“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Haunted Humpday

It's time for another 

I'd like to announce some fun Halloween
activities that you might be interested
in joining.

First, there's Vintage Dragonfly's
 Halloween matchbox swap

Halloween blog hop giveaway

100 Days of Halloween!

That's the spirit ladies! 
Let's squeeze out every drop of the season
that we can.

I have a few things to share with you this week:)
I made this little book box..

And this witchy canvas

Walgreens is setting up their spookiness
I found this glittery lantern:)
Halloween + glitter = BLISS!


Okay...let's light a nice fire...

and get cozy..
Remember how I told you
 this property used to be a cemetery?

Well, I have another story for you all.

Before they had children, my mom and dad
used to go out of town on weekends,
mainly to visit relatives in Sierra Vista
(about an hour and some minutes away)
One of the times.. on a very cold winter's weekend
they asked my mom's brother to come stay
here, so the house wouldn't be vacant.
They'd noticed that a few things had been
moved around the last time they'd gone out.
I guess they figured someone was coming around
when they were gone.
My uncle came over, as planned,
the Friday my parents left.
It was around 4:30.. the beginning of dusk in the winter...
he said he walked in
looked in the fridge.
of course.
Then he heard it.
A thumping sound coming from outside.
He walked to the back door
and looked over to where my dad's tool shed is
and saw something very strange.
There was a something pushing on the 
door of the shed.
(which was always locked with a super thick chain and padlock)
he said it was about 
3 feet tall
covered in coarse looking 
dark fur.
It also had small sharp looking horns.
Now this man was 
a trouble maker
never afraid to start a fight
never afraid..
Well he slammed the back door,
grabbed his keys
and ran out of the house
didn't even lock the door.

My dad was pretty upset when they arrived
home on Sunday evening
to find the doors unlocked
the lights on
and the tool shed wide open.

to this day my uncle swears
there was a creature out there.
he never spent the night here again

Now, who's up for a giveaway??
 Leave a comment
and you'll be entered to win
this gigantic monster!!!

ok, ok, he's not gigantic
but I think he's adorable:)

that's all for tonight my dears...
hope to see you later!!!



  1. Great spooky post Marfi...LUV that Gigantic Monster...and the story! And your witchy canvas is so hauntingly beautiful, just adore that!

    Here is my post for this week...more haunted dolls! http://tabithalenox.blogspot.com/2013/09/haunted-humpday.html
    Happy Humpday everyone! xo

  2. This week I am sharing some Halloween nostalgia

    and I also have a post up about contests and special events in September

    I am headed out today to see what spooky things I can find at the thrift stores.

  3. Super fun post...beautiful creations, love your witchbox and witchy canvas very enchanting and gorgeous!Sweet little monster fella.
    Here's my post this week.

    Hello to everyone

  4. I love your monster and the book is something I must try.

    Here is my tiny little post for this week. Oma Linda

  5. My contribution is here:


    Thanks for your visits and warm words. They are much appreciated.

  6. Happy Haunted Humpday Marfi! Another inspiring post and thanks so much for the mention. Hope you'll be joining in the flickr group for some Halloween swapping!
    My first HH post of the season is up!

  7. OOps I'm late

    do i hear the monster mash playing ???? your monster is boo-t-ful

    here's my post

    hugs or should i say BOO Wendy

  8. Your family has some seriously crazy stories!
    I love your creations, especially that canvas. And I wish I too had access to some American stores around Halloween :)

    My addition to Humpday this week: http://msmisantropia.blogspot.se/

  9. It's getting dark outside and I hear thunder in the distance....your scary story is here at just the right moment! Love your big scary monster, too! What fun we're having! Take care of yourself and feel better soon! sweet hugs!

  10. Came via Minas blog and loved your tale of terror :) oh and that little monster, scarily loveable :)

  11. Love, love, love that story, Marfi!! Hilarious!!! I just love reading or hearing other's people haunted experiences...they're so much fun and like your uncle, I don't scare much either, however, thankfully, I've never had any kind of encounter with 3', furry, horned leetle creetures!!LOL I probably would run for the hills too!!

    Ok, sign me up for that little cutie monster. If I win, I know a little 4 year old who lives in Austin, TX, who would cuddle it with lots of love!!

    Love your little Haunted Wed. thing you've got going here. Don't know if I'm as talented to cut and paste all those digital cute stuff, but I'm sure having fun looking at everybody's pics. Oh, I found this over at the Lovely Linda, from Olde Baggs 'n Stuff...Linda and I, if given more time and we were geographically closer, would get into sooo much trouble...need to start saving for the bail when we do have that time!!


  12. Oh forgot to say your artwork... Magical :)

  13. Yay for Haunted Humpday #2! I love your spooky story as usual and the book turned out great. The witch is adorable! Happy Haunted Humpday!


  14. Hello,
    What a spirited post! lol! I love your witchy artwork, and that altered book...both fab! Your digi art too, eeerrrrriiieeee. But not as spooky as your story!
    I love your Haunted Humpday!

  15. Oh Marfi, what an absolutely creepy tale! Your poor uncle has probably had nightmares for years over that. I hope you haven't seen any such creatures.

    I ADORE your newest work. So very beautiful. Thank you so much for hosting these fun filled Humpday events. Have a beautiful rest of the week sweetie! Mina

  16. Just found your weekly gathering of Halloween addicts and I'd love to join if I may. Love your canvas and would like to do something like your book box. Had to laugh at your story about your uncle, to be honest I think I'd have done the same and done a runner, as fast as I could. :)

    Here is my first entry for Haunted Humpday.


  17. Nice!!! I love your story and your artwork!! I need to make something for Halloween!! You can find my submission here:


  18. I have just stumbled onto your blog - so cute and loved your story. I love Halloween and we have lots of fun here. I shall leave you my video - all characters are made by me and trust me, Halloween Night here is quite haunting -

  19. Dearest Marfi, your story really made me smile! How brave he was!!
    I love your book box, what a beauty.
    Big Hugs xx

  20. Hi, I just love the cemetery picture! I wouldn't want to stay in your house either! Yikes.

    Hugs, Lynnie

  21. Nice entry this time.. and even spookier story! :) Thanks for sharing that scary experience with us :)


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