“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wings only

I was sitting outside the other morning and about a thousand butterflies were swarming all over the citrus trees..OK, OK, maybe there were 5 or 6, but it looked like a lot more. I don't know about you but aside from the wings they creep me out a little. Either way they inspired me to paint these two butterfly winged fairies.

So something pretty cool has been gifted to me and I am going to share the news with you in the next post, also a giveaway for you lovely bloggers is coming up soon!
Hope you have a great week.


  1. Your fairies are lovely! And, yes, butterflies are a bit funky...at the end of the day they are still BUGS!

  2. hello friend
    very precious!!

  3. gosh these are so beautiful you are so talented to have painted these yourself hugs cherylx

  4. I love butterflies...and dragonflies...I once went for a walk through a wooded area with my boys when they were young... we entered an open field and there were millions (I mean pretty close to that - well maybe hundreds) of dragonflies - they landed all over us as we walked through - it was amazing and kind of creepy at the same time... sooooooo many. Love the paintings!
    cheers, dana

  5. love your header...
    and your butterfly fairies
    are way cOOl :o)

  6. Oh Marfi, your fairies are so beautiful. I just love your creative style

  7. So cute! I love the happy bright colors. I've never thought of butterflies as creepy, but now that you mention it they do cling on to you and if you not a bug person that could ensue panic ;) haha

  8. I think butterflies are enchanting and bring good luck with them. :) Even though they "bug" you a bit, you portrayed them so beautifully with these lovely works of art!!! :) Take care, Theresa

  9. Those weird buggy eyes and funky coiled tongues are a bit strange...haha!

    But these, these are so pretty!

  10. Your pictures are delicate and whimsical. Very pretty work.

  11. What a pretty blog! Thanks for visiting me!


  12. Gorgeous and magical! Wow! and your butterfly expereince sounds enchanting..shine on!


  13. I love your art! When I try to paint...I try to draw, it's always fairies I enjoy drawing! I'm going to put your blog in my list of favorites! Thanks! ♥


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