“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Friday, November 19, 2010

Eggplants and socks

I made some silly creatures and wanted to share them with you...
First I have Aubergine...she's an eggplant fairy, and she's royalty of course!

She was created with a plastic eggplant and a soft doll body..
She seems to have brought along her court jester..don't know what his name is yet though...

This guy was made using a soft chenille sock, some felt and a feather boa.
I've been adding more gifts to my Birthday Giveaway!!!I'm so very excited about it,
there's still time to enter!
that's all for right now,
I hope you have a beautiful, magical Saturday.


  1. You have your creative wings on! Love your creations x

  2. oh these are great hun,really love your style,they are just awesome,hugs cheryl xxxx

  3. Your pictures gave me a smile on this foggy November day. They're great! xx

  4. Love the sock fairie - in fact, I was going to make stocking for xmas for my coworkers...I think they may be xmas fairie socks!!!!
    thanks for sharing, cheers. dana

  5. Great dolls. The first one made me giggle as eggplant is one of my favorite foods.


  6. Your silly creatures are so creative and fun and I love how your still unnamed sock character has such a BIG heart! Have a great weekend xox!

  7. Who knew an eggplant could be so cute, ha!


  8. You just about blow me away with all you creative juices. I have never seen anything like this. Great idea.

  9. these are such fun little creatures, very creative. Love the little fairy's outfit. The second one reminds me of the singer of a Spanish rock band...Cafe Tacuba....singing Ingrata with his red hair.

    Hope you have an awesome weekend.

  10. I do love Aubergine and her jester.

  11. Oh now this is too darling for words!!!!! I LOVE IT! Sweet and fabulous, precious and ever so charming is your work dearest! And your words on my comment page are just dear to me. THANK YOU! BLESS YOU! AND happy THANKSGIVING! Anita

  12. Before i forget, thank you for your lovely words in your comment on my blog. you are so kind and it means a lot to me. (had to let you know that before i got distracted by your super beings lol .... love your eggplant but I ADORE your sock jester he is just fabulous and i would have to be naming him "Tickle" lol.
    hugs June xxxxxx

  13. These are SO cute! I love the eggplant princess!

  14. How cute!!!! I had to giggle at the eggplant fairy - but it was sort of a nervous giggle. You see, I LOVE to eat eggplant! LOL Your court jester is adorable - love that sweet little face. :) Theresa

  15. These creatures are the cutest!

  16. Aww, how cute!!! You're so creative and these turned out adorable!!
    I hope you're doing well...I just wanted to come over to say "hi!"

  17. Oh sweetie you are so creative
    no cookie cutter dolls for you
    you can make your own however you want them
    they have darling personalities
    who could look at a sock
    and think court jester to an eggplant princess!
    that is why i love stopping by your blog
    never know who is going to be here :)

    HUGS to you my creative friend

  18. Those are so funny! I joined in on your giveaway....my fellow December birthday girl! Thanks for stopping by again...you can never visit too often! :)

  19. Love visiting your blog...so many creations.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such kind comments.

    Wishing you a wonderful week!

  20. Beautiful creations!!

    Have a great Thanksgiving!!


  21. These are delightful. I love how your mind works. You see things in objects like no one else!

  22. Hi Marfi,
    I just came over to say "hi" and hope you're doing well!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  23. who thought eggplant could look so sweet! adorable dolls and very clever thinking. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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