“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Birthday fun!

My birthday is next month on the 10th and I want to have a little give away for you!I would like to do something fun!
Not only will you win the silly stuff pictured, but other Christmas-y birthday-ish randomness (say that 3 times fast) is going to be included...and of course something handemade by me:)
I'm leaving this drawing open untill the 24th so I can pick someone and send it out to get there by the 10th, that way we celebrate MY birthday and YOUR un-birthday!
I will announce the winner on....the day after Thanksgiving.
you will get:
Some awesome gingerbread poptarts,

Christmas sprinkles,

A journal,

Ok, dont forget, this is just SOME of the gifties..there will be way more!
All you have to do is leave a comment. I dont ask that you follow me, I refuse to bribe you,but maybe you would get something extra if you did, lol I just need a comment so I know you were here....
now have a great day and good luck!!!


  1. Count me in! Happy Birthday to you and Happy Un-birthday to me!

  2. Best wishes on your upcoming birthday. We all need a little fun in our life. This sounds great, and some lucky person should be pleased.

  3. Oh how SWEET you are! I didn't even know they made gingerbread pop tarts. :) Thank you for offering such a wonderful prize package to celebrate your day. Theresa

  4. How very nice of you!!! You have the same birthday as my daughter and mine is on the 22nd of next month.

  5. Ha ha...I think you and I must be on the same wavelength, for I was thinking exactly the same thing! Ahhh, the 10th? Mine is the 14th - so we are Sagitarian sisters! What fun! I would love to be included, and I must get my skates on to organise something similar...when I do, I will mention your giveaway too! Thankyou for your lovely words you left on my blog x

  6. Count me in! Who can resist Christmas sprinkles and gingerbread Poptarts?!
    Happy Pre-birthday!
    PS I'm a follower, of course!

  7. Hi Marfi,
    How adorable to do this!!! (I won't enter as I have one of your gorgeous pieces and I want someone else to be able to win.) You have such a generous heart...You always astound me with your kindness!!!

  8. ~happy early birthday...hehehe...so sweet you are to welcome us to celebrate your magical day along side you! looks like you will be having quite the fun little treats...i would l♥ve to join along as i know my littles would be over the moon for some yummy poptarts and sprinkles galore!! much l♥ve and light upon you always~

  9. What a great giveaway and a wonderful way to mark your birthday. Hope it is a happy one. The prize winner will be happy thats for sure.


  10. well how fun is this?! I never knew there were limited edition Gingerbread poptarts on the market! :) Hope you have a Happy Day!

  11. Its sweet you dont want to bribe people. I follow your blog anyhow, giveaways or not! Love to win some gifties!
    faerie.sage at gmail.com

  12. GOOD EVENING PRECIOUS SOUL! WOW, thank you for coming so quickly! And...happy early birthday to you! Please count me in as well to your give away! What fun dearest....and we must find the time to laugh off the dust from the world's pressures.....thank you for your encouragement and kindness! Have a fabulous FRIDAY!!! WOOOOHOOOOO! Anita

  13. I was at Buttons for Baga and your comment just got me all teary eyed and than I had to come here to see this person that made me cry,,((hugs)) I don't follow you, first time here but your just so sweet and precious. Giving gifts on your birthday. that journal is just gorgeous!! I also love your name...Incipient Wings...hmmmmmmm...I keeping thinking about guardian angels when I think of your name...Blessings!

  14. hi hunny oh what a treat you are offering adore that journal,its great happy early birthday sweetie,would love chance to win,hun bless your heart also for the comment you left on my blog hugs cheryl x

  15. Hope you have a wonderful birthday! Awesome giveaway!....Christine

  16. First time here, found you through Angie's Fearless Friday. I would like to enter! I'm going to take a look around :)

  17. Your Holiday give away is soo cute!!! Its so nice of you!! I hope you have an amazing birthday with for family!!

    Lots of Love,

  18. definitely was here :) & had FUN !
    follower #88 - like the number - COOL :)!
    thx for the invite & would LUV that verrry cute journal.... THX! and HaPpY BirThDaY!!

  19. Great giveaway. I love that journal. dramaqueensmum@gmail.com

  20. It's my dear SIL's birthday too on the 10th. so will be thinking of you too on that day.
    Hugs xx

  21. What a lovely fun idea my friend. I would love to celebrate with you.
    hugs June xxxxxx

  22. Thank you for the lovely comments you give leaving so I thought I would come and do the same and then I read you are having a pre birthday giveaway how sweet! .. and why aren't I following you ? I ask myself you blog is wonderful so I'm following now I hope to see you back at Blissangels come anytime I'll be back again I need to read more posts Hugs Wendy

  23. Well if I get picked we will actually be celebrating our birthdays together...mine is the 9th! Happy almost birthday, my sweet friend and Happy Thanksgiving too!

    Stay Cozy,Carrie

  24. Well, I'm finally here. Didn't even realize what I was missing until I took a breath and stopped by today. I'll be here celebrating your birthday with you on the 10th whether I win or not!

  25. Hi Sweetie...
    Happy Birthday share with us. How thoughtful of you. Sounds delish as well. I love those pop tarts. The pumpkin ones were so darn yummy.

    Sprinkles look happy and who couldn't use a journal. I love to write. I write down daily my little happenings in hopes that someday, one of the kids will find joy in them.

    Again sweet friend, thank you for sharing with me. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

    P.S. Now what would it take to bride you? Ha! Ha!


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