“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Haunted Humpday #5

You know it's time for our
FIFTH Haunted Humpday?
This is the last one of 

How fast has the time flown?
& oh my gosh! it's Autumn!
which means....it's going to cool down eventually
AND Halloween is getting closer!

I hope you will come have fun at the

It's going to be spooky and so creepy!
Don't forget...
There will be 

So who wants a sweet?
I do I do!!
How about caramel apples?

you need this:

plus this

plus this

and any assorted toppings you might like.
I like coconut on mine. 
Apple wraps are an easy way to make
caramel apples.
You use the microwave or the oven so 
you don't have super
scary molten sugar on the stove.
there's simple instructions
on the package.
don't get me wrong, I love the
 traditional way of making them,
but this way is fun for children...
without having to say
"oh my gosh...don't get so close to the flame!
 Don't burn off your tongue!
 Don't stick your fingers in there!"
well, maybe that's just what I say, lol


I have a story that's considerably milder than
the last few...

 For years
my mom used to tell me the 
story of the man
that would come to the front door.
He was nicely dressed
in a dark jacket and trousers.
He would walk up the driveway
 step quickly
onto the porch
and walk up to our front door 
as if to knock.
since my mom kept light, gauzy curtains
 on our large front windows
all this could be seen pretty clearly.
He'd never knock on the door though
as soon as you got up to go to the front door,
he'd disappear.
she saw him
my dad saw him
aunts, uncles and friends too.
my parents figured he was most likely
buried under the porch somewhere...
(remember the graveyard)
my aunts and uncles
thought there might be
money or treasure
under there and he was trying to let us know.
there were many discussions
about why and how...
They all agreed on one thing though....
he was headless!

See, super mild!
I have a winner for last week's Dia De Los Muertos magnet...
comment  #14
Congratulation's Diane
I need your details!!

alright, I just want to clarify
that in order to win 
one of my Haunted Humpday giveaways
you need to comment on a
Haunted Humpday post.
I'll post it Wednesday
you have until Saturday to leave a comment :)
I think I may have been
causing some confusion.

Today was a pretty nice day..
wasn't too hot
there was a nice little breeze...
I went outside
to soak up the fresher weather
and I heard giggles
coming from the corner..
tiny giggles
and the clinking of china
I walked very softly over
and saw this!

The cutest little witches ever!
they offered me some sweet pumpkin tea
and told me they were looking for
a place to stay
and celebrate
the coming holidays!
 They are waiting patiently in my new
Etsy shop!

They were so incredibly kind, they even offered
a giveaway of some yummy tea
in an awesome little tea box.

Leave me a comment
for a chance to win this
adorable tea house!
And please take a look at these
I don't know if I can keep them entertained for very long!

Have a wonderful magical week!!!


  1. Oh my goodness, those Witches are adorable!! LOVE your story this week...spooookkky and I believe it really happens. Here's my post...Beware the BatGirl...more cute than spooky...lol http://tabithalenox.blogspot.com/2013/09/happy-haunted-humpdaybeware-batgirl.html

  2. I love those cute witches and your story!Here is my contribution:


  3. Sure your story was mild - until you took away his head!
    Love your witches and your colorful caramel apples.

    This week my post is about how others have inspired me, and my thrifty finds for works in progress

  4. Love your story...headless, yikes. And I'll tell ya what, your little witchlets are the cutest, but you already knew that.
    I actually remembered to come here and leave a link early in the day today. Hats and Horns, let's have a party. Here is my link for the last Haunted Humpday of September
    And I would love to be entered for your enchanting tea house giveaway. Oma Linda

  5. Definitely delightful witches and teahouse! I thought the story was suppose to be milder than the others! Come enter my giveaway under the Moon and the Cards post!

  6. oh, and I forgot! Find me at The Gratitude Journal of Ms Lilypads

  7. Oh Marfi - the fun, the cute stuff, the dedication - ever week! I get a smile on my face visiting you for every Humpday :) Even though I am working at maybe half capacity right now, I so enjoy your posts.

    I loved your story this week, and my first thought was: He wasn't getting ready to knock on the door, he was just coming home, walking in the door. But of course, when the worldly things get in his way (like the front door) he starts to fade.

    My post for this week: http://msmisantropia.blogspot.se/2013/09/cozy-haunted-humpday-lights.html

  8. Hello kindred..what a super fun post..spooky tale..love the headless man! and aww..incredibly adorable witchy beings..beautifully done..such talent! Candy apples make me think of my sis..her favorite treat! Thank you for another fantastical post.I do not know how you do it each week..brilliant!

  9. Oh, I love your sweet little witches....they are so cute...I mean SCARY! heehee! The weeks are flying by! (I need to see if I'm the Diane that won! I HOPE!)
    Enjoy your afternoon. Oh....I've spent time on your Etsy shop and saved it in my favs. Also marked that cute box as a fav! Hugs!

  10. I see it's another Diane! Congrats to her! And thanks for the fun today! Hugs!

  11. Love love the little witches and your stories are the best! Happy Haunted Humpday! Mine is finally up :)


  12. I'm late


  13. Can't you believe that it is almost October? My Piano Man and I have been counting the days until New York ComicCon (big nerd/geeks here). Less than three weeks WoooHooo! And All Hallow's Eve just a bit later. Oh, the fun!

    I can't believe you're saying this story is mild. The idea of going to open the door to find Mr. Awesome Suit and No (blank space no spoilers) is pretty terrifying. It leaves you with the bit of psychological fear that makes you think that the guy is just standing at the corner waiting for you.

    And that little tea house is a dream. The Little Princess would probably lose her mind if it was to make it to our house ;-)

    I'm late, too (just read BLiSsAngELs's comment) but I wanted to come down anyway. On today's post, I shared all my "I've Joined Way Too Many Halloween Parties" shame *sigh*. I can't help it. They are just to yummy. Here is my link: http://pagan-culture.blogspot.com/2013/09/sexy-extravagance-dark-unreasonableness.html

  14. Such a lovely and rich post! I do like your short stories, as they are complete :) But it must have been way too creepy to see that man standing on the porch... brrr...feeling cold now...
    Well, the little witches are adorable! You have such a talent!!! Happy Haunted Humpday!

  15. Hi Girl!

    Oh I have a carmel apple in the fridge and might have to eat it for breakfast now! Thank you for all your wonderful visits.

  16. Hi Marfi !!
    I am so excited to have won the magnet :) Thank You so much!
    I love your stories.. All things spooky. I remember being a young kid, gathered round the campfire loving to hear the elders tell spooky stories.
    Keep them coming :)
    It's ironic that you showed us a safer way to make caramel apples, because I was just at the store and i found myself gazing at a bag of delicious caramels.. I wanted to make candy apples with the grandkids, but was thinking about how dangerous it could be with a couple of preschoolers and a 1st grader. But you have a wonderful solution :) YAY! Looks like caramel apples are on at granny Dianie's ;)
    I always enjoy stopping by for an enchanted visit.


  17. What a spOOk~TacuLar post!!!! the apples are the yummiest!!!!
    Happy Fall!

  18. Oh Marfi, your little witchlings are too adorable. I love your creations so much as you seem to be an never ending well of gifted eye candy. And speaking of candy...YUM on the candy apples. I too, prefer the wraps specifically for the ease and cleanliness of their use. Oh yes, I said all those things to mine when they were small too. lol

    Let me just say, I don't care if there are million dollar lottery wins under my porch, I still don't want some un-dead guy walking to my door, or even in my yard. Okay, maybe for a lottery win, but still...;-) CREEPY!!! Have a beautiful week, my lovely friend. Mina

  19. The tea house is adorable. I know I am late with my comment but I had to tell you how much I love reading your blog.


thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it:)