am working on something for the big weekend parties and that may have to do for me. However I have updated my coming events post with NEW parties and giveaways. Please come visit.

  10. I thought for sure the story would end with something like "Listen to your mummy!"

    I love that ouija board tin! I haven't run across one yet. I thought about making an ouija board from chipboard letters, watercolors, and pastels, but I think I'll stick with trying to make a pendulum board. I haven't heard too many creepy tales about pendulum boards.

    Why is it that everyone except me finds cool books at the thrift shop?

    Last but not least, I placed your prize in the snail mail this morning. If I am to believe the postal clerk, it should be there within 7 days.

  11. Yay..another fun filled spooky post!You always do such a terrific job creating magic and setting the atmosphee for us all! Beautiful treasures..I absolutely adore the tiny ouija board..waaay too cute! Great stories..and wonderful creations..love the yummy brownie shapes!
    Happy HHday!

  12. Great stories again today...creepy! I love the tins too...have never seen anything like these before.

  13. Loved the tins and the spooky stories! Next to last Haunted Humpday??!
    What will we do without them?

  14. Fabulous collection you shared (mmm feel like a mint now) and those stories are great tales to tell... Creepy AND fun :)


thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it:)