“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Haunted Humpday #8

Hello ghoulies and ghosties!
Welcome back to our eighth 

before I forget, I'd like to announce
the winner of last week's giveaway
Lucky #13
You've won a ghost ball ornament!

speaking of giveaways...
I won a skeleton wand last week from the 
amazing Kim at Tabitha Lenox

It's fantastic!
her artwork is just incredible
as is her imagination and generosity.
Look at this!!!!

As if that wasn't enough, she sent ALL this too.
Stickers and napkins and ribbon, oh my!
Thank you Kim:)

Last week I had a couple of book recommendations..
This week I have another
but it's a different kind of book.

It's full of delicious, creepy cupcakes.
marzipan beetles
undead gingerbread
and mutant ears!
There's even a recipe for
shattered glass!
We just made these.

Don't feel like getting the book?
you can also find the recipe online.
I used regular white cake mix
 and white frosting.
Then I heated raspberry preserves
for 'blood'

Let's make a little Halloween art!
you'll need a 6x4 inch canvas,
empty box or piece of cardboard.
some spooky scrap book paper
Halloween tree stickers
A small frozen Charlotte from Lisa Kettell's artfire shop
white tissue paper
white glue
glitter (of course)

cover the canvas in the scrapbook paper
using white glue.
add the stickers
rub white glue on the frozen Charlotte
cover her with tissue paper
glue her to the canvas
drip several drops of glue over her
smooth it out
sprinkle glitter on her.

I had just finished this
but it fell off of my desk
and Magnus promptly stepped on it.
I used a little box, so it dented in the corner.
Here he is trying to look cute and apologetic.

gather round again...

This story isn't about our house or a neighbor.
It's about a friend of my aunt.
This woman was happily married
until one day her husband passed away.
She lost her job very soon after
 and had to start over at a new place.
things seemed to be getting worse everyday.
she was miserable and lonely.
Books became her only companions
since she began to loathe the company
of strangers.
after finding a certain book at a yard sale
she became very interested in the occult.
believing she had finally found the right lifestyle
for herself
she began practicing
depraved and abusive rituals.

this went on for about a year.
a new place to live 
new 'friends'
and a better job convinced her that she was
on the right path.
Her sister would call her from Coloroado
and beg her to stop with all the evil deeds.
But a conscience wasn't
something she had anymore. 

one night after returning to her
home, she heard a strange noise
someone breathing heavily at the window...
not seeing anything outside
she continued getting ready for bed.
suddenly she heard a loud slam against the ceiling.
she thought maybe someone was in the attic....
as she turned to go have a look
something caught her attention.
At the high windows in her living room
she saw a face!
those windows were at least ten feet off the ground,
intended to bring in light with out the need for curtains.
It was a face..the face of a goat.
She recognized the odd pupils immediately.
She ran to the bedroom to hide
but when she got in there it was trying to peer
in at her through the curtains.
It was on it hind legs..and it appeared to be
around nine feet tall. 
It circled the house, slamming against it
and unbelievably...calling her name.
She  began praying
and she didn't stop
until she saw the sunrise and the creature disappeared.
Getting rid of all her books and tools
was not a problem
for her after that.

The giveaway for this week is this shot glass.
Let me know if you are playing along in Magaly's 
So Good So Dark blog party 
and you will double your chances
at winning.

Don't forget that this weekend is the full moon
and we're taking a trip to the bayou!!

Lot's of spooky fun
food and prizes!!!

Have a haunting humpday!


  1. Hi Marfi! Here I am again:


  2. Hi Marfi, I'm so glad you like the wand and other stuff! I had so much fun putting it all together for you! First...awwww...poor Magnus, he looks so guilty, what a cute guy! Second, that cupcake book looks so cool, gotta get that one! Great story as always...I so look forward to Wednesdays just to read your tales. Here's my post for the week, featuring my guest blogger, Jeff...lol http://tabithalenox.blogspot.com/2013/10/happy-haunted-humpdayhi-my-name-is-jeff.html

  3. Oh Marfi, you out-do yourself every week!

    But first of all; Thank you for the crystal! I had no idea I had won something :)

    What a wonderful ghost ball ornament! I must have missed one of your entries, cause I don't remember seeing it..?

    The giveaway from Tabitha also looks amazing. And that shot glass is beautiful and I would love to win it :)

    My Humpday post: http://msmisantropia.blogspot.se/2013/10/haunted-tv-shows.html

  4. Poor Magnus, I can see the pain in his lovely face. Well, you tell that baby that he didn't do anything bad; he just became an artist because he gave more character to a beautiful piece and attached a story to it!

    About the story of the lady... *sigh* people should be more careful about things like that. Those who mess with things they don't fully understand get hurt, and sometimes the hurt comes in the shape of a gargoyle that bites their heads off. Just sayin'.

    Here is my entry for today: http://pagan-culture.blogspot.com/2013/10/calaca-crow-in-love.html

  5. P.S. I added the link to your post to All Hallow's Grim ;-)

  6. Gosh, I sure am glad that the lady saw that she couldn't handle the juju afterall. Don't meddle if you can't control.....good words to live by. Poor Magnus....he was only adding his magic touch to a wonder peace. I love the look of it.
    Here is my today's entry for HHD.http://lindaomasoldebaggsnstuftshirts.blogspot.com/2013/10/happy-haunted-humpday.html
    And just cuz I'd love to win the shot glass......of course I added my story to Ms. Magaly's All Hallow's Grim on Monday of this week. It is titled, My addiction to glass.
    Thanks Ms. Marfi. See you on the Bayou, Cher

  7. Every week scarier and scarier!

  8. Magnus is so handsome! I'll have to get that zombie cookbook for my youngest daughter her name is Lily and she loves to be in the kitchen. That shot glass is perfect for a Dia de los Muertos alter. Ah yes not everyone knows how to handle being magical...being malicious has consequences. I'm a Capricorn so the giant goat had me laughing. As always awesome post! http://gypsyspiritrising.blogspot.com/2013/10/haunted-humpday-getting-spooky-little.html

  9. Hello Kindred, Many thanks again for the fab crystal! What a scary story, always spookier each week..love all of the images and marvelous festive graphics you use too..fantastical! Love that sweet pup..such soulful eyes!The ghost ball is super cool too! HUgs and wishing you a magical week!

    here's mine:


  10. Speaking of glue -- Come by and drop a comment under the "Halloween Humpday: It's Ham-fisted Allright" giveaway.

    Actually, I've heard of other tales like this -- but in the rumors, someone gets on the wrong side of someone, or it's the intent that draws the unwanted being. And sometimes, it's the ol' noodle itself that's showing the stress fractures.

    Find me at The Gratitude Journal of Ms. Lilypads

  11. Awwww Magnus is gorgeous! Would be hard to stay mad at that adorable face. Your post is fantastic as usual and the tales get more terrifying each week. I just love how you really do squeeze every last drop of Halloween out of the season! Happy Haunted Humpday!


  12. Love your Halloween canvas and I hope poor Magnus is out of the dog house.

    If you are looking for book recommendations I can whole heartily recommend Halloween - The Quintessential British Guide to Treats and Frights by Mark Doody and Kristoffer Hughes. It's a mixture of history of the festival and also party tips with lots of fun recipes in.

    I've done a combined post tonight with both you and Magaly over at Pagan Culture for her All Hallows Grim. There is a give away attached as well. It's here.


  13. I am so glad I found your Haunted Humpday posts... I am hooked! Thanks for the link to the cupcake recipe (yum). Loved your art piece and your story was another good one. Please throw my name in your pointy hat for the drawing and I'm hopping over to Magaly's, as well.

  14. COngratulations to Christi and to you. What a box of goodies you won! And dear me, yes. Scary story.

  15. I am so please I was given the link to your blog. Love the spooky story and the 'makes' Some fantastic ideas here...just going to visit Magaly.

  16. Great post and what an awesome companion. Such a beautiful face.


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