“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Fruit Fairy

"Be very mindful of your actions & deeds.
Negativity grows just as fast if not faster than positivity.
Plant seeds of kindness, love and peace
And your harvest will be abundant living.” 
-Sanjo Jendayi

created for this week's

Monday, November 13, 2017

Merry Monday ll

Welcome back!
How was your week?
We have been very busy here.
My older daughter is preparing for her senior recital soon.
There's been much running around and rehearsing for her.
She's also getting ready for her graduation next month!
I'm late posting this because my email is acting up..it's not loading any of the
photos I have added today.
Have you had peanut butter kiss blossoms lately?
We made some yesterday.
You need some peanut butter cookie dough or mix.
We used this:
 bake according to the directions.
After the cookies are out of the oven and cooled off a bit, 
place a Hershey kiss right in the middle.

I love when Christmas comes around and we stop at the dollar store.
Where most people see Christmas decorations, I see future art projects!

tinsel or fairy skirts?

Flower picks or magic wands?

And who says only indoor trees in December need stars hanging from them?
All  the trees in my yard have stars on them! Year round.

I'm excited to create some fun with the goodies I found the other day.

I made a couple of crafts using some old containers.

Hansel and Gretel was my favorite fairy tale when I was a child, 
well, one of them anyway..
I had the Little Golden book and I would read it over and over..
I was fascinated by the witch's house, her windows were made of spun sugar!
Oh, I loved that book!!
This is the icing cup project..
You know when you buy cinnamon rolls to bake at home,
 they come with the icing in a little cup at the end of the tube..
That little cup is what I used to create this ornament.

Hansel & Gretel (Nibble Nibble mousie)

I used some mini Kewpie dolls from Lisa Kettell Designs Etsy
A small chipboard cupcake 
scrapbook paper
pink glitter foam
small plastic candy
white fabric paint
white glue
hot glue
icing cup

cut out the paper to fit in the icing cup, then glue it in place with white glue.
sprinkle glitter on any excess glue that showed.
paint the cupcake, add  a door & windows.
use white fabric paint to create icing on the "roof" of the cupcake.
cover it in glitter, of course.
when it dries hot glue it to the scrapbook paper in the cup.
cut a strip of pink craft foam to fit from the top of the cup to the cupcake.
(like a little path)
hot glue tinsel all around the top.
paint your little dolls using markers and glitter, add clothing made of fabric scraps if you want.  
And there you have it, Hansel and Gretel running for their lives.. 
instead of eating the witch's house and destroying her life..hahaha

 This next one is Alice in her wonderland circus tent!

I used an empty salt container to make this

You need a violet doll from Lisa's shop
acrylic paints in:
silver star confetti 
glitter glue
yellow wool felting
glitter star
white glue
Ric Rac trim
small mushroom
mini chandelier 
sheer ribbon
rhinestone pendant
hot glue
X-acto  knife
pretty scrapbook papers
pink glitter foam sheet

Carefully cut an opening on the container.
make sure you leave a small ledge on the bottom so it doesn't fall apart.

secure paper to the inside using white glue 
hot glue moss to the bottom,
add mushroom and star confetti
make tent folds by folding paper accordion style
add ribbon
hot glue around the container
add glitter glue to edges
 cut out 8 triangles from gold glitter paper
glue above doorway
 make a large cone out of pink craft foam
glue onto the top. 
glue tinsel around door way
hot glue chandelier to the inside
paint doll, let dry
add yellow felting
hot glue doll to inside the tent
add silver confetti stars to rooftop
glue rhinestone pendant to door way
glue glitter star to top

I can't show you the abandoned art we created this week because of my email
but we left it at a place called Tempe Town lake..
It was a little gingerbread boy ornament made of clay.
we wrote 
"You Are Loved"
and left it on a bench.
Elizabeth, from 
suggested that we leave socks near areas where there are many homeless people,
because that's one item that's always in high demand.
We think that's a wonderful idea and will show you in the coming weeks
what we do. Thank you Elisabeth:)


So, last week I talked about Lisa Kettell as a person that inspires me,
This week, I'd like to tell you about her mom,
Joan Kettell

She is absolutely the sweetest lady ever, if you meet her, you just love her!
I felt like I belonged when I was visiting New Jersey.
She has a knack for making you feel comfortable.
 She's generous, beautiful, genuine and so, so talented.
The jewelry she creates is just gorgeous.
That's not all she makes either,
Here's a sample of  her amazing art.

If you want to see more of her incredible creations you can find them on her 
instagram here.
thank you for inspiring me Joan!
I'm ending this Merry Monday
 with three things I'm grateful for today....

1. Helena
2. the moon
3.improved health

Thank you for stopping by,
See you soon!!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


"Friendship is the purest form of love. 
It is the highest form of love where nothing is asked for, no condition,
where one simply enjoys giving"

Monday, November 6, 2017

Merry Monday!

Hello, How was your weekend?
We had a very nice one with temperatures no higher than 80 degrees.
For us, that's nice, Summer lows are usually 90 degrees at 4 am!

Are you ready for the very first 

I'd like to say again, that this is a lot like Haunted Humpday..
without the creepy stories, haha!
I want to write about things that bring me joy,
how there is magic in almost everything..
and gratitude is the secret to happiness.
I have a recipe to share,
some craft ideas,
 and a couple of books I think you should take a look at if you can.
A few years ago I had a weekly post called Guerrilla Friday.
I created small pieces of art,
 (little dolls, cards, tiny birdhouses..)  
I'd write inspirational messages on them, and "abandon" them somewhere.
I've left trinkets at parks, bike trails, parking lots, bus benches...
my theory is, what if someone is really down, or wondering if they need a sign of some sort...
and they just happen to find a little card that says
'Believe in yourself"....well it might just help them out in some small way.
If nothing else, it might provoke a smile.
I always write:
'this is for you' 
on the back..just in case someone feels like
 they are taking something set there for someone else.
So we started the weekend with a walk at a nearby park.
We took a small paper mache heart we painted, with us.
We added a couple of phrases to it.
(stand tall/you got this)
I hung this on a large rose bush, then we ran off!

You'd be surprised how good this makes you feel!

Have you ever had brownies with Andes mints in them?
It's super simple to make
You need some brownie mix, I use this one:

And these mints,

prepare according to the directions on the box,
 mix in a teaspoon of peppermint oil.
then add half the batter to an 8x8 pan, 
press in as many mints as you want across and down.I usually use 20.
Cover them with the remaining batter and bake.

(via pinterest)
They taste like mint cocoa & are perfect for the holidays!

By now, you all probably know that I greatly admire
Her awesome book
inspires me every time I open it.

I bought this book one day (about 8 years ago) at Barnes & Noble..
The colorful story book projects and the easy to follow instructions 
captured my imagination.
After pouring through the book several times, I was curious to see
who this author was.
I found her beautiful blog and just could not get over how 
cute her creations were.
I was very happy to find out she had an etsy shop
selling many fanciful items.
After purchasing a few, I found out that
Not only is she incredibly creative, she's kind.
Over the years we have become friends,
and a couple years ago, soon after my dad passed away,
 I was able to go visit her and her wonderful mom, in New Jersey.
It was an amazing trip that helped me clear my head
and shake off the grief that was surrounding me.
We went sightseeing,
visited the jersey shore,
We crafted.
I also learned that family doesn't have to be people you are connected to genetically.
I'll always be grateful.


Ready to create some fun?
These ornaments are super easy to make!
This is Marion Macaron:

To create Marion, you need
 a Charlotte doll head from Lisa's shop
A soft squishy (foam) macaron backpack charm from Michael's craft store 
4 pink pipe cleaners
pink fabric paint
white glitter
pink glitter
white glue
hot glue
pink beads
tooth picks
scrapbook paper
Remove the clips from the macaron charm
insert pipe cleaners through the macaron, to form arms and legs.
 since it's foam, the pipe cleaner wire should be easy to push in. 
cut to size
hot glue the Charlotte doll head to the charm
cut out a chef hat from the scrapbook paper 
hot glue to Charlotte's head
Add hot glue to tips of the 'hands' secure a pink bead to it.
Do the same to the other hand.
put a small amount of hot glue on a toothpick that has been cut in half,
add to pink beads to create a 'candied apple' look 
dip feet in white glue
sprinkle pink glitter on them.
cover hat in white glue and add white glitter.
use fabric paint to cover the gap between the head and the macaron.
when she's dry, hot glue a short loop of ribbon to the back of her head to display her.

This is Beulah Bon Bon

You will need 
Bon Bon back pack charm from Michael's craft store
 A China doll head from Lisa's shop
(you can get her pre painted or ready to paint)
light brown pipe cleaners
silver tinsel
red glitter foam
hot glue
clear glitter
green glitter
small cookie eraser or a sticker that looks like a sweet

Same as before, remove the clips from the charm
push pipe cleaners through the foam
cut to size
hot glue the china doll head to the bon bon 
cut out a hat from the red foam
hot glue in place
hot glue silver tinsel to tip of hat and both feet
add glue then sprinkle green glitter to hat
add sticker 
hot glue little cookie to her hand.
you can also make teeny little sweets out of oven bake clay
cover cheeks in white glue
sprinkle white glitter on her face
hot glue loop of ribbon to back of her head
Has anyone read this yet?
If so, did you enjoy it?
If you read the Practical Magic book,
 I've heard this is a must read.

The amazing Ricki Jill at The Sketchy Reader is going to 
write a review soon and I cannot wait,
Her book reviews are thorough and honest.
you should give her blog a visit if you can,
it's filled with photos of her gorgeous home too.

Okay, that's all for today..
Thank you for stopping by..
If you would like to participate by writing your own
Merry Monday post
you can leave a link in the comments.
this is just a weekly post on people/things that bring me joy and make me feel grateful.
you can post anything you like, a photo of something that makes you happy
a recipe you would like to share..
some artwork, 
something neat you bought..
or a story about someone or something that inspires you.
Also, if you decide to abandon some art, let me know!

I'm going to end this with three things I'm grateful for:
                                  2. The current book I'm reading
            3.Cooler weather

See you later!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Skeletons and Gratitude..

How was your Halloween?
We had a pretty quiet one, only six trick or treaters showed up!
It's okay...
We watched The Amityville Horror, ate candy and snuggled up under a blanket on the sofa.

Look at this!
I won this adorable wreath from Lady Caer Morganna at The Wiccan Life 
She also sent a pumpkin dish towel and a super cute Halloween card!!
Thank you so much!!

I also participated in an artcard swap with an instagram friend.
She sent me this..

 I sent her these..

It was fun..I hadn't done a swap in a long time and I'm hoping to do more in the future.
Anyone? anyone? lol!

For Dia de los muertos
I set up our altar like I usually do..

Helena and I made some salt dough ornaments to add to it later too.

I had a dream about my dad, which was great..
I seem to dream of him on days that are significant.
I miss him so much.
In the dream , he looked young..about 60. 
We made plans to go shopping then have lunch.
It was nice to see him again.

So, it's November!
I'm pretty excited about it, I love the Holidays..
But there's something about November..
Obviously, I look forward to Thanksgiving.
I love roasting the turkey and preparing all the food.
But this month reminds me of fairy tales and magic.
There are 
bright yellow leaves on some of the trees that rustle around,
Deep velvety skies filled with shimmering stars
The cool, crisp air sparkles with an energy that other months don't seem to have.
Maybe because here, in Arizona, it finally starts to cool down, 
and you can actually tell that there is a season other than Summer.
Anyway, all this fills my heart with hope and my thoughts turn to gratitude
Gratitude for so many things! 

I want to start a new weekly blog post..
I'm going to post recipes, crafts..a lot like HH , but more of a holiday vibe to it..
It's going to be about gratitude, magic, blessing, inspirations and joy.
You can join in, or just come by to visit.
If you do a post, it can be:
 a story about a person that inspires you,
a picture of something that makes you feel grateful,
an incredible recipe,
your art or living space,
anything that makes you feel the magic of the season. 
We are including our abandoned art in these posts too.
Helena and I make something...usually something small  that has an inspirational theme to it,
then we leave it somewhere.
(I used to do this before, you can read about it Here)

I'm going to start this week and
it's going to be called  Merry Monday! 

I hope you will join me!
I'll post something every Monday.
Have a beautiful weekend,
See you soon.

(feel  free to display this button on your blog if you want) 
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