“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Haunted Humpday, gypsies, fairies, flies and Kings

Welcome back to our second Haunted Humpday of the season!

Did you do anything spooky this week?
We watched some really creepy movies
but the one that really stuck out was this one:

I don't know how you feel about Djinn, but they scare the Hell out of me!
you can read about the movie here.
If you plan on watching this movie, watch it with the lights off :) 

So I have been under the weather a bit lately and I wanted to show
 you some get well gifts I've received.
This amazing collector's edition of
Entertainment Weekly..

A new toad to keep my more mature toad company..
And this gorgeous blanket.
It's so soft and the sugar skulls on it are pressed into the fabric..

It goes well with my regular room decor don't you think?

Since I have been pretty much stuck at home for a while
I've made a few more crafts..
I created the Lydia painting a bit ago, but recently changed her up a little...

Recently after doing the laundry,
 we found a stocking mixed in with our freshly
dried clothing...
I didn't even give it a second thought..I cut that stocking apart and
a fly was born..lol

Here's a little Fairy-witch
I created with a Lisa Kettell Designs
Lulu doll...

When I was a little girl, my absolute favorite thing to be on Halloween was a gypsy ..
I loved the lipstick, the flowing clothing and the jewelry..
(I've not changed much, haha)
I painted this because it's true for me.

I mentioned before that I didn't get a chance to
gather many stories for this year's HH
But I do have a weird one for you...it's not scary, just strange..

We used to have a cat named Baby Tuna.
He's in a few older posts as a matter of fact.
He was a stray, part of a all black litter of feral kitties that were born
under my dad's old truck.
We favored him because he was the biggest, most friendly kitten, who would often
climb on our lap to grab a slice of turkey or chicken, purring all the while...
He grew up to be a gorgeous inky black mini panther
who showed us much affection.
rubbing his fat face against our legs whenever he was around.
He was always the first one to run into the yard to eat.
One very cold, rainy afternoon
when he was about a year old,
my dad told me he had just seen a dead cat in the back alley..
I went outside and called for Tuna and he didn't turn up..I put food in the dish
and he still didn't show..
I finally went and looked at the cat in the alley and saw it was a large black cat.
it had a scratch across it's nose like Tuna did.
Heartbroken, we buried him in our yard, next to two other beloved pets that had passed.
We hurt so much for him..every time we fed the feral cats..many of them, his siblings, we would ache.
One night about a month later
I was out in the garden
when I felt a cat bump up against my legs...
I looked down and saw a large black cat.
it looked exactly like Tuna.
it even had a scratch on it's nose.
I called my daughter and my niece outside and they agreed,
especially when he climbed all over us to get some turkey slices..
We weren't positive but we decided to bring him into the house that night,
the next day I made an appointment to get him fixed.
I wasn't going to take any chances..whether this was Tuna or not. 
His behavior was very Tuna-ish.
The vet estimated that his age was at least a year old.
We had him for three more years,
 he had a wonderful life indoors but ended up with a liver issue that was inoperable.

We always joked about him being buried in the Pet Sematary...
 we still miss him.

So next Thursday is the big day..

I hope you get a chance to stop by and celebrate with us!
we're having dinner, cake and crafts!!
You can just visit or maybe share a story about your favorite book or film.
We're SO excited!!

Have a wonderful week!!


  1. Wow, such wonderful art! I love the sugar skull fabric. I bought some pressed damask black fabric for to make a bolero to go with a dress. I love it!
    I haven't seen the movie, but I have seen it listed on Netflix.
    Lastly, I am glad you had Tuna for as long as you had him. I know you made his life wonderful.

  2. So sorry to hear you've been unwell, I hope you're well on the road to recovery. At least you have a wonderful place to recuperate, your room looks so warm and cosy.
    Loved all of your craft projects too, especially the beautiful Gypsy Heart self-portrait, it's gorgeous!
    Your story about Tuna really tugged at my heart. Growing up on a farm there were lots of strays around and one would always decide to become a beloved family pet . . . and then disappear! Kitties!
    Have a Happy Haunted Humpday!
    Cheers, Sarah

  3. Oooo, is that your bedroom? Very nice!

    I haven't had time to start Halloweening yet, between getting new bosses and catching a cold. But I hope to do so this weekend!

  4. I'VE MISSED YOU!!!! I'm glad you're back.

  5. I'm loving Lydia's outfit, and her glorious hair! And how could I not completely adore your "Gypsy Heart", soul sister? It calls to me, it names me...

  6. I love your art! You've been busy, and we love Lydia around here! I like the fairy and the gypsy art, too. Djin scare me, too. Have you ever read The Golem and The Jinni? It's a great book!

    I hope you're feeling better, Marfi!


  7. wow...what a feast, I have enjoyed journeying through your realm of art and magic and stories!! I love the cat story, what an intriguing experience! very very cool! totally pet cemetary!
    All of your art and creations are super beautiful! Gypsy Heart is deeply enchanting! I also love your hocus, pocus pillow..how fabulous! Thanks for sharing all of these fantastical gems!

  8. Hey Marfi, I will be writing to you soon! Promise!
    I love your special gifts! You deserve them! I have to ask, those toads aren't real, are they? LOL! Love the blanket! Your room rocks!! LOVE!! All your art creations are fabulous! I love your soul! I do think Lydia is adorable! That is a special story about Baby Tuna! Big Hugs!

  9. Hi Marfi, I have my (late and early) HH post up! Have a sweet day. Thanks again for such a fabulous post.

  10. So sorry you've not been feeling well. Love the cozy blanket... the toads, not so much. I have an aversion to them, but weirdly enough, I have a toad lamp on my desk that was my mother's. Go figure, lol.


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