“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Haunted Happiness

Hello everyone!
how have you been??
We have had the best week! 
Our weather is absolutely delicious right now..our evenings have become so cool!
Now remember, here in AZ low 60's are very chilly for us..especially since
summer can bring temperatures as high as 121 degrees Fahrenheit.
So, for now, it really feels like Autumn

Not too long ago we watched this

Have any of you ever watched it?
It's only a little silly..I watched this as a child and it scared me so much!
You can find the entire movie on youtube..for some reason, I can't link it.
Here's the trailer though...


I didn't find many Halloween treats this week,
other than this cake mix,
Isn't it neat?
Haven't made it yet, but I'll definitely post when I do. 

We did make a spooktacular hot cocoa.
I added vanilla, cinnamon and extra whipped cream.
When it was ready to go, I threw a few Froot Loops 
& some spooky marshmallows on top.
Don't know if you can make out the shapes..
 a bat,
a ghost 
and a creepy green thing...
could be a hand, could be a monster head, lol

We took our cocoa out to the patio and carved a pumpkin

It was getting dark and a little chilly :)
we put some scary music on and enjoyed the night.

I tried to take a photo of the sky....

A few weeks ago
Helena went to a shop called
you pick out a white plaster figurine and paint it..
she chose a little candy dish.

We went to pick it up a few days later &
it was nicely glazed and ready for use.
Isn't it cute?

Last month I was chosen to be on a new design team!
It's called Hellgnome's Death Digis..
This is what I made:

A ring

A hair clip

And I embellished and old handbag..

All these were printed out onto Shrinky Dinks paper, colored and baked.
I had so much fun creating these!
All the designs are a little spooky and very versatile.
If you're into digital images, or printing out images and coloring them for your
mixed media cards..check out Stephanie Eaton's Etsy

I also made this..just for fun:)

We went for a walk around our neighborhood the other night.
I had to stop and take a picture of this path...
with all the things I read and all the things I imagine,
there was no way you could get me to walk through here.
it was tooooooooo creepy!

I heard a story the other night..
it sounds a bit like an old urban legend, like last weeks tale..
I liked it enough to tell it to you tonight.

Wrap a blanket around yourself and sit here by the fire with me..
now, let's go...

There once was a couple that loved each other very much.
As time went on, they began fighting often..
They both wanted a divorce, but
they decided to stay together for their 2 year old son..
For a long time it worked and they managed to get along.
One night however,
 when the son was six years old,
 they started arguing, 
 by the time they had finished eating dinner,
 the fight had turned vicious.
It was bedtime for their son, so they got him ready and tucked him in.

The fight  got even worse after he fell asleep,
 and the husband ended up killing the wife.
Not really knowing what else to do,
He bundled his wife's body into the trunk of his car and drove to the 
swamp land at the edge of town.
The stench of the swamp was overpowering, but he trudged through as far as he could.
Finally, finding an area,
he hurriedly dropped  her in.

He arrived back home and quickly cleaned himself up..
the smell of the swamp seemed to have embedded itself into his pores
he could not stop smelling it.
As he drifted off to sleep, he briefly thought of his son and how he would 
be asking for his mother in the morning.
He also thought, if he asks too many questions,
I might have to kill him too.

The next morning,
even after a very hot shower, he noticed that
the smell was still very strong,
 but he woke his son,  helped him dress, then made him breakfast..
Throughout it all, his son remained silent,
 but his eyes never wavered..he watched his father constantly.

After a while, the dad asked
"Son, do you have a question?"
"Yes" he answered
"is it about your mother?"
"Yes" he answered
 "Well, ask me, then."
the child looked at him for a moment 
then said
"Why is mama so pale...?"
"And why have you been giving her a piggy back ride all day?"


That's all for tonight!
I hope you enjoyed this week's
Haunted Humpday!
See you soon


  1. What a creepy story! We're back from Fall Break, and I wanted to catch up on all the creeptastic stuff on your blog. That cake mix looks very good! How do you make your hot chocolate? Is that cereal sprinkled on top?

  2. A terrific tale. I like the figurine , the glaze colors were well chosen. I like anything with skulls or skull and crossbones.Have a large collection of clothing.

  3. I've never seen "Gargoyles". It rings a bell, though....

    I've never seen that cake mix. We sometimes have spice cake from a mix, and the apple cider box puts me in mind of that. Your hot chocolate sounds delicious, and what a perfect mug!

    The pumpkin carving sounds like a fun time :) We always get a pumpkin, then we always put off carving it 'til it's too late lol The jack-o'-lantern headed ghost appeals to me :)

  4. Great story!!! I love the ceramic candy dish. I need to find a place to do that local to me.
    I used to love shrink dinks!! Those are so cool

  5. loved the candy dish and the hair clip. If I run across a Day of the Dead mug like that, then that mug is definitely going into my mug collection. Enjoyed the story -- especially the idea that the guy is tied to his wife for eternity even after all the bickering.

  6. I have to admit that was a really different (and yes, a bit spooky) story about the man who killed his wife.

    Congratulations on being chosen to be a DT member of the Hellgnome's Death Digis.You created some awesome art for your first time out. I adored the shrink plastic and how you used it in several pieces of wearable art.

    LOVE that ceramic witch Helena created. She did a great job of coloring it.

    Yes, I saw the bat and the ghost marshmallows. That's a FUN way to spruce up your cocoa.

    Sorry I'm late visiting. I had this finished, but forgot to publish it. THANKFULLY, I didn't close it out, so the comment was still there hours later. MY BAD. Happy Haunted HUMPDAY regardless.

  7. I like the sound of your Spooktacular hot cocoa.

    All the best Jan

  8. Oooooh, that's an eerie story, good for the wife though, ha! I'm staying in a very creepy motel at the moment and I not so sure I'll be able to sleep tonight after reading that!
    Helena's witchy candy dish really turned out great and I love all your skull creations. What a nice little party you had carving your pumpkin, looks like it was a beautiful night from your wonderful photos.
    A belated Happy Haunted Humpday!

  9. Great post Marfi!
    I love that hot chocolate! So yummy! Love the candy dish Helena created! Gorgeous night sky photo! You are right, that path did look creepy!! Love your creations! That ring is cool! That story was excellent!! Big Hugs!

  10. I shall never look at piggy back rides in the same way again. OMG! That was wonderfully creepy.

  11. awesome collection of spooky goodness! xo


thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it:)