“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Haunted Humpday

Guess what day it is???

Welcome back!

I almost forgot!
The winner of the crystal from last week's giveaway
is Kim!
I need your snail mail my dear...
but wait.....
I have little crystals for the
20 other people that commented!
I need everyone's address please...
also include your email and your blog name please:)

Okay, so last  week I made 
microwave cake..
But have you tried microwave s'mores?
let's make some!
I bought some amazing marshmallows to use!

and some candy chips, they're orange colored and regular chocolate!

Just put your s'mores together 
on a microwave safe plate...like a little sandwich,

#1.graham cracker
 #2.yummy delicious pumpkin shaped marshmallow (or a regular one hehe)
#3.Hershey's chocolate bar square
#4. graham cracker

put it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds
(keep an eye on it, they get ginormous!)
Now, if you want to, you can (carefully)
use a lighter to toast the sides of the marshmallow.
I like the microwave method cause it
doesn't  need an open flame
and it's fun for the kiddies:)
just be careful, it's messy!

you can melt the candy chips when you 'cook' it
and dip your s'more in it....:)

so while you're bouncing off the walls after this little snack,
you might want to check out
 Wendy's Dia De Los Muertos
She was inspired by
Kim's  post last week.

Dia De Los Muertos
It's absolutely one of my favorite holidays!
It's so colorful and fun...
There's a parade held here every year.
My daughter loves to go,
this is from two years ago....

There's lot's of goodies to find now that it's close...
I found this skull at Spirit Halloween store..

He changes color..

And this Magnet
(which you can win if you leave a comment)

alright...enough of the bright, pretty skellys....
are you ready for a poem?

The Cry Of The Banshee

As the moon at midnight moves through the starry sky
Out there in the bog land the Banshee's shrill cry
The one seldom heard and that human eyes cannot see
Some say the ghost of one who died in agony.

'Tis said the cry of the banshee is a brief loud shrill screech
That into the depths of the soul seem to reach
And those who have heard it will never forget
That loud ear piercing scream 'til the day of their death.

To those who have heard it fear of the night it does bring
The cry of the banshee is a terrifying thing
The most terrifying scream that they ever did hear
A cry that instil in those who hear it fear.

The cry of the banshee is a blood curdling cry
It pierces the silence of the midnight sky
And those who have heard it never leave us in doubt
That at midnight from their homes they never more venture out.


  1. Hi Marfi, Happy Humpday! I'm so excited to win a crystal, thanks so much!! I haven't bought a new one in a long time so this is just perfect. I adore the s'mores, and the DOD makeup is so cool!! And the spooky story....shiiiivvverrrr Here is my post for this week, I included a short tutorial...Stay Scary everyone! http://tabithalenox.blogspot.com/2013/09/haunted-humpdaytabbys-spellbook.html

  2. I'm intrigued by the idea idea of a banshee that announces the death of a loved one, instead of the death of the person who hears her cry. How despairing that must be; to sit there waiting to see who's going to go... spooky, indeed.

    Congrats to the winners (me, too! wooohooo ;-) You continue to join every creepy Halloween party, and I'm right after you because I've joined them, too lol. Hope to see you at All Hallow's Grim.

    Here are my words on "I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream," my first Haunted Humpday post: http://pagan-culture.blogspot.com/2013/09/i-have-no-mouth-and-i-must-scream.html

  3. OK, now I have chills. Perhaps it is the very dark and rainy morning here, but I think your chilling story added to it.

    I still have a bag of chocolate bat marshmallows from years ago. How bad can marshmallows go? I plan to use them for crafting rather than eating.

    The goblins made my first post disappear but I have something ready to share.


    Congratulations to Kim and thank you for thinking of the rest of us!

  4. marfi i glad i read your post in the day light ... creepy and Oh boy love your Daughter make up thank you for posting it .... here mine http://blissangels.blogspot.com/2013/09/haunted-hump-day.html

    boo hugs wendy

  5. I love Banshees, almost as much as I love the Succubi (my favorite supernatural creature). I also love Dia de los Muertos, and what a beautiful "dead" daughter you have!

    This is my Haunted Humpday post: http://msmisantropia.blogspot.se/2013/09/trick-or-treating-plans-and-halloween.html

  6. Happy Humpday, girls! I love Banshees too!We have Dia de Los Muertos here in Brazil too but it is not as it is in Mexico. Ours is different. It is on November 2nd and people mourn their beloved ones.People usually go to graveyards and clean/embellish sepultures with flowers Well, here is my contribution:


    Ps: you have a lovely daughter!

  7. I love Calaca's and Dia de los Muertos. What a vibrant magnet and color changing skull. Your story was creepy and sad. I'm headed over to Wendy's to check out her challenge. Happy Haunted Humpday!


  8. Happy Haunted Humpday Marfi! Another AWESOME post! I'm doing pumpkinheads this week.....

  9. Hello kindred..wowness ..great post...and gorgeous..your daughter's painted face is amazing..beautifully done!Another awesomely-spooky tale..and I so enjoyed all that you shared, you are fabulous!Love all of the colorful skulls too!

  10. Awesome going on over here. Just discovered you last week and lovin your blog. I got inspired and made a Day of the Dead mixed media piece. I'll be back for sure, Have a great week. Shawn http://kissingtinyflowers-shawn.blogspot.com/

  11. Great post Marfi, love the colourful day of the dead and your story is another creeper.

    Sorry I missed last week, things have gone a bit topsy turvy in life again. It's another quick one from me, I've put some quotes up today for my part post.


    I'll try and get round to see everyone's posts over the next few days. Hopefully all should be calmer next week after my dads had his op.

  12. Your story just creeped me out big time. I have a similar one and the hair on the back of my neck is standing up......ooooooowwwweeeee. Good Job.
    We here at Casa de Cuckoo love Dia as well. We always set up an ofrenda and this year we will include our lovely Cybella.
    Thanks so much for organizing this fun event. I am sorry I forgot to post my link here when I posted my post this morning....ooops.
    But here it is: http://lindaomasoldebaggsnstuftshirts.blogspot.com/2013/09/haunted-humpday-entry-for-this-week-of.html

  13. That was one sad story...but the thought of scoring that Day of the Dead magnet cheered me right up. I wish they had a Day of the Dead celebration in my area! I wish there was a bakery that sold Day of the Dead buttercream cakes with edible marigold or rose flowers.

    Find my Halloween Humpday post at The Gratitude Journal of Ms. Lilypads (who would be even more grateful if she could locate a buttercream Hallow Eve's/'Day of the Dead buttercream cake!

  14. I got up early in the wee dark morning hours, and now after reading that story I'm scared silly..LOL... loved it!!!
    Marfi, I am so curious of the Day of the Dead. I dont know much about the history, but I think the art and colors are gorgeous!
    I was excited to get up early and read your post this morning. You have inspired me more then you know.

    thanks for a fun post.


  15. Marfi,
    that story scared me silly :) I cant think of a better way to get the day going than with a good spooky story :)

    I love all the Day of the Dead colorful art!

    and, I think those smores look so delicious, I believe I'll have one for breakfast :)

    Thanks for being such an inspiration.


  16. Cool story! I, too, love the Day of the Dead colors, so bright and fun. Fun recipe, will have to try that with my nieces and nephews!

  17. What a great Halloween story! Can't wait to try the smores with my nieces and nephews. And I had not seen the Halloween chips before, how fun!

  18. That is an amazing makeup job on your daughter! My niece is really into el Ida de Los metros also and has made up her face like this. I will have to see if I can send you her photo.
    That story was really freaky. I had never heard of this banshee before....I need to look into this a bit, very intriguing, but scary!

  19. I like short stories.. never can make up one :)
    Thanks for sharing! Banshee is one creepy creature...


thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it:)