“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Friday, December 10, 2010

Kiss me..I'm a guerrilla!

And it's my birthday today!
I want to take the time to thank everyone that has joined me here on this blog to celebrate life and creativity every day!
You all have saved me from anxiety, depression, and fear.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart:)
Here's my cake...

It's white chocolate frosting dyed pink with triple chocolate cake inside.
I wish every one of you could have a piece.
Here's my card..

I have some gifts I will open later:)
And I was able to drop off a bitty gift at a bus stop bench last night...so exciting to be able to give something away on my birthday!!
Here are the pretty young things I created, lol

I only dropped one off because the other one is going to take a trip in a mail truck soon.
I took a picture of her on the bench too:

I'm going to post a guerrilla art project every week...on Thursday/Friday...I want to do this until..forever...not just for December, if anyone wants to join in and leave a link you are most welcome to do so. It will be ongoing so if the holidays are super busy, like I know they can be, then join in afterwards if you want to.
I cannot describe the feeling I get doing this.I love it.
Thank you once again..I am grateful for ..my love, my girls, my dad, my home, my dogs..and cats, and the awesome, incredible, super generous lovelies I have met in blogland!

ok, time for chocolate breakfast...


  1. ~where to begin!!! wishing you a bright beautiful year ahead...overflowing with only goodness and blessings to come forth in your days!!! your cake your card your art...fit for a queen...so wonderful to indulge in such a creative special way...i l♥ve the thought of spreading a bit of magic and joy to others who least likely would expect such...i will try my best to join along...such a heart you behold...happy happy birthday my dear friend...much l♥ve and light upon you and yours~

  2. Happy, happy, happy birthday dear love! You deserve the best. It's my SIL's b'day today too and we have a surprise party for him tomorrow night.It.s getting dark here now. I hope you have had a wonderful day.
    Big Hugs
    June xx

  3. How fun to leave a random stranger a little surprise! So sweet!

    Happy Birthday!!! Your cake sounds and looks delicious! Yum! Today is my daughter's birthday too!

    Enjoy your special day!

  4. Happy, happy, happy birthday dear Marfi!! I wish you oodles of joy, love, sparkles, magic, fun, glitter and art! Enjoy your day (and yummy cake)and make it as beautiful and awesome as you are!!


  5. Dear Marfi,
    What a fabulous post!!! Well, "Birthday Girl," I hope your day is as wonderful as you are!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday and what a scrummy looking cake. Your kindness is such a wonderful thing, I hope the recipient of your guerilla doll (which is lovely by the way) is pleased with their find.

  7. and I was trying to be good today! now I have uncontrollable urges to eat cake with tons of icing! love that! hehee...

    it really is amazing what running a blog can actually do for a girl, isn't it...it is so much fun to share our creativity..but it goes farther than that...so I really do know what you mean!

    ciao bella
    have a happy, happy day!

    Creative Carmelina

  8. Happy Birthday!!! Have a super day (and weekend!). Your cake looks scrumptiously decadent! Your angels are adorable!
    What's guerrilla art?

  9. OMG! Cindy from Cindy's Whimsical Musings sent me over and I'm just so happy that she did! I'm sure that I would like to jump in after the holidays as I'll be going out of town so please do remind those of us who would like to get in on your gifts to join in. Love it.

    Hugs XX

  10. Love it!! Keep doing what you're doing...guerrilla art rocks!!


  11. Okay I forgot to ask you to visit my blog: barbara-moorewhimsies.blogspot.com/ Hope you like it.

    Hugs XX

  12. "Happy Happy Birthday to You"!!! I was just over at Frosted Petunia and She has a cake for you, SO I thought I'd scoot right over here and wish you a WONDERFUL DAY!!! Hugs to the Birthday Girl!

  13. Happy Birthday!
    Blessings and Love to you!

  14. I came by way of your dear friend Anna to wish you a happy birthday! While I'm here, I believe I'll take a look around a bit. Nice blog!

  15. Happy Birthday! I hope your day is super fabulous!

  16. Happy birthday to YOU! I hope you have had a most lovely birthday. I'm so thrilled to have you met you and be able to share this day with you. :) Congrats on the guerrilla art - I love the stealth photo! Keep it up!!! :) Theresa

  17. Thank you so much for stopping by and being my 3rd follower. I am so excited and also a little worried. In the past few hours I have changed my background I don't know how many times and you may have come into a mess. Thanks for not mentioning it. ;-) Happy birthday, again!

  18. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to dear Incipient Wings
    Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, sorry I'm a day late but I'm singing this to youuuuuuuuuuu stilllllllllllllll..

    ((hugs))Keep on soaring girl with those beautiful wings of yours!~

  19. Happy Birthday, Marfi. I came here from Cindy's blog. Now you've made me want a cupcake. Wonder why? Your blog looks delicious.

  20. Marfi dearest....there is no greater joy than to know one is LOVED. The most everlasting power in the universe, and we get to experience a drop of it in such vast capacity....HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ONE and I thank you for joining in on my GIVE AWAY!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOOO! May you name be CHOSEN DEAREST ONE!!!!!

    Oh, you are well-loved! HAPPY DAY!!!


    P.S. Isn't blogland the best thing?

  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! sending you a BIG hug and a smile your way.

    What a wonderful thing you are doing by spreading your artistic creations and brightening someone's day. I can see how you must get so much joy out of doing this for total strangers. Everyone needs a little smile and these cuties sure bring one on. I'd like to try it, I'll let you know when.

    I hope you have a HAPPY AMAZING BIRTHDAY!!

  22. Happy happy birthday to you! Hope your day was filled with FUN and happiness! Enjoy this special season! And eat lots of CAKE! ♥♥♥

  23. Happy birthday!!! That cake is fabulous (and is making my mouth water...chocolate cake is the BEST!!!) Can't wait to see where your little angels end up next! :)

  24. i hope your day was as beautiful as you are!!!

  25. Belated Birthday Wishes. Your bus bench drop off is adorable. I'd love to have been able to see the look on the face of the person who found it.


  26. Happy Happy Birthday, I hope your Birthday and Birthday Weekend was filled with lots of magic, special surprises and love!

    Your new dollies are AMAZING!
    Happy Monday!

  27. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to you Marfi! I am so sorry I am behind with my visits and I do hope you had a wonderful day! I've gone back in your archives to bring myself up-to-date and I must ask ... are you randomly dropping off hand-made goodies all around town? IE - the wee doll you've left at the bus stop! Belated Birthday HUGS - xox

  28. Happy belated birthday to you! I am new to your site. Your attitude of gratitude is marvelous! And I love this idea of leaving your art for an unsuspecting soul to happen upon. Imagine, it could be someone so in need of an uplifting moment! How wonderful is that!

  29. Happy Birthday sweet and fun girl!!! How nice that you drop off such fun gifts to the unsuspecting!

    Thanks for stopping by today. I love it when you do.


  30. I'm a little bit late...but just wanted to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope that you had a wonderful day, full of magic and suprises xxx

  31. So sorry I missed your Birthday~ We have quite a few Birthdays the month of Dec. kinda puts a damper on the Birthday celebrations with all the hustle of Christmas. Hope yours was grand. Happy Holidays, Diane


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