“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's Time!

Welcome to the very first

Glad you could make it!!
I'd like to start off this post by showing you some amazing
Halloween creations.
This adorable hat tag is from Marcia.

the back

These amazing tags are from Cindy Adkins

look at this little guy Norma made!
He looks like a crow,

Joann created this beautiful necklace

Is there a creepy house in your neighborhood?
There's a few around here, not just one...
in fact ours is one of them.
Our property and our next door neighbors' used  to be the town graveyard!
When it got too...full, the city had it moved to a larger area.
I know it was a long time ago, but I'm afraid to 
go out into the backyard alone at night :)
Gather round...I have a very short spooky tale to tell.

There was a lady that lived down the street from us.
with about 100 cats.
Allegedly, she fell off a table and passed away...then her cats....well, they were
hungry and...they carried her away.
 on windy nights you can (supposedly) hear cats
 screeching if you stand by the window of her abandoned house 
 (sounds like a gruesome urban legend to me)
why she was on a table is pretty puzzling too.

I hear something tapping at the window as I write...

uh oh! It's one of the fairy guardians!
Guess it's time to go.
Remember, if you'd like to share
just leave a comment on this post 
with a link back to your blog.

Hope you enjoyed this kick-start to the Halloween season:)
I'm off to have cocoa and popcorn.

see you soon!


  1. I loved your post, chalk full of Halloween spirit! Lovely tags and pictures.

    Is that story about your house sitting on an old graveyard true?? What if they didn't get up all the corpses?!

    I am super busy today, so I'm settling for just promoting Haunted Humpdays in this first round. But by next Wednesday I will have a proper post!


  2. Happy Haunted Humpday! Here is my post for today....muuwaaahhhaaaa


  3. Beautiful and spooky post..love all of the creations..stunning..very talented souls!Yay such fun! Love the skeleton..looks very enchanting..fab image! Thanks for hosting and shining your magic! I'll be sure to play soon kindred!

  4. PS; was wondering is the option to add your link open all week long or just today?
    hugs, thanks!

  5. Victoria, I'm going to leave each one open until Saturday night.
    That way if you had a super busy week, there's still time to share your spookiness before the next post.

  6. Oh Marfi, I LOVE your Haunted Humpday. What a clever idea, you creative little vixen. I am going to join you in the fun as much as possible, when my time allows. There is nothing like spooky autumn months! Hugs to you. Mina

  7. Wonderful start to this hauntingly wonderful season! Will get your badge up on my blog right now!

  8. enjoyed my visit!!!!
    love the tags!!!

  9. The Halloween tags are a great way to add some holiday fun early! Love your fun post and even a scary ghost story! I need to get busy! Sweet scary hugs!

  10. Oh I love all your spooky goodies but my favorite would have to be the digi art and the deliciously creepy tale. Mine is up finally!


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  12. Love this!!! You can find my first installment here....


  13. Oh, I have to join the fun...as soon as I think of something Halloween cool to create and post!

  14. Eeeeee... c...rrr...eeeea..py. :)
    Oh my goodness, Marfi, an old cemetery...Poltergeist come to life. Yikes! I would definitely not go out in the backyard at night...or day for that matter. teehee

    I love how you're sharing my hat tag and I posted your magical mushroom yesterday. Come see.

    This was fun. OCTOBER!!! YAY!

  15. Not that I had time this week, but I am sorry I missed this. If you like, my last post is sort of Oz ish. I also remember the Spooky Monday meme and want to join in with you on Haunted Hump Days!
    Love the artwork and the eerie story, although I live next to the town cemetery and the crazy cat lady story is htting close to home.

  16. I updated my post and the link is here

  17. I've always wanted to live near a graveyard....but on top of one is even better!
    What a fun idea! I'm always up for starting the season early :)

  18. Beautiful creations! Love your haunting story! Let The Halloween Happenings Begin!

  19. Thanks for including the pendant I created! Love Joane at Ivory Pumpkin.


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