“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

October Haunted Humpday..Finally!!

It's the first Haunted Humpday of October!!
Isn't that exciting?
I feel like I celebrate it all year,
but it's SO nice to see it in the stores.

Did you know there's a blog dedicated to Halloween?
you can go there and click on any of the 
 links and you will be taken to one spooky site after another!

So have you done anything spooky lately? 
I try to watch a scary movie and create something 
from beyond the grave!! every day.
okay, maybe not that extreme, but I do try and create
 something cute and Halloweenish after a good movie.
I've made a few things this week that I really love!

Before I get to them though I want to show you this throw pillow from Target..
Doesn't it look like it's from the Haunted Mansion?

 OOOH! I got the latest issue of 
Faerie Magazine,
It's the Practical Magic issue...
It's just gorgeous!

It reminds me of the  Practical Magic blog parties
Anna from Frosted Petunias would host.
Don't you miss those?

aaaaand I bought
 This awesome Medusa bust from Marshalls, 
It has a color changing bulb inside.

Oh my gosh!
I watched Gerald's Game on Netflix last night.
It was such a good movie!
If you decide to watch it, make sure the children are asleep first though,
it's not appropriate for the kiddos.

We bought these Halloween treats to make this week too,
Have you seen the Scooby-Doo cookies before?
We got them because the cookie looks like Helena's ugly little dog, Spanky.
He makes this face when you ask him to smile..

You have to have rice krispies treats when you watch Halloween movies.
And they taste better when they're monster shaped:)
I have to admit, the packaging is what gets me every time!

Here are three little canvases I created for today..
This first one is a silly, trick or treating goblin...

A fuzzy little werecub..

And a baby creature from the darkish lagoon, hehe
They are all made of felt.

Okay, I'm not sure I talked about this one or not..
there are many stories and only so many brain cells, haha!
This one happened to me.
I was about 5 years old and loved going to visit my cousin..
We are about a year apart in age

which was great because my siblings are all at least 10 years older
and never had time to play..(or be nice)
It was fun to go visit her during the day..
She lived in a big old ranch house
on many acres with pecan groves, corn fields and what looked like a swamp.
We always had fun, either playing board games or exploring outside. There were horses
in a field right next to her house and we would often sit on the fence and watch them,
 occasionally giving them apple chunks when they ventured close to us.
All of this was amazing to me.
One thing I remember doing with absolute clarity is
playing in her older sister's closet.
My cousin never wanted to go in there, it was creepy and flashlights never stayed on.
I didn't mind it though
It was fairly large, the floor was cool and it smelled like mint gum.
I liked sitting in there with the clothes hanging down around me..almost like a tent.
I felt happy and protected in a fort made of 
"fancy" teenage girl dresses and a make believe campfire 
made with clunky high heeled shoes.
One day I was puttering around towards the back of the closet, being nosy and looking through
an old shoe box filled with old perfume bottles,scented erasers,
  broken jewelry 
and a journal covered in squiggly writing that I could not understand (cursive)
for some reason I decided to put my hands on the wall behind me..
I went further and further into the closet trying to find the back
next thing I know I was opening the door and crawling out through my aunt's bedroom closet
that was at the other side of the house!  
I ran back down the hallway to my cousin's room and crawled back into the closet and tried to find that
passageway again..
I did this for a long time,
going in through one closet and coming out another.
It happened every time I visited there.
What I can recall, during these little...jaunts, was:
It was dark, I was aware of the clothes hanging down around my shoulders
then it would get very dark for a little while,
 eventually I would see the light underneath the doorway and I'd come out
in  my aunt's room.
I was always afraid it would stop,
This went on for a couple of years.
I still remember the day it didn't happen..how flat and close the back wall was..
the huge disappointment I felt. 
When I think back to it now
I'm reminded of stories I've listened to on YouTube.
stories about glitches and time slips...
Here are a couple horror narrators that have true glitchy stories:
What do you think that was?
I never felt scared or threatened and I'm positive it happened.
Has anything like that ever happened to you?

I hope you enjoyed this week's Haunted Humpday...
I'm going to get ready to watch a movie with Helena.



  1. Good morning Marfi and Happy Haunted Humpday to you too. Boy, that's a tongue twister. I think the three arts are so adorable and cute. I'm excited to be on BLOGLOVIN' now because I can an email when people have posted something new. I hope you have a great day. Christine

  2. Where to start! Another great post! Happy October!!
    I want the Medusa head! That is so cool!
    I love your felt art pieces! Adorable!
    The Scooby-Doo smile, made me laugh! LOL!
    I don't know if I can get that Faerie Magazine in Canada. I think I've checked before. It's a gorgeous magazine!
    There use to be a lot of fun blog parties. Not as much anymore!
    Your story is very interesting! The Universe has so many unexplained stories! Makes you think!
    Big Hugs!

  3. Happy Haunted Humpday! I do miss the Practical Magic parties that Anna hosted....I wish she'd return to blogging and host them again!

    Creepy story....did your cousin know you played in her closet?

    I love your little canvases. They are adorable, Marfi! Thanks for all the spooky links, too.

    I love Scooby Doo, so I need some Scooby Doo cookies!!!


  4. Ha! I love Spanky's smile! It's just adorable that he does it when you ask. You always find the best Halloween stuff and your stories are the spookiest! Cute artwork also.
    It was a surprise to see that Faery Magazine is still around. Thanks for highlighting that and for the link to Crypt-keepers, too!

  5. Never had that happen, but it sounds really cool!
    Your art this week looks so cute!
    I might watch Gerald's game today. I was going to watch it with Amanda but she wasnt up for it the night I asked.

  6. Spanky has the loveliest face. I love that grin. And the fact that he does it when he's asked is gloriously hysterical.

    I haven't done Cry-keepers for some time. I'm usually overwhelmed by it. And, like you, I miss the Practical Magic parties. I hope she brings them back.

    About the story, perception is a wondrous things (so are mysteries). So, who knows what that was. I'm just glad it didn't scared you. :-)

  7. It's nice to meet you Marfi, I've never seen that Stephen King movie before, I'm so glad you posted its name, because I'm going to see if I can watch it tonight.

    I really like your blog, and I truly found your story about that closet very exciting to read about!

    If you'd like to stop by my blog as well, just click on my name in this comment of mine, and perhaps I'll see you there.


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