“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Silly fun stuff..

I hope your weekend has been happy.
It's been amazing here lately...

warm days, nights in the high 50's
it's getting there!!

my daughter and my niece
 bought me some gifts the other night.
totally unexpected! very welcome
& perfect for bundling up under the covers with.
that little pumpkin is a flashlight too, 
just in case the lights were to go out!!!

We celebrated the first cool night
with cocoa, warm doughnuts
and ghost stories,
of course.

We gather in the living room...
light some yummy scented candles
set out the carved pumpkin 
get our 
warmest throw blankets
 and turn out the light...

 I started with a short story..
do you want to hear it?

Many years ago, at least 60, 
everything was pretty much rural
around here.
My mom was a little girl
living in an area where you could
 go outside and see every star
on a pure dark night.
On some nights
bright lights could be seen far off in the distance
where no one lived.
There was never any evidence of fire.

A group of four men decided to investigate this strangeness..
they saddled up their horses one stormy evening
and as soon as they spotted the lights
they headed out.
Now, the legend behind the lights
is, of course, buried gold...
They were prepared though
bringing shovels and cloth sacks
to carry home their treasure.

Sure enough, they found a glowing light emanating 
from a crevice in the ground.
It took many hours for their shovels
to hit something hollow.
Imagine their delight
when they pulled a very heavy trunk
out of the ground
 and it made the unmistakable
sound of coins
clinking against each other?!

after breaking the lock
they threw the lid open.
gold coins, more gold coins than they
ever imagined.

But also....a head
a devil head,
whose jaw jiggled and teeth chattered.
whose extra long tongue whipped around.
whose lips curled back in a wicked sneer.

three of the men dropped dead instantly.
the fourth man mounted his horse
and rode back home frantically .
He lived long enough to tell the tale
then he too, passed away
an expression of horror on his face.

when some of the townsfolk went out
to the area where the unfortunate men met their fate..
they found loose dirt that had been thrown back
over a hole in the ground.
but no one ever attempted
to dig it out again.
mwah ha ha ha!!!

needless to say..
I scared the heck out of my girls, lol
it really helps when the lights are off!

oh, I also wanted to show you this
mixed media painting in my little shop:)
It's called
Witching Time.

time to get dinner started
I got carried away here!
See you soon.


  1. What a lovely way to spend the weekend- much like we did too :)
    Autumn came to southern Sweden one or two weeks ago, unusually late. It crept down to 4 (39 F) last night over here, and it's 10 (50 F) today. It's been a beautiful sunny summer and early autumn, but now I want some rain. Though, when Halloween rolls around we usually already have frost, and that's just no good for the pumpkins!

  2. Oh, that Devil is a scary dude, love him! And the story is awesome! I heard that Stephen King book is really good...so nice of them to get it for you...and your Witching Time painting is so beautiful!!

  3. Whew! That one spooked me.. I have chills and goosebumps running down my arms.. :)
    Sounds like a perfect night night together.
    Have a blessid week.

  4. Love your story....must repeat it to the grands in an atmosphere like the one you describe. How fun. Maybe even around the firepit at the dark of the moon. I hope you have a simply wonderful week my friend, I'm gonna try. See ya on Weds for Haunted Humpday, Oma Linda

  5. Love your story and your art! So fun!!

  6. Wonderful treasures!! and fabulous story! I love your witchy art..so very beautiful..magical..and the perfect words...I also love the deep and rich color palette..very eye catching...gorgeous!


thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it:)