“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Haunted Humpday part one...

Happy Haunted Humpday!

It's been a busy week here, preparing for Stephen King's birthday tomorrow!
I hope you will join our celebration.

 is going to be a bit shorter than usual.
Part 2 will continue tomorrow.

Guess what?!
We found out walmart had it's first pumpkin delivery last week!
and they're huge!

We baked a cake after we carved this guy up..
I just love funfettii cake.

We watched another scary movie
This one is called

usually, I hate the stupid movies with the shaky camera (found footage)
like Blair witch and paranormal activity, but this one wasn't too bad, someone had sense enough
to let the camera stay still once in a while:)
you can read the plot here.

I've been painting and gluing like a mad woman lately..
but I have a few older projects I want to share this week:

mini shrines and ornaments

Now, I must go continue getting ready for our party!!
(or Part 2 of HH)
If you want to participate in Haunted Humpday or 
the King party, you can do so throughout the weekend.

 Thanks for stopping by and if you get a chance to visit Thursday 
please do!



  1. Lovely creations....the little boxes are so cute!

  2. Your shrines are fabulous! I love how all of your creations are so interesting and full of details. You have inspired me to dig through my stash and get to work.
    That cake looks wonderful (who doesn't love cake?) and I am totally with you on that shaky camera nonsense. I makes me ill.
    Can't wait to see what you have dreamed up for the King's birthday.
    See you tomorrow. Cheers, Sarah

  3. Hey Beautiful Soul! You are making me hungry! LOL! Pumpkins already?? Cool! Where do you find all these scary movies? Your creations are brilliant!! Truly brilliant! Have you ever done a craft fair? I think you would do well, especially around this time of year! Big Hugs and I will be around tomorrow!

  4. I forgot to ask, what is funfettii cake?

  5. I love the shrines. I haven't been crafting as much since my sister died last year in March. I had to force myself in February to make cards to get some extra money. I need to get those shrines going. Have fun at your party!! I can't wait to see your photos.

  6. I love delighting in your happy glittery skeletons. Thanks for sharing them. Now, may I please have some cake? I would even watch a shaky movie for cake.

  7. Hi Marfi, super-fabulous! oh my...I am smitten with your shrines and tins..so darkly beautiful and magical. Love your art and creations, truly enchanting and such delicious fun. Yummy cake..
    Wishing you a most magical night!

  8. All of these are really great! You are so creative an the shrines look wonderful. I haven't seen the movie but it looks interesting. We don't mind found footage as much, but the shaky camera can get to be a bit excessive at times.
    Happy Kings birthday to you.


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