“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

We caught a ghost (or two) Haunted Humpday

Good evening spooky people!
How are you this warm but cloudy Wednesday?
I'm am doing great.

What did you do this week?
We went to pick some pumpkins!
It's always pretty warm here and last year when we went 
to a Fall festival
Helena's face turned bright red from the heat.
This year we went to a place called
It's open from 9 am to 9 pm,
so of course we went at night.
It was perfect to keep her out of the sun
and to put a creepy spin on everything.
You can decorate your pumpkin, if that's what you like,
then you can go on the hayride, which, in the dark, is very eerie.
Just the way we like it! 
Afterwards we stopped at IHOP and had 
pumpkin spice pancakes.

Has anyone watched this movie?
It's incredibly weird and unsettling.
The first the story gave me nightmares for years!

'Drop of water' is about a nurse that is called to tend to a 
dead woman's final preparations..
But she does something pretty wicked and ends up getting 
more than she bargained for.

To be perfectly honest the two other stories weren't as good..
At least I don't think they were, I was so disturbed by this one, that I
couldn't concentrate.
Now, this one,
is one of my favorites!
I've always felt it centered closely around the seven deadly sins.... 
(spoilers included)

The first segment is a Christmas one, in which the wife murders her husband to get the insurance money:
'And all through the house' (greed)
The second one is about a man that leaves his wife and family to be with another woman:
'Reflection of Death'( lust)
The third
has a father and son bullying an old widower to suicide, just because they don't think he's good enough to live in that neighborhood and because they want his property:
'Poetic Justice' (envy)(wrath)
The next one (another favorite) is a version of the 'Monkey's Paw'
A man with a failing business and his wife find a statue that will grant them three wishes.
'Wish you were here' (gluttony)
The new director of a  home for the blind makes financial cuts that leave the residents hungry and cold, 
while he lives comfortably...
the residents don't take this abuse for long.
'Blind Alleys'(pride)

If you have not watched them, I hope you get a chance to soon.
I made these on Friday the 13th,
Did you do anything fun?

Then, the other night I made s'mores cocoa again..
before you add the marshmallow toast it, then add graham crackers.
(sugar bones are optional)
It's SO good!

I found some cute little decorations at the 99 cents store:
This spider web candle holder..

It throws the prettiest shadows..

more candle holders..

This little sign that says
Cuidado con las brujas /Watch out for witches


and this Dracula sign.
Have you ever seen a captured ghost??
Not only have we seen them..we've  got a couple to show you!!
This is the one I caught...

This is the one Helena caught....

To make these you need
ping pong ball (for the small one)
ornament ( for the large one)
paper towel rolls for the bodies
and wire if you want to add arms.
I used an empty cookie container (about 14 inches)
Helena used an empty coffee jar
hot glue the ping pong ball, or ornament to a piece of towel tube
paint it white
add eyes and mouth with black paint
glue to lid of jar
glue on cheese cloth
sprinkle with iridescent glitter
place decorative tape or trim around jar lid
put lid on jar

I also made a large art card..

Helena is under the weather so she didn't make one.


For the past few years
I sit down and write a story for HH and it never fails..
I hear a strange noise or I see something odd.
It makes sense though,
I'm usually a bit freaked out being the only
one awake.
But, things have been happening here..
things that cannot be explianed,
like doors opening on their own
or finding the faucet on.
Hearing voices in another room when no one else is home...
how do you explain it?
If you hear something behind you right now..
what do you tell yourself?
Here's a story my Aunt would tell
about a girl that didn't believe in anything paranormal.

She lived her life and did what she wanted to.
She was calm and pretty level headed.
one night  her friends invited her to accompany them to an abandoned house at the edge of town
 that was rumored to have a demon living in it's cellar.
If you were brave enough to go down the stairs and ask for it to show itself,
it would reward you with answers to any questions you asked it.
She did not believe, but she went along with them..making jokes and laughing at
their silly beliefs.
Once there, her friends chickened out, refusing to go passed the kitchen door.
Exasperated, she stomped down the stairs and demanded the demon show itself. Nothing happened.
She came back upstairs and they soon left.
She mocked her friends relentlessly the rest of the night.

A few weeks later she was taken away from her home in an ambulance.
She'd attacked her little sister and her mother with a large kitchen knife after mutilating herself and trying to stab out her own eyes.
it took several paramedics to restrain her.
As they were putting her in the ambulance she broke away, ran to the house and pointed at each of her siblings in turn..
Her face was covered in gore and her eyes were gushing large amounts of blood, yet she spoke calmly.
She told her brother he would die in a car wreck that year
of her sisters..she claimed one would have a miscarriage,
the other would marry and become a widow within 6 months.
(Eventually, all of her predictions came true)
That night, she got away from the paramedics somehow and ran off into the large apartment
complexes that were under construction near their home.. beyond that was a lot of empty desert.
They could hear her wild screams growing fainter and fainter,
She was never found.
I always thought that story was just a story my aunt would tell, to pass the time..but
Every time we go driving and pass an apartment building that is being built, I imagine I can hear her shrieking in the night.

Well, that's it for this week.
May your week be filled with magic,chocolate and spooky stuff!



  1. Happy Haunted HumpDay! I'm thoroughly enjoying all your Halloween goodness,as for here the only Halloween is the witch and little monsters who live here.I will try to put up a post today spirit related. I hope Helena feels better.

  2. That's such a freaky story.....it's giving me the shivers! The little captured ghosts are so cute. I might try to make a couple! I love them! Super post, Marfi!

  3. You have been amazingly busy! Those two movies are pretty creepy, the Karloff one is very unsettling and I love the anthology. And I love the idea of Jason-krispies!

  4. I scratch designs into green pumpkins(pics in an older blog) and let them grow with the pumpkin forming a scar tissue around the scratch that is fun. I saw on blogfest to share scary stories.I saw Black Sabbath and later thought of it with Ozzie singing.Like any Karloff movie.

  5. I loved this week's post! I would love to go on a hayride and drink s'mores hot chocolate. Your dollar store finds are wonderful, especially the spider web votive holder... our stores only have plastic mini pumpkins and tacky leaf garland. Good story, too, and I hope Helena feels better soon. She can't miss out on the Halloween fun!

  6. Your stories give me goose bumps even when I read them in broad daylight, ha! As for the movies, I watched Tales from the Crypt and was scared for weeks. However, I will be on the lookout for Black Sabbath as I'm a big Boris Karloff fan.
    The hot chocolate looks great, I can't wait to give toasting the marshmallows a try.
    Cute ghosts, they would make a great craft project for almost any age group, boys or girls, too.
    So sorry to hear that Helena is under the weather, I hope she is feels better soon. Happy Haunted Humpday!

  7. Great finds at the dollar store. I haven't captured a ghost yet.. great project! to try! I seen this tales from the crypt, but don't remember seeing Black Sabbath. Gotta see if I can find it! Happy Haunted Hump Day!

  8. I thoroughly enjoy your hump day stories and art. I am going to a pumpkin farm this weekend, and hope to have a hay ride. They are only open 1 pm to 6 pm on Sunday, so no nighttime spooky rides to the pumpkin patch for me. However, I hope I have as much fun as you obviously had.

    S'mores are my ultimate favorite autumn snack. I've never seen the sugar bones before, but they certainly provide the ambiance for those decadent treats. I so love the fact you turned the S'mores into cocoa. Clever you!

    Your art card is fabulous. It screams Halloween. Sorry Helena is sick and couldn't make one, too. I hope she is better soon, especially in time for Halloween.

    That story is pretty scary. I can see how it might make you jumpy when you drive by a high rise apartment construction site.

    Loved your Haunted Humpday post. I am SO glad I found your blog!

  9. Those two movies are pretty creepy, the Karloff one is very unsettling and I love the anthology. And I love the idea of Jason-krispies!


  10. This week, I spent some time dancing in the woods... collecting fall(en) things. I've always been writing, but that's every week *giggles*.

    I really love the Cuidado sign. I don't think I've ever seen one in Spanish. Love the treats, too.

    I hope the sweet, sweet, sweet Helena is doing better by now.

  11. Always such cool things to see and read whenever I visit here! Awesome!

    Also, please visit my blog, there is a little something for you there. Thanks!

    Have a great weekend!!

  12. https://thewiccalife.blogspot.com/2017/10/this-n-that-winner-of-fall-wreath-and.html

  13. Hey My Friend! I know I'm late! It's been a busy week!
    I truly love your posts! The time you had out with Helena sounds amazing! I would love to go on a hay ride in the dark! Pumpkin spice pancakes! Yummy! I love Tales From The Crypt! I want some smores cocoa!! Excellent finds at the store and I love your ghosts! Great idea! Really love your card and that story was freaky!!!! Big Hugs!

  14. Love the black cat candle holder. Other than marshmallows in hot chocolate, I never thought outside the cup. The S'more hot chocolate looks delicious. Guess graham crackers will be going on my shopping list. I don't remember that Karloff movie. The movie that really creeped me out was the silent version of Phantom of the Opera with Lon Cheney. I was 10 yrs old, the first time I was staying home alone while my parents went shopping. I'll have to dig some materials out to make cards with my class this week. Have a good week.

  15. I saw Black Sabbath several years ago but don't generally care for anthology films. I've never seen Tales from the Crypt. I'll have to look for it. Thanks for the suggestion.

    I love the bonfire photo. Now I need to fire something up in my chiminea. You've got me in the mood :)

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  17. I am sure your Halloween is best!! you did lots of wonderful preparation. i love your idea of cookies. everything is amazing.
    Thanks for comment on my blog.


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