“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Haunted Humpday...Vampires?

It's time once again for

Wow, after today,
 only two more Haunted Humpdays left this year..
Has it gone by quickly for you as well?

We've been having the best time!
Trying to have a mini Halloween party every week
helps us squeeze as much of the holiday as possible
into this month.

We made cookies..
I don't particularly care for these, but they are cute...
I think it's the packaging that gets us haha. 

                                              Do you like the burnt, folded up one in the corner...?
my specialty :)
I took this photo before they were all gone..the plate was completely full....
they just kept disappearing.

We also had these,
we like how they look, but they really don't taste all that great..

We made these critters (a while ago) out of 
black felt, 
wooden dowels 
glow in the dark hot glue
 glow in the dark glitter glue.
Just make your design on black felt
using a white pastel
go over it with glow in the dark hot glue
cut it out
fill it in with glow in the dark glitter glue
hot glue a wooden dowel to the back
expose to light 
turn off the lights!
we had a puppet show, then the creatures had a dance party.

We also made these ghostly heart ornaments.
You just use plastic heart ornaments
which I'm pretty sure they have at craft stores right now..
put a coat of glue inside them, then add your favorite glitters and shake them up.
draw on a ghostly face
then attach foam arms

How do you feel about vampires?
I know there are many that claim to be actual vampires...

I'm not sure how I feel about it
I think there's something to it..
I know how my girl feels about them..
this is how she does her homework most days, lol

Did you know there's a Vampire Court of Austin?
They have a king and queen.
These modern day vampires have a very interesting lifestyle.

This is Viking Slayne,
Count of the Vampire court

I know, he's beautiful..

He's a really nice guy too.
I don't know so much about the blood drinking
but i do know that he is charismatic &
if vampires have the ability to draw you in...he truly has it. 
You can find out more about him and the Vampire court here.

 I painted this few months ago..

Here's another painting I made, but he's
        an old fashioned vampire.
I think this Nosferatu
would have to lure you with flowers and the old hypnotic eye...
'cause he's not as alluring as Mr. Slayne.

How about this..
remember this paper mache vampire from a few years back?

last but not least is my (other) little vampire girl ...
I do enjoy these creatures...

Here's a neat poem by jack prelutsky

The Vampire
The night is still and sombre, and in the murky gloom, arisen from his slumber, 
the vampire leaves his tomb. 
His eyes are pools of fire, his skin is icy white, and blood his one desire this woe begotten night.
 Then through the silent city he makes his silent way, prepared to take no pity upon his hapless prey.
 An open window beckons, he grins a huge grin, and pausing not one second he swiftly climbs within. 
And there, beneath her covers, his victim lies asleep. 
With fangs agleam he hovers And with those fangs, bites deep.
 The vampire drinks till sated,
 he fills his every pore, and then, his thirst abated, licks clean the dripping gore.
 With powers now replenished,
his thirst no longer burns,
His quest this night is finished, 
so to his tomb he turns, 
and there awhile in silence 
he'll rest beneath the mud until, 
with thoughts of violence, 
he wakes and utters.........

You know that one creepy house in the neighborhood? 
the one your friends dared you to walk by after dark?
We had two..one I've talked about before.
This other one...well, it's a whole different type of weird.
I still remember not being allowed to go near it after IT happened.

It was across the street & was empty a lot of the time.
There were two women living there when the 'incident' occurred.
One was elderly, the other in her late thirties.
One night a neighbor stopped by and asked
 if we heard all the noise coming from across the street..
being late october, we had all the doors and windows closed up tight..
so we hadn't heard anything.
having the front door open let all the sounds drift over.
they were horrific..mixed among the sounds of the radio being on at full volume..
you could hear blood curdling screams, chanting, laughter and a pig squealing.
Our neighbor said it had been going on for about an hour..
the police had been called but no one had shown up yet.
She said her sons had knocked on the door but no one had answered. 
Instead the lights had been turned off.
At one point the screams became more and more strident..
the guys decided they were going to go in there no matter what..
They crossed the road and approached the front door
After forcing a window open (and armed with only a flashlight)
they went inside.
 the screams stopped abruptly.
They were in there only a short while when they ran back out shouting.
They told my parents what they saw later..
I, of course, listened covertly.
The inside of the house was completely dark..
none of the switches worked.
It smelled of decay and the coppery tang of blood.
In the back bedroom there were strange symbols 
painted all over the walls.
in the middle of the room a large pig was lying there mutilated
In a corner hanging from the ceiling were the carcasses of small animals
all dried out and bloodless.
As if that wasn't scary enough, they noticed that 
The back door and windows were boarded up and nailed shut.
But no one was in the house..
The police didn't find the occupants there in the house
 or anywhere else in the surrounding areas.
 The land lord cleaned up the place and tried renting it out eventually...
 people moved in and within a couple of months they would pack up and leave.
The rumor went around that the women were vampires and had turned themsleves
into rats or mice when the guys went in there..
Kids at school said their parents cautioned them to behave or you might see two pale faces
with crimson eyes looking in through your window one night. 

Did I believe they were vampires...?
maybe a little bit, I was around nine years old after all.
Do I still believe it?
of course not...
not when I'm in my bed all safe and warm with the curtains drawn tight.
Ask me again when I'm outside, it's dark
& there's a clear view of the house across the street.
Then...my beliefs might change.

That's it for this week my friends...

I almost forgot...
The winner of last weeks HH prize
 is comment #9
 RickiJill from Art@home

Take care, be creepy
and I'll see you soon!



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