“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Two Fridas & some recycled art

How has your week been?
I have been visiting blogs and I'm seeing many Spring posts up lately.
Seems like winter has lasted a long time for many of you.
Right now we are close to hitting triple digits here in Phoenix..
I usually stay indoors for the most part, unless it's very early in the morning or the sun has set.

I made a few things this week, including a couple of earth day projects..
first, the Fridas:
This one is created from a thrifted playing card tin, a Penelope doll head from Lisa Kettell
burlap papers and an old baby shirt that belonged to Helena.

This is acrylic and water color, I added paper flowers and glitter stars .

I created this Marie Antoinette inspired ornament using one of Lisa's
Kewpie dolls from her shop. 
She's wearing a dress made out vintage sheet music.
I made her wig with a bit of wool felting. She's my favorite right now!

I recycle/repurpose all the time..I love using old boxes for the cardboard..
A lot of my art cards and water color paintings are attached to 
 rice, cereal and cracker box cardboard.
I save all the oatmeal and salt containers we get. 
They make lovely little fairy homes.
Empty coffee cans and jars are used to store paintbrushes and pencils.
For Earth Day, Helena and I decided to make some purses.
We used these Pop Tart and Uncrustables boxes...
I had an old roll of clear contact paper
and some fabric remnants..

these are the boxes covered in contact paper:

this is the inside lined with the fabric.

Now, they are not completed but they are looking very cute!
We can't wait to wear them out in public:)
I'll show you how they turn out.
We also made a bird feeder out of an old milk jug, but I did not show a photo of it 
because my email was being very crappy and the pic would not upload.
I'm currently creating some fun paper mache creatures, which use up lots and lots of old newspaper..
Can't show you those you those yet as they are for a swap which has taken so long for me to get to.

Helena and I are going to our library's Spring book sale today,
fill a bag for $10 or a box for $15
We are so excited! 

I hope you have a happy, magical Thursday!


  1. Love your dolls. Looking forward to seeing your purses and the papier mache creations. What books did you find? Weather here is improving. Rain giving way to clouds and some sun. We might even make it close to 60 today!

  2. Happy belated Earth Day, dear Marfi. Your recycling efforts make me smile. How wonderful that you recycle so many things into art that many would just add to the landfill.

    Both Fridas are wonderful and unique, but I think I like the Kewpie pin the best. That vintage sheet music that made her dress must have taken forever to create. It's simply stunning.

    Your milk jug bird feeder sounds great. I've seen a few of them on the internet, but don't buy milk in plastic if I can help it, so never considered making one.

    Have fun at the book sale today. I hope you find some great reads and some to make great art from, too.

  3. Marfi, I absolutely love the Frida with acrylic and water color. So, so cute!!! Christine

  4. love the Frida, and all the rest. I wore shorts for the 1st time for a bit yesterday, a balmy 68 today.I am paitiently waiting for green, lots arriving soon I hope. Just took a few days out to Utah and found snow. Yikes

  5. My week has been... achy. Mostly because of the weather, I think. I'm hoping the weekend will bring better things. Your post certainly did--the colors, the promise of books and fun.

  6. Oh, how I love your Fridas. They are so cute! I love how whimsical your art is, Marfi!

  7. I would love to come over to your house and have some fun creating! I love each and every piece! Can't wait to see the purses finished! I agree, your Marie Antoinette creation is so adorable!!!
    Big Hugs my friend!

  8. I purchased a Frida watercolor and "believe me" when I say this, she's even more beautiful in person. Marfi, you are truly talented. Thank you so much. I'll show you the final results when I get her matted and framed. I want to get the perfect frame for her. Also....THE ENVELOPE you mailed it in was decorated so cute!! I loved it. I'm going to keep that as well. Christine

  9. You are so creative, Marfi! xo


thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it:)