“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Haunted Humpday

It's already

There's a new event
I'd like to share
with you all!
A Haunted Halloween doll challenge
It sounds like a lot of fun!

Have you ever made cake in the microwave?
It's super easy.
 at all!

all you need is:
1 box angel food cake mix
1 box of any flavor regular cake mix
(I like chocolate)
Mix the two cake mixes
 together in a gallon zip-lock bag.

 To make Hot Cocoa microwave cakes
you need a large coffee mug or jar
3 tablespoons of the above cake mixture
& two tablespoons of of water
mix together
and microwave for
60 seconds.

Let this cool down for about
ten minutes
then top with
whipped cream
and marshmallows.

you can try all sorts of different flavors and toppings!

It's nice when you need a piece of cake
in an emergency, lol

It's been very nice here lately,
 raining and thundering!
perfectly spooky weather!
love when the lights flicker and I have to
set out candles, just in case...

I've been working on creepy
crafts lately,
& I'll have a few to share with you very soon, 
for now I'd like to show you some Halloween finds.

A mysterious witch mask

 an itty bitty spell book!

and a strange boot wearing cat on a shelf!!

So are you ready for another tale?
 lets settle in and get comfortable
 This one is about the house next door...

We were always warned about the power
of vices...whether they be alcohol, gambling or eating..
if you enjoyed something too much
it was probably a bad thing.
Along with this warning inevitably came
the story 
about the
and how she would exact punishment
if you didn't take heed of these warnings.

Well the couple next door had a few vices.
every night after dinner
they would quickly clean
the kitchen and set up
the table to play cards.
a few friends would drop by to
gamble, drink and tell a few
there weren't many rules
other than
you had to use cash
and the story had to be
This went on for many months
and according to 'legend' they even missed
church services several times.
One night
when the hour grew especially late
they heard something...
far away 
there was a long low wail
it grew louder and closer
and louder
until it rattled the windows.
It grew louder still and seemed to cross
over the roof of the house.
As it passed it grew fainter and fainter...
then it was gone.

They couldn't explain the sound
but they were all convinced
it was La Llorona,
warning them to stop their
wicked ways.
they never gathered
with such abandon
It also seemed to invite
an unpleasant aura to their home, a certain
creepiness that cannot be described or explained away.
many people have lived in that house throughout the
years and they have all sworn
they've been
witness to something

I'll have another story next week
about the house next door....but for now,
I have another little giveaway.
It's a clear quartz.
you can use it in your
magic spells
or wrap wire around it and use a necklace.
just leave a comment my spookies:)
See you very soon!!!


  1. Oh my spooky goodness, love this post!! I had not heard of microwave cake and I'm going to give it a try very soon. Love the mask, the tiny spellbook..and the La Llorona tale is hauntingly beautiful. Adore the crystal you are giving away and would love to give it a new home.;] Thanks for the blog party mention! Here is my post for this week...
    I went for a Day of the Dead theme this week...http://tabithalenox.blogspot.com/2013/09/happy-haunted-humpdayday-of-dead.html

  2. Happy Haunted Humpday Marfi! I have to try that cake and love all your creations. I'm celebrating pretty little witches this haunted humpday.

  3. I am glad I do not read your spooky stories alone at night.
    Although now I know how to make microwave cake and that would give me courage! (or at least a sugar high)
    I am looking forward to Kim's altered doll party. Her dolls are always so fun and spooky. It will be great to see what others create.

    I love seeing your Halloween collectibles too.

    My post this week is about seasonal food.

    Thanks for hosting this party and for a chance to win.

  4. I never have made cake in the microwave and it sounds delicious. I also loved all your spooky goodness on this post. Can't believe it is September - today is HOT here too...time to get those fall decorations out!

  5. oops i put it on the wrong post so here we go again it is haunted hump day the ghosts made me put it on the wrong post it's all their fault.. LOL


  6. I'm going to have to try making the micro cake as a treat for the kids, thanks for sharing. Haunted Humpday is a great idea! As children we were told not to whine or La Llorana would come for us thinking we were one of her children. I love the design of the quartz, I could use a new healing stone. Here's my Haunted Humpday post:


  7. here is my entry for this Wednesday Haunted Humpday....blogger was a stinker and would not let me publish until just now....sorry.

    LaLlorna was and always will be so very real to me....and crystals....oh yes please enter me in the giveaway. Oma Linda

  8. Adorable Spell Book and quartz. I have a Turmaline around my neck.Love stones. I have a collection. Here is my contribution:


  9. I love your pictures and stories, and I love your Halloween initiative. But this week I can't post for Humpdays, because we've had some bad news. You can check my last post for info if you want. My hope is that I will feel well enough to post next week.

  10. Another dazzling post full of lovely spookiness!! Love the witch-mask..very powerful and symbolic..love the deep colors! Of course your spellbook is awesome too...everythigng you share is enchanting and such fun..great stories too!Fabulous crystal..
    Hope to have a post up soon..

  11. http://heartofawizardess.blogspot.ca/2013/09/shadows-and-sunlit-creatures-faery-pup.html

    Hi again Marfi..here is mine! Wishing you a beautiful week, tanks for hosting.

    Happy HH day everyone!

  12. Love love this post! The microwave cake is to die for and that little book...drool! I've heard several La Llorona tales before but yours is the best. The spooky digi art is brilliant! Happy Haunted Humpday :)


  13. The story was great! Waiting for more. I liked the picture of the spooky house as well :)
    Though I am not able to participate in HH, I do enjoy entries of my fellow-bloggers.

  14. Ewww! You are making my skin crawl....
    Witches, pumpkin heads and black bats, scary spooks and black cats, oh, almost Halloween!

  15. Oh, everything looks Bootiful! Thanks for sharing!4

  16. Oh, everything looks so beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  17. You know that if spookie is the game, then I'm playing. I love your Llorona story. I'm fascinated by the way the myth changes from culture to culture. For instance, there are places where la llorona only appears to announce death, others to weep for lost children, and there is always the one that follows the wicked... muahahaha ;-D

  18. Oh, veeeery spooky! I have heard many tales of la Llorona wandering the waterfront looking for her drowned children and opting to take other souls in their place, and I tell you that is one hauntingly beautiful spirit I would not mess with.;-)

    I've always wondered how to make those microwave cakes and had no idea they were so easy. Your finds are utterly amazing sweetie. Hugs to you, Mina

  19. I didn't know what I was going to post for Halloween Humpday, but your post gave me an idea! I'm going to post about how the crows use to perch on the roof when someone was dying at the nursing home where I use to work!

  20. Hon, I don't think my comments have been getting through, but if they have, know that I'm enjoying your Halloween Humpday celebration, and have begun posting Humpday stories, too.

  21. I loved your story and I'll have to try the microwave cake soon. I'll be bookmarking your site so I can come back.

  22. I love your stories too. How fun. The cake sounds good too.


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