“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween Tin swap

Wendy from Bliss Angels hosted an altered tin swap and she paired me with Karen from Karen's Monday Musings who lives about 15 minutes from me!! We met for lunch and talked and talked and talked!
She gave me my tin in a cute little drawstring pouch she made herself, she even included some delicious candy she bought from her recent trip to Germany, but, I didn't get a chance to photograph it:)

Inside was this gorgeous ATC she created..

This is the tin...

the inside...

and this is the one I made for her...
I decided to make it a shrine so I removed the lid completely.

Thanks to Wendy for hosting such great swaps!
I also wanted to add that I have a winner for the Practical Magic painting used the random number generator and it chose #24 Victoria, from Brushstrokes


  1. How fun that you lived close enough to meet up. And how gorgeous are your tins. Wow...you are both super talented.

  2. How fun to meet a Fellow Blogger so close to you!! I wish we lived closer! I still imagine squeezing ourselves into your little gypsy wagon....and having an adventure :)

    Love the tins....such cute little skulls. Did you make them?

    ...and congrats to the lucky winner! Lucky, indeed!

  3. Wow! I can't believe I won! I usually never win anything. Yay! I love the painting of the charming little witch and I know exactly where I will display her. E-mailing you right now...

    Blessings and thank you,


  4. Marfi!!!!
    Hello, it's so wonderful to see these wonderful, magical tins from your swap!
    That is the coolest thing ever to be able to meet up with your bloggy/art friend for lunch. Sounds like you had a most splendid time.

    Both of the tins are simply wonderful!

    Have a super great day!

  5. HI Marfi

    When I saw your article in Cloth paper scissors "Studios" I knew I had to check out your blog...LOVE your work space, so colorful and inspirational. We have some things in common, I'm sure. take care, and Happy Samhain!

  6. Marfi,

    Both of the tins are beautiful. I love the large flowers on the side. What a fun project that was.


  7. I'm so blessed to have a wonderful new friend who's also so talented and also in my hometown!! Can't wait to get together again next month! Happy Halloween, dear Marfi!

  8. Congratulations to your lucky winner, Marfi! Both of your altered Halloween tins are amazing - and I am so thrilled that you got to MEET your swap partner!!!! And I'm even more delighted that you hit it off. :) That makes it all the more special. Have a beautiful weekend!!! xoxo

  9. What beautiful tins!! I'm so glad you have found a kindred spirit so close to you!! Happy Halloween!!

  10. Oh Marfi, both tins are just delightful! How funny that you and your partner are nearly neighbors. I have seen so much beauty in this swap.

    Sending a huge congratulations to your lucky winner.

  11. Marfi I so please you and karen had a chance to met up .. and both your and karen tins are Boo-t ful thank you for taking part

    can i take your photo of yours? I want to do a show case of all the tin soon I will link back to you

    haug wendy

  12. Those are some awesome tins, loved them both. That's great that you both got together to do the swap in person.


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