“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Haunted dolls - Jade

Are you ready?
The Haunted Halloween Doll Challenge is upon us!

I tell you...the time is just 
slipping by!

This was a lot of fun...

Maybe Frankenstein's monsters
were put together
in a laboratory,
but this little one
was created with love...love and creepiness.

In my version
The bride of Frankenstein falls
madly in love with Frankenstein's monster.

  (Google image)

they head off into the mountains
to a cozy little cottage
away from any nasty pitchfork wielding villagers.

after living in seclusion
for more than a year
they venture into town to show off
the newest addition (Jade) to their
incredible family. 
everyone is so awestruck by this beauty
they forget they ever chased poor old
Frankie around with sticks.
The family is lovingly welcomed.

And they lived happily ever after.

Thank you Kim for hosting this challenge!!

I had this baby doll rolling around outside for about four years.
Bought her at a yard sale..had big plans for it, lol
I never really had a chance to do anything with her,
other than throw her in the washing machine every few months.
The rain and the dogs got to it, 
the body literally fell apart.

I used an old coffee jar for her body...
giant pipe cleaners for her arms and legs...
acrylic paint, hot glue
& magic for the rest of her:)
She's about 14 inches tall.

I had SO much fun
do not be surprised if more of these
girls start showing up on my blog.

Head over to see the rest of the Haunted Halloween Dolls.
It's sure to be a scream.



  1. She is creepy fantabulous! What an amount of work you've done, amazing.

  2. OMG, your Bride of FRankenstein doll is ADORABLE!!! What a girl with lots of attitude...I can see why Frankie fell so in love with her!

  3. I think she's cute -- as well as the story that went with her.

  4. Jade is so lovely! I love the spider brooch and rose.

  5. MARFI!!! She is MAGNIFICENT!!!
    Oh, I do love her.
    What a fun challenge :)


  6. love your bride of Frankenstein doll.....she is wonderful. Frankie was smart to fall for this babe......Oma Linda

  7. Jade is so magical and adorable. I can see why the townsfolk welcomed them all back to the village.

  8. You've made a brilliant job of re haunting your doll and love the story you put with her, made her more cute than creepy.

    J x

  9. Baby Frankenstein is adorable! I'm so glad she finally found her purpose after so many years. :)

  10. this is so cool...what an amazing transformation!

  11. You master creatrix (spellchecker wanted to change the word to creature lol). Although, you're probably a master at that, too. I love this little lady and her hair. Perfect.

  12. She turned out amazing...love her :)

  13. This is outstanding, Marfi! I am all smiles with both your preciously creepy doll and YOUR version of Frankenstein and his bride. I see we both do believe in love. ;-) I enjoyed this so much. Hugs sweetie! Mina

  14. Totally utterly screamingly adorable :)

  15. I'm still blown away with the hair mafti you did such a wonderful creepy doll .... do I see a Frankie doll soon too .........boo hugs wendy

  16. Oh my gosh, I love your doll - magic for sure!! So creative!


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