“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Monday, November 13, 2017

Merry Monday ll

Welcome back!
How was your week?
We have been very busy here.
My older daughter is preparing for her senior recital soon.
There's been much running around and rehearsing for her.
She's also getting ready for her graduation next month!
I'm late posting this because my email is acting up..it's not loading any of the
photos I have added today.
Have you had peanut butter kiss blossoms lately?
We made some yesterday.
You need some peanut butter cookie dough or mix.
We used this:
 bake according to the directions.
After the cookies are out of the oven and cooled off a bit, 
place a Hershey kiss right in the middle.

I love when Christmas comes around and we stop at the dollar store.
Where most people see Christmas decorations, I see future art projects!

tinsel or fairy skirts?

Flower picks or magic wands?

And who says only indoor trees in December need stars hanging from them?
All  the trees in my yard have stars on them! Year round.

I'm excited to create some fun with the goodies I found the other day.

I made a couple of crafts using some old containers.

Hansel and Gretel was my favorite fairy tale when I was a child, 
well, one of them anyway..
I had the Little Golden book and I would read it over and over..
I was fascinated by the witch's house, her windows were made of spun sugar!
Oh, I loved that book!!
This is the icing cup project..
You know when you buy cinnamon rolls to bake at home,
 they come with the icing in a little cup at the end of the tube..
That little cup is what I used to create this ornament.

Hansel & Gretel (Nibble Nibble mousie)

I used some mini Kewpie dolls from Lisa Kettell Designs Etsy
A small chipboard cupcake 
scrapbook paper
pink glitter foam
small plastic candy
white fabric paint
white glue
hot glue
icing cup

cut out the paper to fit in the icing cup, then glue it in place with white glue.
sprinkle glitter on any excess glue that showed.
paint the cupcake, add  a door & windows.
use white fabric paint to create icing on the "roof" of the cupcake.
cover it in glitter, of course.
when it dries hot glue it to the scrapbook paper in the cup.
cut a strip of pink craft foam to fit from the top of the cup to the cupcake.
(like a little path)
hot glue tinsel all around the top.
paint your little dolls using markers and glitter, add clothing made of fabric scraps if you want.  
And there you have it, Hansel and Gretel running for their lives.. 
instead of eating the witch's house and destroying her life..hahaha

 This next one is Alice in her wonderland circus tent!

I used an empty salt container to make this

You need a violet doll from Lisa's shop
acrylic paints in:
silver star confetti 
glitter glue
yellow wool felting
glitter star
white glue
Ric Rac trim
small mushroom
mini chandelier 
sheer ribbon
rhinestone pendant
hot glue
X-acto  knife
pretty scrapbook papers
pink glitter foam sheet

Carefully cut an opening on the container.
make sure you leave a small ledge on the bottom so it doesn't fall apart.

secure paper to the inside using white glue 
hot glue moss to the bottom,
add mushroom and star confetti
make tent folds by folding paper accordion style
add ribbon
hot glue around the container
add glitter glue to edges
 cut out 8 triangles from gold glitter paper
glue above doorway
 make a large cone out of pink craft foam
glue onto the top. 
glue tinsel around door way
hot glue chandelier to the inside
paint doll, let dry
add yellow felting
hot glue doll to inside the tent
add silver confetti stars to rooftop
glue rhinestone pendant to door way
glue glitter star to top

I can't show you the abandoned art we created this week because of my email
but we left it at a place called Tempe Town lake..
It was a little gingerbread boy ornament made of clay.
we wrote 
"You Are Loved"
and left it on a bench.
Elizabeth, from 
suggested that we leave socks near areas where there are many homeless people,
because that's one item that's always in high demand.
We think that's a wonderful idea and will show you in the coming weeks
what we do. Thank you Elisabeth:)


So, last week I talked about Lisa Kettell as a person that inspires me,
This week, I'd like to tell you about her mom,
Joan Kettell

She is absolutely the sweetest lady ever, if you meet her, you just love her!
I felt like I belonged when I was visiting New Jersey.
She has a knack for making you feel comfortable.
 She's generous, beautiful, genuine and so, so talented.
The jewelry she creates is just gorgeous.
That's not all she makes either,
Here's a sample of  her amazing art.

If you want to see more of her incredible creations you can find them on her 
instagram here.
thank you for inspiring me Joan!
I'm ending this Merry Monday
 with three things I'm grateful for today....

1. Helena
2. the moon
3.improved health

Thank you for stopping by,
See you soon!!


  1. I should know better than to come to your blog right before bed--I'm craving cookies!

    I hope you show us some of what happens at the recital.

  2. I stopped by twice this morning before I left the house. I'm glad to see your latest Merry Monday. BTW, I seem to have missed a post from last Wednesday. I need to be more diligent.

    That icing cup is fabulous. I use the metal ends to make the bodies of birds, but never thought to use the cups. And the wonderful use of your salt container is sheer genius.

    LOVED this post and look forward to seeing you soon. I appreciate your Merry Monday posts. They are really fabulous, including the recipe for peanut butter kisses, too.

  3. I like that you have had fun leaving the random gifts.I tried to make some somewhat healthy oatmeal cookies and hope they are since I have eaten so many.

  4. Great post. You are so right about Dollar Tree and seeing art projects. I just took out a mom and daughter for helping me when my car ran over my leg (ran out of gas) on 10/25 We went to the mall and there was a $1 store there. They had pretty pretty necklaces (I'll post a photo next time) with Frida Kahlo in the middle. Immedialty I could picture a shrine using that. Then they had a bunch of flower with small feather hair clips. I bought one to use on a card. The daughter (10) asked are those for your crafts. I said yes. She wanted to do crafts with me that day but I told her, honey, you saw that room, it's a disaster. She said she would help me clean and organize it. I'm thinking of taking her up on it. So, my point is yes, we are alike, we buy the decorations to make other stuff.

  5. I'll be making peanut butter cookies this year for the first time in many years. Fond memories. I like fairy tales and remember that Golden Book. I still have a couple of fairy tale collections from when I was a child :)

    Good luck to your daughter on her senior recital!

  6. I really enjoy your blog and your new Merry Monday feature. I LOVE your idea of Abandoned Art, and I think Elizabeth's idea of leaving socks is awesome! You have a lovely, kind heart,and your home must be the funnest place on earth. Helena is a lucky girl to have you for a mom.
    I also wanted you to know how much I enjoyed "Por una Cabeza"--it was beautiful! November is my favorite month, too :)
    Thank you for all your wonderful inspiration!

  7. You are so creative and clever. I adore the Christmas ornaments! They are too, too cute! Happy your health is better, and congrats to your daughter graduating! Is it HS or college? YAY!

  8. You have been very busy. I have made the peanut butter blossom cookies, though I'm not a big fan of PB. The kisses taste delicious on a plain, vanilla base, too. Your storybook doll creations are adorable. I'm imagining how cute they would look on a Christmas tree. Sounds like exciting times ahead for your daughter. Congratulations to her for passing a milestone.

  9. What a beautiful post!!! Love!! I can't tell you how much I am smiling! Thank you my friend! Congrats to your oldest daughter!! I so love all your creations! So much fun! Love those cookies! Never had them before! Yummy!!!! Thank you for introducing us to Joan! Big Hugs! Keep being you!!

  10. Congratulations to your daughter on her graduation and best of luck with her recital. How exciting! Does she sing or play an instrument?
    Love your Merry Mondays, the craft projects are so cute (they've made me take a second look at stuff I'm recycling, ha!) and the Kettels are sure a talented team. I've enjoyed visiting their sites.
    Thanks for sharing all your great ideas and recipes. I'm going to bring up the concept of Abandoned Art at a local artist's event this weekend and see if we can work on it as a group.
    Sorry for being so late commenting, I picked up a bug right after Halloween and haven't been so ill in years. Hope I can participate in Magic Mondays soon!

  11. Those ornaments are so cute! Have you made the peanut butter cup cookies? You use the peanut butter cookie dough. It's baked in muffin cups and instead of putting in the kisses you use reesee's peanut butter cups. Yumm!!


thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it:)