“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Haunted Humpday VI, Welcome October!

Welcome to our first 
Haunted Humpday 

Such an exciting time of year!
It's cooling off a bit in the evenings now,
we had a low of 59 degrees last night!
You have to remember that our high's hit 112 in July, 
so it was chilly:)
 This Haunted Humpday is a bit abbreviated
due to the fact that I am now recovering from
food poisoning!!
I'm still a little weak
but the Halloween spirit is strong!
How many of you have heard of the Devil's Tree?
It's located in New Jersey.
According to the legend
A farmer killed his entire family then hanged himself
from the tree.
Many suicides and murders have occurred there.
Towns people swear it's a portal to Hell
since for some reason the tree is warm to the touch
and snow will not gather around it.
Allegedly, to touch it, is to invite bad luck into your life.
Several stories talk about how the trunk of the tree 
is scarred from axes and chainsaws..attempts to cut it down
that failed, since death awaits any that may succeed.
One of the defining features of the tree is one low hanging branch
that is parallel to the ground..
this branch, was supposedly used to hang many 
unfortunate people..
 Is there anything like that near 
where you live?

One of my favorite stories from childhood is
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow..
When the cartoon would come out
I knew Halloween was close!

This summer I went to N.J.
& I was able to visit
Sleepy Hollow!
(I had to take a photo of the school.)

It's gorgeous there.
It's so green!
very unlike here, let me tell you.
With many areas just covered in trees, night time there is
very dark and scary...it's very easy to imagine
a  headless ghost riding a giant horse through the woods.
I took loads of photos but my computer is acting up and I can't
seem to find any of them. 
I'd like to show you a few creepy postcards....

And this super cute figurine...there's a teeny pumpkin inside the box.

I guess this story is my favorite because it's one of the very first ones
I remember reading on my own.

look at how adorable and icky these cookies are!!
this first one is created simply by dragging a toothpick
through a still warm from the oven cookie.

This one uses melted chocolate piped on in spider shapes.

When my sisters were little, about six and seven
they shared the back bedroom.
They both had strange things happen to them in there.
One time for example
the younger sister started screaming in the middle of the night
when my parents questioned her she claimed a tall man without a face
Had come out of their wardrobe
and was trying to take her older sister.
 He disappeared when my parents arrived.
One time both girls heard a loud noise coming from the room
when they entered they watched as a small wooden chair moved across the floor on it's own.
As the little sister grew older (and the older sister moved into her own room) she continued to see and hear different things.
She was 13 when she saw the man inside the closet again, this time his entire head was missing.
On different occasions she would come out of that room terrified,
 The light would turn on and off
a dusty, forgotten on a top shelf music box would suddenly start chiming 
Her dog would jump up and growl and bark ferociously at an empty corner of the room
Sometimes she felt as though someone was sitting on the bed and the blankets
would pull off. 

I am now the owner of that same back bedroom
nothing has ever happened to me..(knock on wood)
Oh, I get creeped out occasionally,
 probably due to one of my constant bedfellows  
Stephen King:)
As for the man without a face/head
He resides in another closet most likely...
maybe yours.

Happy October everyone!

(everyone that has a prize coming from me, I've not forgotten you!)


  1. Happy October & Happy Haunted Humpday Marfi!

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  3. Happy October, Marfi!

    We have very few stories and superstitions in Sweden, as you know, but I have always wanted to visit Sleepy Hollow! It's on my bucket list.

    I have a giveaway this week, fittingly Halloween themed :)

  4. Eeek! When I was a child my closet light used to come on by itself. That was bad enough, a headless man would've scared me half to death! Once again you've put together a great collection of stories. Love those chocolate chip cookies too.
    How awful that you got food poisoning, hope you feel better soon.
    Thanks for hosting & Happy Haunted Humpday!
    Cheers, Sarah
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  5. Happy October to you as well my dear. It is such a treat to come here and see your "enjoyments" of the season of the witch........love it and you too.

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  7. Good evening Marfi! The weather is now perfect for this creepy and fun stories around the fire. I have my mantle all lit up and I'm grabbing my comforter because it's chilly tonight! Happy October! Anita

  8. HALLLLLLOOO sweet Marfi! Thank you for coming by. I actually came by last night then needed to get off the computer for a phone call then was unable to come back! So fun that you are setting up the celebration NOW for this dark but FUN month. Hugs to you sweet friend! Anita

  9. Happy Day After Haunted Humpday! Sorry I'm a little late this week. I hope you're feeling better Marfi. I love the digi and your spooky story as always. Thank you for hosting and Happy October!


  10. Oh that creepy house of yours l.o.l., I would not be able to stay in such a place. The spiders in the cookies I'll have to try they look so real. Sending thoughts of healing your way, have a great weekend. (no post this week for me, it's been insane with the kids around here)

  11. ooooo love all ur images this week! Thank u so much for putting us all in the mood for All Hallows Eve :) Here is my post for this week http://tabithalenox.blogspot.com/2014/10/hauntedtim-burton-inspired.html

  12. Oh well, I have done it again -- I read your "man without a face" story before going to bed... ;)

    The spider cookies look just great -- I have to try that. Anyway, I hope you are feeling better by now.

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    Happy Haunted Humpday,

  13. Love your spooky stories, especially the ones about your house! Thanks for getting us all in the spirit!

  14. So scary! I love the Headless Horseman too, I think that's because it is a story that is not over publicized, but it has a great story line. You cookies look absolutely yummy too!


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