“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

A bunch of Hocus Pocus and a little bit of chills and thrills

Welcome back!
Did you have a spooky week?

We did! 
Especially on Saturday.
So get ready for this week's installment of....

I used to have this book.
It has the most amazing stories, recipes and folklore ever!!
It was ruined when someone left a swamp cooler float 
in the wrong position and we had a flood in our house:(
Anyhow, I was gifted it recently and it's just as fun as I remembered.
You can probably find it on Amazon.

This is one of the Haunted  houses on our mantle..
It's from 'Tuesday Morning'
I love that it lights up..the outside is black and covered in glitter.
See  those multi colored Jack-'o-Lanterns?
I found them at the thrift store for $2, not even opened!

The pumpkin guy and the cat are from the 99cents store,
aren't they adorable? They are heavy too.
The other critters are also from Tuesday Morning

Look at my little baby boy, Peeves!!
He's the best kitty!
He gets on the sink when I do the dishes, (while meowing loudly)
 eats scrambled eggs with toast and he loves to play fetch with a foil ball.
He especially likes when I play with my tarot or goddess cards..
He comes into the room, sits quietly, doesn't knock things down & wont 
leave until the reading is over.

 Look what we found at our neighborhood grocery store!!!
They are huge and on sale 2 for 8 dollars.
I love going to the local pumpkin patch near us,
 but the prices are usually a little bit ridiculous.
This was a great bargain.

On Sunday we had a little celebration party..
just because:)
The design was drawn.... 

Just kidding, this was a joke played on me.. everyone knows I'd never approve
such a itty bitty face on  our pumpkin..lol...so even though it was cute..we changed it!
Do you do anything special to your Jack-o'-lantern?
As soon as ours is carved
(I can't touch raw pumpkin innards, I'm terribly allergic)
I cover the inside with cinnamon powder, pumpkin pie spice or cloves.
When the candle starts burning, the scent that wafts out is incredible!!!!

I created a little wooden Halloween plaque
for this week's Haunted Humpday..
 I'm actually working on my website and this little guy is
going to be on it, along with a many of my creations.
 This is 3 inches by 5 inches.
& there's a little hanger on it.
If you're interested, send me an email :)

Look at this! The Halloween Oreos are at Target!!
The season has officially started for me when these are finally available.

 We watched Hocus Pocus,

Then I made these adorable brownies!!

I baked brownies,
 when they cooled,
I used a scalloped edged cookie cutter to shape them.
When that was done, I used black gel icing
to add the details.
For the eye, you can use candy eyeballs
(which are for sale right now)
or white icing.
Here's how they looked set up on a plate
before they were all decorated.
Aren't they cute?!

We also made some home made caramel corn, I don't have a picture unfortunately..it goes fast.
But there is a recipe I follow...

                          Cooking spray
                          4 quarts popped popcorn
                          1 cup brown sugar
                          1/2 cup light or dark syrup
                          1/2 cup butter
                          1/2 teaspoon salt
                          1/2 teaspoon baking soda
                          1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  1. Spray large shallow roasting pan with cooking spray. Add popcorn and place in preheated 250 degrees F oven while preparing caramel.
  2. Mix brown sugar, corn syrup, butter and salt in a heavy 2-quart saucepan. Stirring constantly, bring to a boil over medium heat.
  3. Boil 5 minutes without stirring. Remove from heat. Stir in baking soda and vanilla; mix well.
  4. Pour syrup over warm popcorn, stirring to coat evenly.
  5. Bake for 45 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove from oven and spread on foil that has been sprayed with cooking spray.
  6. Cool; break apart. Store in tightly covered container.

 Are you ready for a little story?
Well, grab a brownie and a cup of caramel corn & get cozy...

Have you ever heard of the Slithery Dee?
There's a poem written about it, which I found on Wikipedia: 
Oh... The Slithery Dee
He lives in the sea
He saw all the others
But he didn't see me
The Slithery Dee
He came out of the sea
He chased all the others
But he didn't chase me
The Slithery Dee
I hid in a tree
He caught all the others
But he couldn't catch me
The Slithery Dee
He went back to the sea
He ate all the others
But he didn't eat me
The Slithery Dee
Oh where can he be?
He ate all the others
But he'll never eat ---

 It's a little creepy right?..it's about a sea monster (according to Wikipedia)
Well, years ago
my brother's friend told us a story about when he was a child...
He was visiting his grandparents farm.
After dinner,on the first night,
 they went for a walk to the small lake that was on the property..
When they returned home it was about time to get ready for bed.  
Not being used to their schedule, he lay awake for a while..
to pass the time, he decided to get up and
walk back to the lake.
He was not afraid, as the moon was full and the path was bright.
He arrived and sat down on the little pier, enjoying the view and the fresh breeze.
After a short while he heard a loud splash...
he couldn't make out exactly where it came from, nor could he see what it was.
He then decided that it was time to get going.
It seemed to him, to take a very long time to get back to the house,
 much longer than it took to get to the lake.
Along the way, he said he heard shuffling in the bushes behind him.
As he climbed into bed, he glanced out of the window
 and thought he saw a dark shape slink behind the garage. 
Throughout his visit, he was nervous and uncomfortable, always
sure that there was something watching, just out of the corner of his eye. 
This feeling persisted even after he arrived home.
He claimed this creature had tentacles, a large squishy body and glowing eyes.  
It would hide in the dark corners of his room, in the bathroom hamper and under the sofa.
Eventually he grew out of this phase or the fear itself and he forgot about it.
Many years later, he said he read this poem in a book of scary stories his niece had brought home.
It reminded him instantly of his old childhood fear.
He told my brother that he was pretty sure he was going to start hearing and seeing things again....

Do you have a story or poem from your childhood that still freaks you out?
I'm still afraid of the little orphan Annie poem about how the gobble-uns'll git you if you don't watch out!!
I read that when I was 7..I remember I was in my parent's room, waiting for dinner to be ready..
the sun was starting to go down and it was in that weird twilight time, when it's just about to 
be too dark indoors and a light needs to be turned on.

Little Orphant Annie

Little Orphant Annie’s come to our house to stay,
An’ wash the cups an’ saucers up, an’ brush the crumbs away,
An’ shoo the chickens off the porch, an’ dust the hearth, an’ sweep,
An’ make the fire, an’ bake the bread, an’ earn her board-an’-keep;
An’ all us other childern, when the supper things is done,
We set around the kitchen fire an’ has the mostest fun
A-list’nin’ to the witch-tales ‘at Annie tells about,
An’ the Gobble-uns ‘at gits you
             Ef you
Onc’t they was a little boy wouldn’t say his prayers,--
So when he went to bed at night, away up stairs,
His Mammy heerd him holler, an’ his Daddy heerd him bawl,
An’ when they turn’t the kivvers down, he wasn’t there at all!
An’ they seeked him in the rafter-room, an’ cubby-hole, an’ press,
An’ seeked him up the chimbly-flue, an’ ever’wheres, I guess;
But all they ever found was thist his pants an’ roundabout--
An’ the Gobble-uns’ll git you
             Ef you
An’ one time a little girl ‘ud allus laugh an’ grin,
An’ make fun of ever’one, an’ all her blood an’ kin;
An’ onc’t, when they was “company," an’ ole folks was there,
She mocked ‘em an’ shocked ‘em, an’ said she didn’t care!
An’ thist as she kicked her heels, an’ turn’t to run an’ hide,
They was two great big Black Things a-standin’ by her side,
An’ they snatched her through the ceilin’ ‘fore she knowed what she’s about!
An’ the Gobble-uns’ll git you
             Ef you
An’ little Orphant Annie says when the blaze is blue,
An’ the lamp-wick sputters, an’ the wind goes woo-oo!
An’ you hear the crickets quit, an’ the moon is gray,
An’ the lightnin’-bugs in dew is all squenched away,--
You better mind yer parents, an’ yer teachers fond an’ dear,
An’ churish them ‘at loves you, an’ dry the orphant’s tear,
An’ he’p the pore an’ needy ones ‘at clusters all about,
Er the Gobble-uns’ll git you
             Ef you
Ok, it's very late and I'm getting a little sleepy..
I think I'll leave a light on for sure..
I don't want that slithery dee coming out from under the bed:O

(Thank you for your responses to my Stephen King Party..
it's going to be so much fun!!!)

Goodnight, I'll see you soon!!!


  1. Your decorations are cute and I love the carousel black cats. Delicious treats and fun art. Great combination. Your poems/stories made me think of a funny (now not then) thing that happened when watching "Carrie" (the one with William Katt and Sissy Spacek) at the theater. My friend and I were making fun of it because it was so campy and silly. Until the last scene which I didn't expect. Scared the heck out of me. I was so hysterical my friend had to drive around for awhile until I calmed down before we went home! Happy Haunted Hump Day!

    1. That's such a powerful scene! wow, I can't imagine how scared you were.
      I remember watching it at my aunt's house(she was asleep)
      after it ended,I was petrified..I almost peed on her sofa cause I was too afraid to walk through the dark house to get to the bathroom.
      To this day, whenever I hear the song that plays at the end, I get a flashback:)

  2. Peeves has the perfect name for a cat who appreciates proper Tarot etiquette ;)

    I like the haunted house, and although I'm not adding more holiday decorations at this point, I have to say I'm not sure I can resist a trip to Tuesday Morning. You know, just to look ;) I haven't had caramel corn since I was a child, but I'm thinking I have all those ingredients.... The first version of that Slithery Dee poem I ever heard was on an audio tape, and we _loved_ it when the kids were growing up. I'd forgotten that "Gobble-uns" poem. A night light won't be a bad idea!

    I do love this time of year :)

    1. Tuesday Morning has such good prices though..maybe one small thing:)
      The orphan Annie poem will bother me until the end of my days...lol

  3. Everything looks so fun and yummy.

  4. Your decorations are marvelous!!!
    Recipes yummy!
    Love that your "baby boy" enjoys your tarot readings...so sweet!
    Love the idea with the pumkin! The aroma must be like magick in autumn 🍁🎃🍂
    I love the movie Hocus-pocus!!!

    Wonderfully magical posting...thank you for sharing 🎃🍁👻🍂

    1. thank you!
      the treats were incredible..especially the brownies!!
      Peeves is a pretty good boy..with me anyway, he scares everyone else, haha!
      Oh, the pumpkin is incredible!Let me know if you try it.
      Can't have Halloween without Hocus Pocus!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. We don't really celebrate Halloween here, so I loved sharing yours.
    And I adore Peeves.
    As a child I was convinced that there was a giant wolf in the hallway who was going to gobble the family up. I had repeated nightmares about it too. They were in black and white except for the wolve's slavvering tongue which was red.

    1. Thank you!
      Oh my peeves is special..we've had many cats, but not since I was 8 have I had one that chose me, like he has.
      Often times I feel like children see scary stuff happen because they still SEE.
      How terrifying for you!!
      my niece was afraid of a werewolf when she was around 3 or 4..
      right now, she's in her twenties and insists she saw something.
      I posted about it in a Haunted Humpday last year. It still bothers me :O
      Thank you for visiting and for joining in.

  6. I thought I had left a comment, but I suspect I didn't. My apologies. This is a fabulous and wonderful fairy tale like post. I love Peeves and I was so impressed with the tale of (SLUUUUUUURP).

    I may have to try those brownies, but that popcorn seems very time consuming.

    Enjoyed your decorations and the darling Skeleton, too. Happy Haunted Humpday and be careful, there's a Slithery Dee on the loose.

    1. He's a good kitty!
      Isn't that poem cool?!
      The brownies were so much fun to make..so easy too!
      Thank you so much..and yes, watch out for the Slithery Dee!

  7. wow you have been busy! I loved your comment and keep thinking of your praise. I didn't grow pumpkins this year, but etch a design in them and let them grow. Also do it with any squash, melon or cukes.

    1. this time of year is when I feel so alive!! always inspired:)
      your page is one of the greats for me..thank you for sharing your lovely photos and happy attitude!

  8. Great artwork and cute decorations, although I think Peeves in the pumpkin is the best. He's so adorable. Reading your recipes always fills me with an overwhelming desire for sweets, ha! There's a store in my town called Carmel Crisp that specialize in carmel corn and if they were open I'd be there now! Can't wait to try putting spices in the pumpkins. A belated Happy Humpday!
    Here's my link:

    1. Happy Humpday to you as well!
      when he was smaller he would get inside the little pumpkins..thank goodness this one is extra large!
      Let me know how the spices go!

  9. Such a fun post! I'd never heard of a slithery dee before, thank heavens! My grandmother used to tell me stories about the sackman and campus cat. When I was little, the Thirteen Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey book used to freak me out. All the Thirteen Ghost books from Southern States scared me! Try to find them because they are super scary.

    1. I remember my mom telling me, that if I played out in the front yard the sack man would come take me away...lol, but I've never heard of the campus cat.
      I'll be on the look out for the books, thank you:)

  10. Fate has a terrible sense of humor, to make you--lover of everything Halloween--allergic to pumpkin. But you obviously don't allow that bit to limit your fun. Good for you.

    The wee face made giggle. I would've loved to see your face when they played the joked on you.

    Now, may I please have a seeing brownie (or three)?

    1. isn't that funny? I just get someone else to clear it out, lol
      Saves me some time:)
      love you

  11. Marfi, how long does it take you to create your posts? Wow girl, you put so much into them! You should be very proud of yourself! Sorry for being late coming around. Busy, busy. I love that book and your special decorations! Thanks for the recipe! I have never heard of anyone being allergic to the inside of pumpkins? That's interesting! I like the idea of putting scents inside, so when you burn a candle, you smell them. Great idea! Give your fur baby big hugs from me! He is so cute!!

    1. I'm not sure..especially this year, when I actually feel healthy:)time seems to fly by:)
      I've been allergic all my life..I can eat it, cooked in any form, but if I get one teeny raw seed on my hand or god forbid, under my nail..it's like fire!
      thank you for stopping by, Stacy!

  12. This post has me really excited for Halloween! Vintage goodies are so my favorite Peeves is quite the good familiar indeed. ill definetly have to try the spices in the pumpkins! I got in trouble for reading my brother Scary Stories To tell In the Dark heeehheee. I shall have to remember Haunted Humpdays and post.

  13. Yay!!
    I love visiting goodwill and other little thrift stores that are hidden away.
    Peeves is one of the best cats I've ever
    belonged to :D

    Cool!let me know how you like the scent:)

    Hope you visit again soon!!

  14. I know how important that day for you, i m late, sorry . hope you had lovely time and you enjoyed a lot. Greeting.
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