“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Monday, December 4, 2017

Merry Monday in December!

I know it's late!
I had a bit of vertigo and it threw everything off for me yesterday and today.
But I'm better now and I don't want to miss posting.
I hope you had a very

I love October and November, but this month is truly special to me.
Not only do we have cooler weather and Christmas, but this is my birthday month!
I'm not one of those people that think" it's just another day" or they don't want to celebrate.
nope, not me!
I love it!
The mood, the cake, the gifts, the candles!!
Hell, I'd wear a tiara if I had one, lol.
I'm happy and grateful to spend another year with such lovely friends and my family!!
And you know how I like to celebrate every little thing..

Did you see the full moon last night?
It looked so gorgeous!
My friend Bernie took a picture of it for me, my phone just doesn't take 
pictures as good as his does.
It was 58 degrees and there was a breeze!

We made this cocoa the other night, 
Helena got it from the Great Pumpkin and we waited to try it.
It's very rich..

Since the night was chilly we made gingerbread to go with the cocoa.
They turned out okay..not like last year when I made sugar cookies for Santa.
I put them up on the fridge to cool & I bumped my arm, involuntarily jerked it back
and all the cookies flew to the four corners of the earth, much to the delight of the dog and cats!
It took forever to sweep up because we couldn't stop laughing.

We sprinkled these with pink sugar..

These are funfetti cupcakes Helena and my niece made yesterday.
We were going to decorate our stockings while they baked, but that's one of the times I got very dizzy.
The cupcakes were decorated while I took a nap. The stockings had to wait.

Remember all the neat stuff I got on black Friday at the thrift store?
Here's some of it...
sheet music to use in art projects for .75 cents
A one dollar frog made of what feels like cast iron, he's very heavy!

These hanging crystals..They were terribly tangled and after I spent half an hour untangling them
I hung them on this heart ornament I already had. Can't tell from the photo but they go all the way around the heart, it was a set of two but the other one had torn chains, so now I have a bunch of loose crystals to craft with. They were .25 cents

This desk organizer for $3.50

Old Christmas lights..I bought them to use in crafts..I'm too afraid to use vintage light strings.
.50 cents

I also found vintage cupcake liners and tart tins..
.25 cents each

I made this with one of the bulbs..

This is how she looks on the tree by my bed...

some of the other ornaments I've made recently...

I made this with an old ping pong ball and a light bulb bottle from Michael's.
I also used the vintage cupcake liners to create the little tree she's holding!
fold the liner in half...
roll it into a cone, add hot glue to keep it from unrolling, then decorate or paint them.

For this centerpiece project
We used clear plastic plates leftover from Thanksgiving..
covered them in glue & glitter and added cupcake liner trees.
that tiny Santa was .10 cents, I painted him pink and glued him down.
The house was a gift from Helena, two years ago
(she knows I LOVE gingerbread houses)
Isn't it cute?!

Here's a glimpse of my lovely assistant.. thinks he's helping when he gets on my lap and falls asleep while I try to craft:) He has purple glitter on his nose!

This is what Helena made for our abandoned art this week.
We left it on a bus bench..

Do you have any events or parties coming up?

I was fortunate enough to meet the most incredible person last February..
Her name is Christie Troxell, 
she's an amazing Designer, Artist and Brand Ambassador

" Ritzy Parties is a full service design and coordination firm offering luxury event products and services, professional styling and merchandising, fresh florals, interior d├ęcor consulting, and custom, commissioned art. We bring style to story, and dreams to life.

Ritzy Parties is headquartered in Southern California, and serves esteemed clients nationwide, 
providing meticulously planned, curated events that are creatively and uniquely conceptualized, 
and elegantly executed."

 Christie Troxell, CEO, Creative Director

I hope you get a chance to look at her website.
It's filled with eye candy and art projects too.

Well, thank you for stopping by this week.
Sorry it was SO late.
I'm going to leave you with this...

See you soon..


  1. I should know better than to stop by your cyber-home while I'm hungry. I having serious problems keeping myself from taking a bite off my screen--those cookies and cakes (and the thought of hot cocoa!) are delicious. And I'm extremely jealous of your cast-iron flog. JEALOUS!

    Hope your week is better, after the rocky start. And that your birthday month is good to you.

  2. On this gloomy morning, your page is a welcome burst of color and happiness. I occasionally have bouts of vertigo usually tied to the weather. There's a youtube video with a 3 step technique to stop the whirlies.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qw1QciZWfP0

    Himself and I were out just as the moon was rising so we saw it huge on the horizon. Very beautiful. I wanted to take a picture, but can't seem to get good pictures of sky stuff with my iPhone.

    The chocolate conveyor belt episode is my favorite Lucy. The hot chocolate with its crown of cream looks amazing as do the gingerbread cookies and cupcakes. Your Christmas crafts are clever and your assistant is adorable. Have a great week.

  3. The full moon was really something! I need some of the hot chocolate today as a cold front with TONS of rain is headed our way. I was meant to have lunch with a couple of Alabama bloggers, and we had to cancel due to the weather. That little lightbulb ornament is so flipping' cute. I love all your vintage crafts. You should start a company you are so talented!

  4. A busy month for you. I was going to make something last night but couldn't make up my mind.Make lots of goodies this time of year to share.

  5. Glad to see I wasn't as ditzy as I thought after I stopped by yesterday. I hope you are feeling better now.

    Had to laugh at the gingerbread snafu. That is something I would do. So you know I'm laughing with, not at you. I don't think the cats would be as happy as your dog to get the spoils of your spill.

    The other cookies and cupcakes look great, and I'm sure they are equally as delicious. Those little cupcake liner trees are perfect. And so is the vignette you created using them and the santa and gingerbread house.

    I have a ton of those old lights, but mine DON'T work like yours did. I like the little girl angel you made from the bulb, and I really like your tree and all the decos you have made to compliment it.

    That frog is amazing. I have a rocking horse that is heavy and I use is as a door stop, so I suspect you will find an excellent use for yours soon.

    Have a super week, dear. I hope it gets better and better as the week progresses, too.

  6. Happy Birthday month! Go out there and get a tiara! :)

    We had clear weather for that full moon, and I got a shot with my phone. Not a great photo, but good enough for what I wanted (which was to share it on FB lol). My husband's the hot chocolate drinker and gingerbread maker at our house, and I'm the happy consumer. Yours look especially tasty. I like your iron frog. I have 3 pewter ones, and there's something satisfying about a piece so small that weighs a bit heavy in the hand.

    What a happy-looking cat!

  7. Love, Love, Love your posts!!
    I hope you are feeling better?? Not good feeling dizzy!
    Happy Early Birthday! Love the moon photo! She was gorgeous!
    I want some hot chocolate and cookies! Sorry, but I was laughing about you flying your cookies everywhere! LOL!
    You scored at the thrift store! Love that frog! Love your ornaments! Give kitty a hug from me! Helena too!
    Big Hugs!

  8. What a bummer about your vertigo! I hope you feel better soon. I just got over the Benign Positional form, ugh! Don't know what's worse, the medication or the exercises to get rid of it, neither of them seem to work.
    Your cookies and cupcakes look fabulous and that cup of hot cocoa, wow! Now I'm on the lookout for that brand.
    The Black Friday haul is fantastic, that frog looks so real. For about the hundredth time I so wish I would've had your blog for inspiration when I was involved in Cub Scouts. Your Christmas ornaments would've been perfect for the kids to make. They are so cute!
    Thanks for the fun and the link to Ritzy Parties, too!
    Happy Birthday month!
    So sorry about bing late, here's my tardy link: https://calamitousbotanicus.blogspot.com/2017/12/magic-monday-wednesday-edition-genes.html

  9. Oh WOW! Everything looks so DELICIOUS and what great bargains, too!

    How wonderful that it is your birthday month!! Happy Birthday to you!

  10. Your post are always amazing, i like that cookies from cake batter,its cool idea. Beautiful decor.


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