“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Skeletons and Gratitude..

How was your Halloween?
We had a pretty quiet one, only six trick or treaters showed up!
It's okay...
We watched The Amityville Horror, ate candy and snuggled up under a blanket on the sofa.

Look at this!
I won this adorable wreath from Lady Caer Morganna at The Wiccan Life 
She also sent a pumpkin dish towel and a super cute Halloween card!!
Thank you so much!!

I also participated in an artcard swap with an instagram friend.
She sent me this..

 I sent her these..

It was fun..I hadn't done a swap in a long time and I'm hoping to do more in the future.
Anyone? anyone? lol!

For Dia de los muertos
I set up our altar like I usually do..

Helena and I made some salt dough ornaments to add to it later too.

I had a dream about my dad, which was great..
I seem to dream of him on days that are significant.
I miss him so much.
In the dream , he looked young..about 60. 
We made plans to go shopping then have lunch.
It was nice to see him again.

So, it's November!
I'm pretty excited about it, I love the Holidays..
But there's something about November..
Obviously, I look forward to Thanksgiving.
I love roasting the turkey and preparing all the food.
But this month reminds me of fairy tales and magic.
There are 
bright yellow leaves on some of the trees that rustle around,
Deep velvety skies filled with shimmering stars
The cool, crisp air sparkles with an energy that other months don't seem to have.
Maybe because here, in Arizona, it finally starts to cool down, 
and you can actually tell that there is a season other than Summer.
Anyway, all this fills my heart with hope and my thoughts turn to gratitude
Gratitude for so many things! 

I want to start a new weekly blog post..
I'm going to post recipes, crafts..a lot like HH , but more of a holiday vibe to it..
It's going to be about gratitude, magic, blessing, inspirations and joy.
You can join in, or just come by to visit.
If you do a post, it can be:
 a story about a person that inspires you,
a picture of something that makes you feel grateful,
an incredible recipe,
your art or living space,
anything that makes you feel the magic of the season. 
We are including our abandoned art in these posts too.
Helena and I make something...usually something small  that has an inspirational theme to it,
then we leave it somewhere.
(I used to do this before, you can read about it Here)

I'm going to start this week and
it's going to be called  Merry Monday! 

I hope you will join me!
I'll post something every Monday.
Have a beautiful weekend,
See you soon.

(feel  free to display this button on your blog if you want) 


  1. Lucky you. It won't be long until you will be able to use that wreath again. So happy for you. And I would LOVE to swap with you, but not until after the first of the year, please.

    I adore your Dia de los Muertos alter. It is truly beautiful and so much better than any I have made. I truly ADORE your salt dough ornaments. You two did good.

    I will gladly come by on Mondays this month and cheer you on. I will see what you do the first Monday and possibly go from there. Regardless, I will drop by to share your joy, love, gratitude, and magic.

  2. I forgot to mention how much I like your new blog banner for November.

  3. Sounds fun, I will have to watch for your next post.I am having candy withdrawals from all that I ate and now have none. Got stuff to bake with today and hope to build some ambition.

  4. Greetings, my friend! I am very happy that you liked the wreath and other gifts. Enjoy!!

    You're altar is lovely! I, too, had a dream about my dad this past week. I think it is just meant to be that way. :)

    I can not wait to see your new blog. I will most definitely visit. It sounds wonderful!

    Brightest Blessings to you!

  5. Oh, and I also wanted to say that your cards are sweet!!! Love them!!!

  6. That sounds like fun! I look forward to seeing what you share. I only had two little trick or treaters... :-(
    I love those skelly ornaments.

  7. I'm particularly struck by the witch artcard you made, with the pose of that witch and the orange trim. Is "artcard" the same thing as an ATC? I'll follow comments here.

    I've never made an altar like that, but I do have a family photo wall, which may serve the same purpose. Maybe I could add a little shelf among the photos....

    Here in Memphis we're expecting a high of 80F today, so it doesn't feel much like November to me, but the sky is gray and the leaves are changing. We'll probably build a fire in the chiminea to Remember Remember the 5th of November.

    I look forward to your November posts! There's so much to be grateful for.

  8. First, your new banner is beautiful!
    Second, I love what you got from Kim and your art swap is so cool! I am really hoping to have your painting finished before Christmas!
    I love your altar!
    Merry Monday sounds wonderful! What a great idea!
    Big Hugs!

  9. Everything looks wonderful! - trying to catch up!


thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it:)