“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Haunted Humpday 7

Hello and welcome
to Haunted Humpday #7

How was your week?
Mine got away from me!
I had planned on coming back 
and visiting with you again on saturday
but before I knew it, it was gone..

 I received an awesome gift
in the mail though!
I won a giveaway from
Ms. Lillypads
The prize consisted of
A gorgeous deck of goddess cards
lovely handmade magnets
and two beautiful stones.
Thank you!!

The winner of last week's
Haunted Humpday
this will be flying over to you soon!

 How much reading are you getting during this
 super busy season?
I have a couple suggestions...
 both of these have a haunting aura,
perfect for windy October nights.
The first book is called
Year of Wonders,
This is wonderfully written.
Although it's about the plague
there's a lot of beautiful imagery,
and even a couple of witches
thrown in for good measure.
 There's a wistful quality to this.

This next one is the story of
the start of the Salem witch trials.
 it's a beautiful, hopeful tale .
a bit spooky at times.
I loved both of these

I get so excited when I find Halloween themed foods..
 Look what I found!

and this,

These caramel apple cupcakes turned out

Lately I've been getting things ready
for our party!

Voodoo dolls will be an essential  part
of the festivities you know...
 But don't worry,
 it's all good magic we're brewing.

They are easy to make..
all you need are:
two twigs
 one slightly smaller than the other
Spanish moss or fibers
twine & fabric (felt works great)
hot glue gun and glue sticks

place a stick in the middle of a piece of fabric
place moss/fibers along the length of the stick
leave a little bit hanging over the edge
add a feather to top
roll the fabric around the moss, stick and feather
hot glue fabric down one side 
To make the arms
poke a hole through doll about 3/4 of the way down
push the smaller stick though.
wrap twine tightly around it.
add a few pins.

you can add other details to it if you want
like buttons
or even a face.

speaking of parties
Celia from
Adventures of the striped stocking
is having a
little witch shoe challenge!
you can make
paper shoes
wooden shoes
take a pair of
real shoes and witch them up...
I'm definitely going to play along. 

Are you ready to sit around the fire?

You know how creepy it is here
in this old house...
banshees next door and graveyards underfoot.
My mom used to talk about her grandfather
quite a bit..
he was a very respectable man...
worked as a deputy sheriff in his town.
The thing is
he'd see things..
things that terrified  him..
scary little jet black creatures
with horns and tails
about  a foot tall.
They would follow him around
hissing  and clawing.
His attempts to kick at them
were pointless.
His wife called them duendes or goblins,
whenever she came around they'd run off.
She claimed it was because he wasn't baptized.

My great grandparents passed away long before I was born
but the story has stayed with me.
according to legend, goblins lived in the walls..
I always thought they lived in our chimney
because when I was a child I could hear them...
(or I thought i could)
rustling sounds..
muffled giggles..
strange little shadows..
small stones falling down through the grate.
 All could be explained away
I guess....


Something I've heard is that they like to play tricks...
almost like poltergeists ,
sometimes I think they're still around.

My daughter had a ceramic potato shaped bowl
  (I don't know why)
in her room on a shelf with some beads in it.
One early morning she awoke to a clink clink clinking sound,
when she'd raise her head
it would stop
as soon as she'd lie down again it would start.
She said it sounded like
someone was tapping something with their fingernail.
It went on for a short while
then a loud crash scared her out of bed.
The potato bowl lay shattered on the floor.
 It had been set far back on the shelf
with no way of slipping off.
My first though was
another thing that happened is:
my older daughter and Helena
used to play this game.
Helena would howl
from her bed
Gabriella would howl back from her room...
weird? not for us, lol
one night Helena was howling
so Gabriella howled back
they did this for a while.
I got up to get a glass of water 
and asked her (Gabriella) why she was howling
at one a.m.
she said she was playing the game with
Helena...I told her Helena was asleep in MY bed
and had been for a few hours.

I have a giveaway prize
but I don't have a photo
I'll post it tomorrow.
It's a ghost in a jar, sort of:)

have a great day
Hope to see you later!!



  1. I have got to get cracking on Broomstick on the Bayou! It's just been crazy over here lately.
    Your cupcakes look lovely and that voodoo doll looks like a perfect doll for good wishes :) Spooky howl story though!

    This is me: http://msmisantropia.blogspot.se/2013/10/happy-haunted-birthday-humpday.html

  2. Hi Marfi! HHHD! Great post, thanks for the book recommendations, and your story about the tapping...omg, I have that happen all the time, it's unsettling but I've decided someone just wants 'attention'. And no fair showing pics of cupcakes so early in the morning!! lol Here's my post for this week....http://tabithalenox.blogspot.com/2013/10/happy-haunted-humpdaylets-get-spooky.html Thanks!

  3. Haha yummy cupcakes just want I need this morning now lets see if i have some .... I have a sweet halloween game for you to play this week here the link


    boo hugs wendy

  4. EEEE!!!! Howling in the night! I love the sweet little witch you made to give! What cute crooked smile. And the books look interesting, too. The month is flying by my friend! ENJOY! Sweet hugs!

  5. Now I will go around looking for goblins in walls! lol

    The Altered Witch Shoe party looks delicious, but I think I entered all I could *sigh* Will enjoy what you make for it ;-)

    Here is my entry for today: http://pagan-culture.blogspot.com/2013/10/doll-bits-for-haunted-humpday.html

  6. Hey the caramel apple cake is fabulous.....we had some on Sunday, yum. And you have the bestest spooky ooky stories....GK and I liked the one with your girls howling to each other because...GK and Ry do the same thing. But without extra help....so far. I am going to fit the Altered Witch Shoe event in because.....the kids are home from school for the next three days and we can play. Thanks for letting me know.
    And here is my entry for todays fun: http://lindaomasoldebaggsnstuftshirts.blogspot.com/2013/10/here-we-are-at-another-haunted-humpday.html
    Thanks again for hosting such a fun event......gotta fly, Oma Linda

  7. Hi Marfi!
    What a great story! Spooky too.
    I love stories that give you a chill up your spine.
    I cant wait to share this story with my granddaughter. I've been reading them to her and she loves them.
    Those cupcakes looked divine!

    Have a great day!


  8. Yay!!! I can't wait for the little witches arrival! Thanks for sharing the book recommendations I'm taking a trip to the library today. Caramel apple...my mouths watering.I always love your story telling. Happy Haunted Humpday

  9. Oh darn I forgot my link in the last post... http://gypsyspiritrising.blogspot.com/2013/10/haunted-humpday-pumpkin-carvings.html

  10. I think we have some of those gobline. Thankfully none of ours have howled...yet.
    Thank you for the voodoo doll tutorial. On my desk is a sweet gift that now I think may be a voodoo doll in disguise!

    This week Wednesday came far too fast but here is my posst:


  11. Darnit, if I wasn't so lazy, I'd try my hand at the cupcakes! Now I've got a hankering to try my hand at a voodoo doll. Never made one, but hopefully, I pull one together for the Bayou party -- minus the moss though). Too cold for moss around here.

  12. Another great post and creepy story Marfi. I love caramel those cupcakes sound yummy and the books look interesting.

    Afraid it's another short post from me this week, I don't know where the days are going at the moment. Put a bit of music for the season together, hope you enjoy. :)


  13. I adore your blog! I love coming here and reading your stories and looking at your pictures - I truly enjoy it - thank you :) I jave to get me some spanish moss and a few of those adorable voo doo dolls :) HHH!

  14. Hi Marfi! I am sorry I've had some problems but here is my contribution.Hope I'm not so late:

  15. Hi Kindred, another wonderfully spectacular post, great images and photos..lovely books and treasures..yummyliscious cupcakes! Fab spooky stories you share! Hope to play soon, I miss spooky time with you! I checked out last week's post you did too..fantastical!
    Wishing you a magical day!

  16. Hello again Marfi..yay..I just received your magical crystal in the mail..thanks so much for your kind spirit and super generosity, I will treasure it..very special..thank again for adding a massive sparkle to my day!
    Hugs..I shall enjoy my newest crystal companion..looks perfect to adorn my forest-wand with..so be it!

  17. Hi Marfi! Just wanted to say thanks for the crystal; yes, I got it this time! I love your stories - so chilly- gives me goosebumps! Thanks for the suggestions on the books to. I am always looking for more books for my daughter...I just can't get books quickly enough for her! Those goddess cards look great! I got some mini tarot cards a couple of years ago and they are so fun!
    Have a great weekend!!

  18. I look forward to your post and stories so much! Thanks for filling me up with Halloween. I'm going to have to make the voodoo doll. I got one in New Orleans long ago but somehow it disappeared. The books look wonderful and the cupcake too!

  19. You're such a great story-teller... Loved this one. Goblins? Now, that's creepy! I work in a haunted store. Stuff gets pushed off the shelves and coins drop out of mid-air... some things we have captured on our security video. Very entertaining!

  20. I don't think I would mind having Goblins in the walls if they looked like that cute little guy in the striped suit. That Caramel Apple cake mix and icing look delicious...I'll have to look for it the next time I go to the store.

  21. Your stories gave me the shivers, Marfi! Yikes!

    I know you're loving this time of year....me, too :)

  22. Goblins in walls? Oooooh, creeeepy! Marfi, I would run so fast, my hair would be flying behind me like jet forces were in the air.

    Congratulations on your Tarot Card win and to your lucky winner! Yay!

    Thank you so much for the book recommendations. I have not had much time for reading lately but have started listening to them through my library AP on my long work commute. I am always on the look out for good books. I still cherish "Skellig." ;-) Lots of warm hugs to you sweetie. Mina


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